The History of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind - Part 1

With scientists discovering 223 "alien genes" in human DNA, the search for human genetic origins and root races as described by Edgar Cayce and Helena Blavatsky, depicting the evolution of humanity's collective consciousness, becomes extremely relevant as humanity stands on the brink of the emergence of a 6th and 7th hybrid civilization - Homo Galacticus.

The Human Collective - the Christ Consciousness

In the ancient Vedic texts, it is said that human beings go through a kind of journey of periods of 7 years during their lives, in each period one of the chakras is more central than the others and goes through a specific evolution.
Starting with the first period of 0-7 years at the root chakra (Muladhara) and so on, to go through a process (a kind of shift) around our 50th year (7x7 years) to then start again with a new cycle starting at the root chakra.

And we, as Soul, make a journey through those different energy layers in matter.
Now of course you know that our "individual Soul" is not some kind of separate entity in the Universe, but is an extension of what Bashar so beautifully calls an "OverSoul."
And that OverSouls in turn are further extensions of OverSouls, so that ultimately there is only one consciousness ... the One.
And we are all connected.
For example, the Human Collective, also called the Christ Consciousness, is such an OverSoul, just as Shakani is for the Essassani and Siskeen is for the Sirius collective consciousness.

As individual souls we incarnate in a body, as collective souls we manifest as a civilization.
As individual souls, we existed before we incarnated (how else could we incarnate?) and we still exist after we leave the body.

Similarly, can you imagine that just as we incarnate as individual souls and go through 7-fold stages in our journey in matter on our planet Earth, that our Over-Soul does the same?
That just as our individual Soul chooses to incarnate in different bodies with different themes, environments and timeframes, so do we as OverSoul, but as a civilization, as a collective?

Although we were taught in school that humans/human bodies evolved in a Darwinian way, it is good to realize that this is a theory.
It is Darwin's theory of evolution.
And although this theory has never been proven to be an absolute truth, and Darwin himself strongly doubted it in the last years of his life, we assume it works that way, probably because we haven't learned any other perspective to put next to it.

In the process, scientists encountered a conundrum when they discovered that the human genome contains 223 genes that have no ancestors on the evolutionary family tree in the human genome and other genomes. 
These genes are found nowhere else on the planet. This is known as "the missing link" in our evolution.
And these genes appeared in such a short time frame that they could not possibly be normal evolutionary changes due to DNA mutation, so these genes entered the DNA of the humanoid form that existed on planet Earth at that time.

It is known that viruses and other DNA material can survive cosmic travel on meteors as well as their journey through the atmosphere of a planet like ours.
It is also known that viruses are a way of injecting new DNA into species and enabling changes in their DNA.
Our guides have confirmed that in the universe, this may be a way to adapt the DNA in a civilization for its evolution.
But these 223 genes are a huge adaptation and must have been caused by something much bigger.

There is also a phenomenon called diaspora.
A diaspora is "a scattering of a species, population or civilization across regions separated from its geographic place of origin."
It is what the Pleiadians call "the seeding of a planet.
In the book Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, the Pleiadians call the planet Earth a cosmic library of DNA, seeded with plant, animal and other species from across the Universe.

Neither Darwin's theory nor the Book of Genesis, nor the combination of the two, provides a complete answer for the evolution of humanity.
Perhaps the missing link we are looking for lies within ourselves, perhaps we are the missing link and we need only change our perspective to begin to see it.

The theosophical vision on human evolution

Human Evolution - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

From a completely unexpected source, after our last newsletter with the " project looking glass ", I stumbled upon an article by a scientist who spent years researching the " origins of mankind " on behalf of the U.S. Intelligence Services.
Her conclusion was clear - and what many Lightworkers may have been saying for a long time - that the evolution of DNA is not driven by changes in the environment, but by changes in consciousness.
The collective consciousness is pushing for DNA to change and manifest itself in the physical world.

After reading her findings (which unfortunately I can't find anymore as if it's vanished from the internet), the subject of the root races of mankind - or the root races of humanity - kept running through my mind.
Where Darwinian theory focuses on human evolution from the perspective of matter and form (body), there is also a theosophical vision of human evolution from the perspective of spirit and consciousness ( Soul).

Consciousness exists, has always existed and will always exist.
What we call "the human collective" is a consciousness, an Over-Soul, that - like the Soul that exists before it incarnates in human form - existed before it manifested on Earth in the form(s) of human civilizations.
It existed before  planet Earth was ready for human incarnations, and it will continue to exist even if, a few billion years from now, our solar system is no longer suitable for incarnations in the form that we are able to do now.

It should be noted that since no one has lived long enough to tell it first hand, it is a jigsaw puzzle of pieces of information gathered from Theosophical sources and channelers, although more and more information and proof in the form of artifacts and constructions is being found today.

The Theosophical view of the evolution of mankind is that there are seven root races coming to the Earth; and that each root race is divided into seven stages, or phases, or sub-races.
So far, only five root races have appeared on Earth, and the sixth is expected to come to maturity in the 28th century.
As the Old World cycle ends, as predicted in the Book of Revelation, we are at the beginning of the transition to the Sixth Root Race.

This perspective of development from the "root races" was repeatedly described in the first half of the last century by such great seers as Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Helena Blavatsky and several others.
And it describes the evolution of the collective consciousness of Humanity evolves on this Earth, through a series of seven successive “Root Races", each in turn with 7 sub-stages.
Each Root Race lasts for a vast period of time and represents a major Epoch in Human History. 
They used the word "races" at that time, now we would rather talk about civilizations, but I will stick to the original word for now.

This vision describes the first five root races in detail, like the 3rd root race Lemuria, the 4th root race Atlantis and the 5th one we are in now - the awakening of the white man, the Aryan period - but also the yet to come 6th and 7th root races.

The perspectives in the work of these great seers lead to an much deeper awareness of our cosmic origins.
Among other things, it shows the holographic, fractal nature of incarnation and its cyclical nature, both individually as collectively.
It is so much more consistent than the linear Darwinian view of evolution we learn in school - when combined with all the information we receive from "the other side", as well as archaeological findings such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, and scriptures such as the Book of Enoch and the Epic of Gilgamesh.


Bashar - the ProtoSapiens

The recent revelation by scientists of the 223 "alien genes" in human DNA that cannot be explained by conventional evolutionary theories as well and the rare AB blood type and the incompatible Rhesus negative blood factor that is developing within human society. It is time to start exploring human genetic origins.
Starseeding is the true and only explanation for these genes with no identifiable ancestors.

Bashar has repeatedly mentioned that planet Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial civilizations since the beginning, and there is increasing evidence of extraterrestrial contact and abduction experiences occurring around the world.

What is very interesting here, is Bashar's regular reference to the fact that the new generations of children on Earth are actually the beginning of a "new species", as well as his announcement that in the next few hundred years humanity will evolve into a 6th and then to a 7th hybrid civilization ... Homo Galacticus, after which the cycle of our Over-Soul in this reality will be complete and a new cycle will begin in a completely different reality somewhere in the galaxy.

In the epic event 'The Instellar Enneagram' in 2016 he explains in part 3 of this event more about how the Anunnaki came down to Earth about 450,000 years ago to mine gold and who, after 'some time' created Homo Sapiens by injecting parts of their DNA into the then existing Protosapiens.
This is very much in line with scriptures such as the Book of Enoch and the Epic of Gilgamesh as well as the work of Zecharia Sitchin.

Bashar did not share everything about this elemental and monumental phase, nor the complete history of humanity.
He has mentioned several times that once humanity has chosen to come into open contact with its cosmic family, the complete history of humanity will be revealed by them.
He has shared some information about the Protosapiens (the original humanoid version) as well as the Hypersapiens (the future humanoid version), but has left many questions for us to figure out for ourselves and complete the puzzle.


Interstellar Enneagram

"Protosapiens is a general name that represents the first humanoid forms that spawn most of the humanoid forms in our Galaxy.
They began a long, long time ago to do all sorts of genetic alterations and blending of their energy with different kinds of species to aid and assist in the natural evolutionary process that goes on within Creation, which is sometimes actually handled by actual beings making genetic alterations in other species. 

But the idea of the proto-Sapiens is that they visited our world when there were the life forms that we call dinosaurs and they extracted the genetic material from many of those dinosaur species to blend with their own to create what we now call the reptilian species that we encounter from time to time, so they are genetically related to us, the Earth humans, because they are from the same DNA pool that produced us on our planet.
However, this idea also evolved in various ways that also gave rise to the physical Sirius civilization, which has been described as amphibious salamanders, so they also contain some of the original Proto-Sapien genetic material that fully connects them to our planet Earth.
So in many ways they are our genetic family.
And that is why the vibrational symbols will work well for us by meditating on them to open up those genetic frequencies and tap into other members of the family that are scattered throughout the stars, making connections that will help us function in a more holistic way on our own planet, but also in terms of entering the Galactic Alliance that we will eventually become a part of.

HyperSapiens, this connects to the Tall Whites and the Andromeda Galaxy Vibration.
This is a very high, high level or energy and it connects directly back down to the ProtoSapiens and connects very, very strongly to the Anunnaki in terms of what they have evolved into because the Anunnaki no longer exist as they use to.  They have become these HyperSapiens.
They are assisting and supporting in many different ways the transformation of many different civilizations that are mentioned in this enneagram and they can act as a beacon, as a guiding light, as you understand that your galaxy, the Milky Way, and the Andromeda Galaxy, are moving towards each other and will merge into one giant galaxy many millions of years from now."

Source: Bashar Interstellar Enneagram - part 3


Humanity is going through a time of great transformation and change, everybody can see that.
Our planet Earth is undergoing a natural cleansing, and by tuning into the evolutionary stages of the Root Races, it becomes clear that Gaia is shaking us to awaken humanity for its next evolutionary stage.
Transformation literally means 'the act of changing in form or shape or appearance' and also '(genetics) modification of a cell or bacterium by the uptake and incorporation of exogenous DNA'.

But not only humanity transforms through cycles of evolution, everything is consciousness, everything transforms in cycles of evolution.
Our planet Earth is going through huge cycles of transformation in which it is changing form, just like humanity, only the Earth's cycles take even longer periods of time.
According to the ancient literature of the Hindu tradition (including the Hindu Puranas, the Upanishads, the Rig Veda, the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana), as well as the ancient Mayan teachings, a phase for the planet Earth contains a complete cycle for a root race to complete, meaning that each root race has a unique "playground," so to speak.
And such planetary changes come with major climate changes, such as ice ages, floods, volcanic activity, and polar shifts.

All the naratives going around on our planet right, like DNA modification, climate change, extraterrestrial presence, incarnation of star seeds and so on now do have a deeper meaning.
This is a long read, it is a journey, it is a study actually ... a study about who we are and where we are going.



Philosophers on the Origins of Mankind

The Mahatmas (Master Koot Homi)

Deep and intriguing truths and facts, potentially of tremendous importance to humanity, are first revealed in certain letters written to Theosophists by two Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood Mahatmas in the late 1800s.
In the first part of one letter there is much reference to the now submerged continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.
These are the homes of the Fourth and Third Root Races, respectively.
Although popular buzzwords in today's New Age movement, Atlantis and Lemuria are often seriously misunderstood.

Helena Blavatsky

Madame Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement were the first to present the spiritual teachings of Atlantis and Lemuria to the world, primarily in Blavatsky's monumental masterpiece " The Secret Doctrine" and in books by other Theosophists such as A.P. Sinnett's "Esoteric Buddhism," based on information from the Mahatmas' then unpublished letters.

Blavatsky's description of evolution, like that of those who followed, was anthropocentric and referred to the evolution of humanity, not the evolution of the earth.  
But it is an evolution that extends through cycles of cosmic evolution to the outside world, to the cosmos. So it is not only an anthropology, but also a cosmology.  
It speaks of human evolution as a series of root races, each of which has existed for a time before being succeeded by the next.

Rudolf Steiner

Perhaps Blavatsky's most famous follower in Europe was Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), who wrote extensively about Lemuria even before he formally endorsed Anthroposophy.
Steiner's work on the lost continents was based on the so-called "Akashic chronicles," "chronicles of the Ether," which "are as much an indisputable reality as mountains and rivers are to the physical eye."

The Akasha chronicles reveal a remarkable similarity between the story of Lemuria and that of Blavatsky's Archaic Chronicles. Nevertheless, because of his anthroposophical orientation, Steiner also traced to the Lemurian period the development of life force and clairvoyance, which later either weakened or disappeared altogether in humans. Lemurian women in particular played a key role in the development of human spiritual and psychic powers.

Anthroposophy therefore sought to rekindle the powers that humanity once possessed - in the Lemurian and Atlantic periods - but which were now lost.
Even after Steiner turned his back on Theosophy and preferred to systematize his own form of occultism, which was rooted more in Christian esotericism than Eastern mysticism, his "Science of the Invisible" remained true to Blavatsky's vision.
His Cosmic History: Prehistory of Earth and Man (1923) confirms most of Blavatsky's esoteric claims.



What are the Root Races?

Helena Blavatsky - Human Evolution - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

Root Races refer to the successive evolutionary stages through which humanity passes in its pilgrimage on the physical plane of the Earth, and in no way refer to the racial concepts of the modern world.

According to the various scriptures, there are seven root races that are coming to our Earth, and each root race is divided into seven sub-races.
Only five root races have appeared on Earth so far, and the sixth is on the verge of appearance and will start in the 21st century and reach it's height in the 28th century.

This theosophical concept has been addressed by several great "seers" such as Mme. Blavatsky, William Scott-Elliot, Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner, but can also be found in old scriptures like the Kabbalah, the ancient Mayan tradition, and the Hindu scripture Vishnu Purana.

Rudolf Steiner and later theosophical writers called the periods of time associated with these root races "epochs" because he felt that the term "race" was no longer appropriate in modern humanity.

The (original) root races are defined in esoteric cosmology as stages of human evolution.
These former four races existed primarily on now lost continents.

Every civilization in the universe passes through seven of these root races (epochs), which contain seven sub-races (sub-epochs), before completing the evolutionary cycle on its world, in our case, Earth.

In Theosophical evolutionism, each soul marches through the history of the Earth, manifesting in the form of the various root races and sub-races, which it sheds one by one as it ascends to our present Fifth Race, the most evolved to date.

The first five of these seven root races, are

  1.     Polarians
  2.     Hyperboreans
  3.     Lemurians
  4.     Atlanteans
  5.     Aryans

The 6th and 7th Root Races are still in the womb of future evolution, which we can only venture into in our imagination or by channeling a possible future timeline.



Now note that while this appears to be a linear appearance of the Root Races, the fact is that these epochs overlap.
The 3rd root race (Lemurians) overlapped and coexisted for a time with the 4th root race of the Atlanteans, just as the Atlantean period overlapped with our present root race, the Aryan period.
And in the same way, our current Aryan root race will overlap with the emergence of a new civilization or root race known as the 6th root race, actually creating two timelines, two realities.
Do you see the concepts that Bashar has been sharing for decades ... 'the coming of the 6th hybrid race', 'the splitting prism', the parallel realities that exist simultaneously and are even visible for a while?

Note also that while the total time span of each successive root race becomes shorter, the emergency of the successive root race originates from a later subrace.
That is, instead of being purely cyclical (and not even close to linear), evolution is spiral, with a smaller radius as species ascend.
For example, the first root race existed from 150 to 70 million years ago, a period of 80 million years.
The first subrace of this first root race gave rise to the second root race, which existed from 79 to 27 million years ago, a period of 52 million years.
The third root race of the Lemurian era has "only" existed for about 32 million years.
The fourth Atlantean root race has existed "only" for about 9 million years.

So, the total timespan of a root race decreases.
And at the same time, it takes a root race to go through more phases of sub-root races before a new root race can come into existence.
For instance, the fifth root race of Ariers did not arise until the 5th phase of the Atlantic era.
You get the picture ...

Now imagine this ... the Lemurians, being an offshoot of the 3rd subrace of the Hyperboreans, came into existence as the third root race, and begot the 'spark of mind' (let's say became 'self-aware') in their third subrace of their evolution ... gaining a completely new 'blueprint' for the evolution of humanity ... The Master Number 333
Precisely what Bashar mentioned and what is referred to in the Axiatonal Alignment teachings, such as the Reconnection as the "blueprint level" for mankind.
There are no coincidences. Everything is connected.

This image is derived from a very well made documentary, The Hidden History of Humanity, with an expert in ancient Indian Astrology that we highly recommend you watch. But be warned that if you are new to this topic, it might be quite overwhelming.



Human Evolution is a SpiralWe have shared that Lyra was the birthplace of your galactic family. The Lyrans did a lot of colonizing.
A really important thing to remember is that time is like a spiral.

The wider, or top, part of the spiral represents the beginning of evolution.
In that part of the spiral, time and evolution appear to move slowly. Thus, the Lyran civilization’s evolutionary process was very long. Newer civilizations that descended from the ancients - such as Sirius and Earth -
have had a much faster evolutionary cycle.

Earth is on the lower end of the spiral of evolution.
The momentum of your ancestors’ evolution fuels your acceleration.
Your evolutionary cycler is quicker even though we know it does not feel that way.

The movement through third density and into fourth density takes a lot less time on Earth than it did for your Lyran Galactic Family.
Because they spent eons in third and fourth density, they often traveled between planets in generational ships rather than hyperspace. Generations of Lyrans would live on ships while they traveled from point A to point B in their quest for colonization.

We know you would like your evolution to speed up, but faster evolution means a more intense one, and you have all the intensity you can integrate right now.

Source : The Golden Lake - Wisdom from the Stars by Lyssa Royal Holt


For now, this is our introduction to what the Root Races are and where this information comes from.
In our next blogs, we will go into more detail about the various Root Races themselves, supplementing with information from our Galactic Family members such as Bashar, Germane, Sasha, and so on.

The whole topic of Root Races is covered in a series of blogs :
- The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind
- The first, second and the third, Lemurian, Root Race
- The fourth Atlantian and fifth Aryan Root Race
- The sixth and seventh Hybrid Root Race


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