Spiritual Evolution and Detoxing Your Body

Spiritual Evolution and Detoxing Your Body

In this time of a tremendous Spiritual Evolution loads of mental, emotional and spiritual patterns are being released. But note, the physical body requires detoxing as well to allow all spiritual energies to flow in achieving totality of One. Detoxing rids toxins and trapped-energy from emotions, beliefs and thoughts allowing cleansing on all levels – Body, Mind and Soul. 

The interactions of humans with the physical world have always been symbiotic. In fact, ancient people’s relationship with Mother Earth was clean as well as nurturing. Mother Earth fulfilled all the basic requirements essential for living. She looked after them by providing air for breathing, water for drinking, foods for their sustenance, and various materials for arranging their shelter, different substances to sustain their health and happiness and also scenic beauties for them to take delight in. Apart from a few and rare extreme situations, Mother Earth has never been toxic for them.
In other words, the ancient people never felt that the Earth was dangerous for them, as it never caused them any harm.

With the passage of time, many new civilizations came into existence, while the population swelled. People left their rural inhabitations and flock to the urban regions and cities.
Mother Earth, once so clean, now began to get dirty and crowded. People started to lose their connection to her. Started misusing her resources and disposing off their garbage. Even the water used for drinking purpose became polluted. People started falling ill as a result of unhygienic conditions.
In addition, their homes also turned out to become unhealthy for living as lighting fires indoors and absence of proper ventilation made the atmosphere polluted.
Worse still, many people shared their houses with domestic animals that fed on fragments scattered on the floor. Such circumstances were ideal for rodents to thrive and these consecutively spread contagious diseases making people further ill.

Now, in a nutshell, this is what happend to mankind in general, but it is also what happens to (wo)man nowadays.
As most of humanity is/was not living in connection to Mother Earth ... many people have lost their connection to their body as well !!!
Many people have misused the resources of their body, feeding it with unhealthy resources and disposing the garbage somewhere in their systems. Not hydrating their body with clear water but with all kind of poisonous substances, respirating in a very poor manner causing the body not getting ventilated and leaving the body so exhausted to able to deal with the incoming pathogens.

Fortunately, many, many people are waking up and becoming aware of their connection to Mother Earth and Beyond. And for many the first step was a Spiritual Awakening ... the inner longing for change and the knowing, or actually the remembering of their True Inner Core.

Detoxing the body eliminates toxins from Body, Mind and Soul

What we can see here clearly is the Body-Mind-Soul connection at work and for true Awakening to happen it is important to take care of all our bodies.
Spiritual Awaking is a process starting from the Soul working down via our thinking, emotions to our bodies and the activities we apply with it. And although this process will find it's way on it's own finally from Soul to activity, it is recommendable to support the process where possible.
As well as we do get rid of old patterns of thinking and doing during this phase, also the body holds tremendous amount of material linked to these old patterns. Note that our physical body is a reflection from our spiritual, mental and emotional body. So cleaning up the mental body from toxic material is only a part of the job. Again our system is capable our doing the rest, but some help in the form of cleaning the physical body from related toxics is very recommendable.

Many old traditions on Earth included body cleansing as a form of spiritual growth and it is not surprising that also the information given to us by ExtraTerrestrials is clearly stating that as well.
For this blog I collected a few messages from Bashar on Health and Detoxification of our bodies.

In one of those messages Bashar mentions that humans can be free of disease for 99% if they take good care of the following  

1. Oxygination
2. Hydration
3. Movement
4. Relaxation / Stress Reduction
5. Detoxification
6. Lightning up Diet

While one of our next blogs will definitely be about Oxygination, this blog we will focus on Detoxification, for there are many ways to do so.

Detoxing Your Body

Some of simple methods cleansing stimulate the body to let go of toxics (like detox diets, fasting) and can be easily done by onseself, for those are mild method's that will take a longer time but note that these methods will not always manage to remove the very obstinately remnants out of your body.
For the methods that purge the toxics out of the body (like using specific herbs, massages or techniques) we definitely recommend to do the detoxification under the guidance of a skilled naturopath.

Detox diets vary but typically it begins by following a strict diet of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, raw organic fruits and vegetables and water with a period of fasting. 
Some people report feelings of being more focused and energetic during and after detox diets. The biggest function of the body is to ‘digest’ food, assimilate and process it. 
When you slow down your system of ‘digesting, assimilating or processing’, it’s like giving your body a well-deserved rest or vacation. 
Detoxing and fasting gives your body ‘down time’ and frees it to ‘release’ from other organs such as the colon, liver, kidneys and skin and thus can also trigger other ‘healing symptoms’.

Guided Detox Weeks

Most people will have experienced that after coming in contact with ExtraTerrestrials and their energies, you immediately and automatically jumpstart your Spiritual Awakening and growth in consiousness. We (Jacqueline, Manon en Philip) also notice that many people start bringing forth these energies for themselves.  It like one candle lits the other. 
The beautifull thing here is that people from all area's of society are coming to our centre taking their Light with them, starting to Lighten Up their area and joining a network of Lights in this way.

As mentioned before, doing intensive detoxification methods with a strong purge of removing toxics out of the body requires a reliable guidance, for this is far more than just getting old stagnant physical stuff out of the body. A lot of old stagnant emotions and old memories can be released as well and it is very important you are in good hands at such a moment.

And in what better hands can you be when a naturopath happens to be an ET-Healer as well ??

Now, in our Healing Centre we do not provide this particular service and although we are very careful in advertising in blogs, we just would like to mention that if detoxifying your body appeals to you we can recommend one of our experienced ET-Healer Friends and Naturopath/Homeopath with confidence for guidance on this process.
She regularly organizes special Detox Weeks in a wonderful former monastry in which we will join for ET-Healings once in a while.

Spiritual Benefits of Detoxing Your Body

When your body feels safe and grounded in wellness and harmony, it opens space for unconscious emotional and mental detoxing.
In purging untold remnants of energy blocks, raising your vital force, opening your third-eye, you align with your authentic self.
Detoxing raises your energetic vibration.
Although during the process of detoxing, similar to going through withdrawals of any physical addiction such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or coffee, you can experience physical symptoms of headaches, the shakes, irritability and low energy levels.

Aligning With Universal Energy

As all the remnants from years of eating abuse have accumilated in the body, they act like unconsious old belief patterns that continiously influence the processes going on and by detoxification you step out of ‘unconsiousness’ and into living in alignment with your authentic self.
Your organs and colon release the build up of mucus, inflammation and toxins, coming in-tune with Universal Energy.
You become a higher receiver. Your intuition is heightened. You make clearer and better choices for yourself and your wellbeing.
You enter blissful, expansive space of peace, lightness and love.

Fasting for Deeper Spiritual Connection

All great religions have used fasting as an incremental aspect to a deeper spiritual connection.
Ancient Egyptians, Syrians and Mongolians believed fasting preserved their health and prolonged both youthfulness and life itself. Mayans employed elaborate fasting rituals, just as Native Americans fasted on vision quests.
Prolonged fasting was practiced by the Old Testament saints, Ahab, Anna, Esther, Hannah, Ezra, John the Baptist, and The Apostles. The New Testament church, Christ, Daniel, David, Elijah and Moses all did 40-day fasts.


   "Fasting will bring spiritual rebirth to those of you who cleanse and purify your bodies.
The light of the world will illuminate within you when you fast and purify yourself.
What the eyes are for the outer world, fasts are for the inner."

~ Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948 ~  




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