Shame is easier to handle if ...

It's been a while back, sometime around May 2019, that my guide Ezra'el indicated during an intense inner process that it was time to prepare a network of healers because that there was a tsunami of 'work' to come.
And a little later he mentioned, that 'Reconnection-like' activations were going to become important for humanity to be able to get back on the path to Self.

Since mid-2020, we started shaping our experiences and insights on this in a new training program for ET-Healing MasterPractitioners and in 2022 we started with one international group and two Dutch groups.

In this newsletter we would like to share with you about the particularly profound healing 2-days with a group of ET-Healing MasterPractitioners last month that was not only experienced as very liberating for each of us, but also prepared us for what is about to unfold in the world around us.

Almost immediately after tuning in together with each other and all our guides, there was suddenly from "nowhere" the theme of shame in "full force," resonating with all the participants in the group and awakening all kinds of hidden parts.

Completely unprepared, completely unexpected.
And we experienced it as an invitation to listen and look with each other here in all openness, safety and curiosity with each other and to each other. And to discover that we have all experienced the pain of shame strongly in the past, so strongly that at that time we would have preferred to leave this reality.

We felt ourselves guided by our guides during these days, especially during a wonderful meditation that holds important keys to dealing with ourselves and others when stuck in the pain of shame.
And although there is not enough space here in the newsletter to share all our insights, we would like to share some of the main points.

What is shame?

We all know the feeling of shame.
This feeling that can occur in different ways and forms and be experienced at different levels of intensity.

You can feel shame about a pimple on your face : this shame is often passing, as are most forms of shame about things you "have," such as clothes that don't match the group you are in and the like.

You can also feel shame about something you've done, although that can quickly be confused with feeling guilty.
Also here, sometimes we can still take action to more or less overcome this feeling of guilt.
Guilt and the shame about this is about feeling bad about something we have done.

The most painful shame we experience is when we feel bad about ( a part of) who we are ... about something we can't change.

According to Brené Brown, a researcher at the University of Houston, shame is an "intensely painful feeling or experience due to the belief that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and connection."

The primary reaction to this intense feeling is to want to hide or make disappear whatever we are ashamed of, sometimes wanting to make ourselves disappear altogether.
In doing so, we even want to hide the feeling of shame under another emotion, such as fear, anger or jealousy, making it more difficult to see it, but finally getting into a slippage process.

The intensity of each experience, as always, is determined by the power of the energy field (event) and its frequencies.
Now when we look at the frequencies of the various emotions we can see that shame is at the very bottom, indicating that shame has the lowest frequency in our spectrum of emotions.

Now you may be wondering why we as humans are equipped with an emotion that can feel so intensely discomforting that you would prefer to disappear, completely disconnected ?

What is the function of shame ?

As we might understand by now, extreme shame is actually the 100% opposite of who we authentically are, a beautifully perfect being, completely in connection with All-That-Is.
The reason why shame feels so intense is because what we believe about ourselves is the complete opposite of who we really are and our system has to give it the most extreme stop sign for this dead end. Stop, turn around, go back !!!

Shame has a strong social element in physical reality.
Shame leads to behavior to avoid the fear of being judged, criticized or rejected by others in front of a group or an audience.

People often respond to their shame by pushing others away, withdrawing and upholding their reputation by hiding aspects of themselves that they believe will lead to rejection or exclusion from the group.

Shame also motivates behaviors that lead to social acceptance and prevents behaviors that lead to rejection.
This involves behavior that deviates from desired morals, norms and expectations, and sometimes public shame is used as a way to direct or punish behavior.

The fear of shaming oneself or family can then become a factor in people's decision to play by the rules, treat others fairly or work harder, etc.
Unfortunately, public shaming is a common thing on "social media" these days.

What to do with shame ?

Depending on how we deal with it, shame can completely shut us down and drain our life energy or lead us to a tremendous sense of power and authenticity.

During the aforementioned 2-day training with the ET-Healing MasterPractitioners and during that wonderful guided meditation, we were given several keys.

The first is the decision to accept ourselves unconditionally, to love unconditionally no matter what or who thinks differently about this and including all the parts of ourselves that we might prefer to see differently.

It means that there are no conditions to unconditional love no matter what we have done, who we are or think we are, how we look or whatsoever.
This is the kind of love that is embedded in ourselves, our authentic selves, in our souls.
First we need to unconditionally accept and love ourselves.

Now for people who have arrived at their deepest level of pain, this love and acceptance may not be felt in themselves anymore, and then it is unimaginably important that perhaps you, or someone else can temporarily take over that role for that person as a reflection or mirror of that person's soul.

We don't have to do anything, solve anything, say anything, as that will not be able to be heard and in a way makes it even worse if possible.
At such a moment, do not try to rescue, solve, advise, analyze ...

All that is needed at that moment is to be there, completely, unconditionally, in a state of love, pure love.

The most extreme form of shame is a kind of "near-death experience" and just realize what happens when we pass ... we are welcomed and guided by light and light beings of pure love.
Like that, in that very moment of pain, just be such a light being, not a teacher, not a preacher, but just be pure light.

It is this unconditional love and light that can help one to remember the connection with oneself and initiate the process of healing.

And this may seem just to be the first step of a process, and it is, and at the same time this is the end of another process.
The direction has changed.

We were able to experience this during an incredible 2-day that is still ongoing weeks later, in all of us.
We all experience an enormous sense of liberation and are enormously grateful to have been able to do this process together ... and in truth there are not enough words to describe it properly.

Finally, I would like to close this blog with a video by Brené Brown, Listening to shame

 Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior.
Brené Brown explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on.
Her own humor, humanity and vulnerability shine through every word.

Dear People,

We hope you got as far as here reading!
Shame makes many people go around the subject with a space bend :-)

So thank you for reading!
I also continued to research more after our 2-day and have beautiful and useful information that further confirms our experiences.

The topic of shame is big and this blog is not complete.
So much was learned in our 2-day alone that it does not fit in this newsletter.
However, consider it an invitation to explore for yourself !

We have seen how the mechanism and feeling of shame has affected our path in life, but also how we affect others consciously or unconsciously with it.
For make no mistake, the mechanism is very effective in influencing individuals, groups and even entire populations in their behavior precisely because it can be so painful.

There is currently in this world a tendency of "shaming" and "canceling.
And once we once understand how it works and see and feel its effect on others, we can leave it behind as an instrument of our ego in our healthy growing consciousness.
Here as well we may say to ourselves ... stop, turn around, go back!

Should you wish to deepen yourself more, here are some interesting links for you:

- Shame: Causes, Effects, & How to Overcome
- The Map of Consciousness

For now, lots of love !!!

And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline en Philip

Source :
Nieuwsbrief December 2022

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