Ancient Sassani Language

Tele(m)pathy & Collective Consciousness

How do you think humanity will transition from spoken communication to tele(m)patic communication ?
Will we all suddenly be tele(m)patic or will that take a few more generations ?
How did other civilizations actually do that ?

We are so hoping that the topic in last month's newsletter got you thinking about something ...
We recap the topic :

- How do you think humanity will make the transition from spoken communication to tele(m)patic communication?
- Will we all suddenly be tele(m)patic or will that take a few more generations ?
- How did that actually happen with other civilizations ?

To start with the last question ... many civilizations that once lived in a frequency bandwidth similar to ours, and are now fully tele(m)pathic still have memories of the physical language they once spoke.

Some of those languages we know as light languages.
To us (!!!) they are more sounds than words and upon hearing these sounds you can feel the effects in your system.
The words and phrases are at the same time not one-to-one translatable into words, instead they contain complete concepts and the meaning at any given time can differ as well depending on the context in which it is being heard.

Here is a small example of Ancient Sassanni Language ...


Beautiful, isn't it.
You can feel it, even if you don't know exactly what the meaning is.
You can learn more about Ancient Sassanni Language on our website.

Back to the question :

Will humanity start communicating tele(m)patically all at once, if we could ?

Now this is going to vary from person to person and the invitation is to think about this.
Of course you can say 'well we'll see about that' but there are quite paradoxical aspects to it that each of us will have to relate to, sooner or later.

For suppose, if suddenly we could all communicate tele(m)patically, would we do it?
Because realize, tele(m)patic communication is a two-lane road where we not only get information but also convey it.
It is an open connection with no hidden agendas ... seeing and being seen are one.

Imagine if you could not only know "everything about everyone" but also the other way around.
Not that it works exactly that way, but basically all relevant information is available to the whole.
All our personal ideas, experiences, what we are, where we are, what we are doing, how we are feeling.
We are always in touch with the collective and vice versa.
This will still feel quite uncomfortable for many in the beginning and give rise to the idea that everything is constantly being observed ... 

If we were to do this with technology, most people would not like it, but at the level of consciousness this is always happening, even if we are not yet aware of it.

Imagine how each of our fingers is an extension of our hand and which in turn is an extension of our whole body. Our thumb is its "own entity," but is not separate from our little finger and neither is separate from our hand, our arm and nothing about it is separate from our leg, eye, ear or ... and at the same time they are separate extents that each have their own experience.

Each part, even each cell experiences a different experience at each moment.
All experiences from all cells, extents and senses are collected and processed by an overarching (body) consciousness and that complete experience becomes available for the benefit of all extents and cells which can then enter into new interactions with them.
Hundreds of thousands of processes per second ... it is magnificent.
And it is possible because there is complete open communication ... all parts work as one.

The same is true of our Higher Self.
We, the real WE, as consciousness, we the way we know ourselves deep inside are an extension of a much greater consciousness.
Bashar calls this the OverSoul.

Our OverSoul sends out extensions, like fingers on a hand, to all kinds of different realities (worlds), each with their specific experiences.

These extensions of the OverSoul incarnate in different bodies in those realities ( akin to the movie Avatar) and while each extension has its own consciousness perspective and its own experience, none of these experiences are truly separate.

To make this a little more 3D, think of it as if you were on a site for online video games logging into several games at once.
In each game you play a character in a different playing field, but you play these characters all at the same time, and what you learn in one game you can immediately use as an experience in another game.

Using this reference, you can imagine how we help each other grow collectively and take the collective to the next level of this game, so to speak.

Our Higher Self, knows everything about ourselves in this incarnation, is tracking and guiding the evolutions in both our and other incarnations day and night, and all that data is shared with the OverSoul and stored in a quantum field so that many others including ourselves can benefit.

A civilization like the Essassani consciously lives as a collective, as one, living entirely on the basis of synchronicity while also recognizing the experiences of individual incarnations.

The creation is truly miraculous ... we really only have to align ourselves with her ...
Much Love
~ Jacqueline and Philip

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Newsletter November 2022 -

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