The History of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

The Evolution of Humanity - The Atlantean and Aryan Root Race - Part 3

In this part of the series, we will focus on the famous Atlantean civilization that once lived on Earth.
The civilization of Atlantis was at its height during the long period when Atlantis was ruled by the Toltecs in the period between about 1,000,000 and 900,000 years ago, called the Golden Age of Atlantis, and the Atlanteans, whose bodies were three meters tall, created a highly developed civilization.


What are the Root Races?

Time Lines of Root RacesAs we have explained in the previous blogs of this series the idea of Root Races before, we will not repeat that here again, but invite you to read that over in part 1 The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind.

However, we will help you to remember the first five of these Seven Root Races, which are as follows

    1. Polarians
    2. Hyperboreans
    3. Lemurians
    4. Atlanteans
    5. Aryans

The sixth and seventh root races are still in the womb of future evolution, which we can only approach in our imagination or by channeling a possible future timeline.

Note that in the diagram here the time frames are indications, not exact time periods.
And also note that we know time as something linear, but as the ancient wisdom of the yugas shows, the yugas are successive eras but not linear, equal time frames.



The fourth root race (Atlantean)

Atlantis and the Atlanteans were still in their infancy as a civilization when Lemuria and its diverse people - the Lemurians - were destroyed by subterranean fires, volcanic activity, and the sinking of their land.

According to some theosophists, the first Atlantean sub-race was the result of the last or seventh Lemurian sub-race, Chankshusha Manu, who first migrated to the south of the Atlantean continent and from there migrated further north and colonized the area now occupied by the Ashanti (Ghana - Africa).
Others have suggested that the Atlanteans must have been an offshoot of an earlier sub-race of Lemurians.
That Lemuria existed centuries before Atlantis is also mentioned by New Ageist Michael Baran.
But, there are also those who question the relationship between Lemuria and Atlantis altogether.

According to Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), probably the most famous American esoteric of the first half of the 20th century, Lemuria is a Pacific continent that disappeared "in a series of cataclysms lasting 200,000 years" before an Atlantean civilization appeared.

Also, there is no place for Lemuria in Plato's version of the history of Atlantis.

Atlantis is esoterically called Kusha.
The Atlantean root race had Mongolian features. They began with bronze skin and gradually evolved into the red American Indian, brown Malayan, and yellow Mongolian races as the Atlanteans eventually migrated to the Americas and Asia.

The Atlantean root race gradually evolved into the following seven sub-races.
These were

  1. - the Rmoahal
  2. - the Tlavati (Cro-Magnons)
  3. - the Toltec (a term which Theosophists use as a synonym for the Atlantean ancestors of the American Indians)
  4. - the Turanian
  5. - the original Semites (Phoenicians)
  6. - the Akkadians, and
  7. - the Mongolian, which migrated to and colonized Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

The descendants of the Atlanteans, according to traditional theosophy, include the Mongolian, Malayan, and American Indian races, as well as what may loosely be called the Mediterranean race.

The Rise and Fall of Atlantis

According to Theosophy, the civilization of Atlantis was at its height during the long period when Atlantis was ruled by the Toltecs (the ancestors of the Amerindians).
This was the period between about 1,000,000 and 900,000 years ago, called the Golden Age of Atlantis, and the Atlanteans, whose bodies were three meters tall, created a highly developed civilization.  
The continent of Atlantis was immense; it stretched from south to north, there were no borders.
Love reigned everywhere among the people, and innocence reigned on the face of the earth.

Their capital city was called "The City of the Golden Gates" and with a population of two million at its peak, they used a socialist type of economic system like the Incas.
There were extensive aqueducts leading to the city from a mountain lake.  

The Toltecs on Atlantis worshipped the sun in temples as magnificent as those of ancient Egypt, decorated with bright colors.
The sacred word used in meditation was Tau, this was the equivalent of the sacred word AUM.
As mentioned above, the Toltecs colonized all of North and South America and became the people we know as the Amerindians.

The Atlanteans of that time (!!!) had vril-powered airships that could carry from two to eight people and were also the first race to develop organized warfare using their technology...

Possessing a third eye, they had innate psychic powers that were eventually abused for selfish reasons.
Their magical science became black, and with these changes came terrible devices.
Soon after, the Turanians (the ancestors of the people we know today as the Turkics/Caucasians) became dominant in much of Atlantis.
The Turanians continued the practice of black magic, which peaked around 250,000 BC and continued until the final demise of Atlantis, despite being opposed by the white magicians. 

The Master Morya incarnated as the emperor of Atlantis in 220,000 BC to oppose the black magicians who were using spells to create human-animal chimeras.
They had an army of chimeras, which were made up of a human body with the heads of fierce predators such as lions, tigers, and bears, mentioned in many sages, mythologies, and even scriptures such as the Mahabaratha and the Vedas.

The war between the white and black magicians continued until the end of Atlantis.
The masters of the ancient wisdom telepathically warned their disciples (the white magicians) to flee Atlantis in ships to other parts of the world while there was still time to get out before the final cataclysm.
The final sudden submersion of Atlantis by earthquakes occurred about 12,000 years ago.

The last days of Atlantis were both terrifying and apocalyptic.  
While their beautiful cities were being destroyed by their wars, the solar system had completed its journey around the zodiacal belt, and there was a great disturbance in the Earth's axis.  
When this happened, the oceans were completely shifted by the change in the ocean floors.

Here the master Mahatma Koot Homi describes Atlantis as "the great continent, the father of nearly all present continents" and states that the destruction, flooding and submergence of its last remaining parts occurred "11,446 years ago, when its last island, which, translating its popular name, we call Poseidonis, went down with a crash.
Bearing in mind that these words were written in 1882, we can calculate that this event took place 11,580 years ago in 2016, or, in other words, 9,564 B.C.
This specific date is also quoted later by the Masters.

"Speaking again of this event - the final and complete destruction of Atlantis - and revealing more of the story behind it, he says: "The great event - the triumph of our 'Sons of the Fire Mist,' the inhabitants of 'Shambullah' or Shambhala - when still an island in the Central Asian Sea - over the selfish but not altogether evil magicians of Poseidonis, occurred only 11,446 years ago."

Bashar on Atlantis

Although much of Bashar's information is very consistent with all the information in Theosophy and Antroposophy, the timelines seem to be very different.
Especially since Bashar mentions that the Atlantean civilization existed for many thousands of years, while according to Theosophy and Antroposophy it is rather many millions of years.
Since we won't know our true history and timelines until after the windows of ET-contact have fully opened, let's be flexible with precise timelines and focus on the order and lessons of historical events.

JAN 1997 - session unknown

Now, approximately 25,000 of your years ago, in what you term to be Atlantis, or in their dialect Atalundi, you will have found that the idea of separation of the self from the ‘creatorhood’ began in earnest, though it had appeared upon your planet before that.
You will find, now, there was the choice within the mass consciousness of that era to determine for themselves that they were, in this way, not needing the integration of the self to the All That Is, but that they could exercise their power directly in such a manner as to separate themselves from the totality of All That Is, so that they could recognize themselves in a more, I’ll say, personalized way as being the creator.
This stemmed from the projection of spirit into material form.
As it continued, as spirit continued to project into material form, this was in and of itself, the definition of separation, limitation to a certain degree.

Thus, the more spirit experienced the idea of material form or physical reality, slowly, in a sense, but as you say surely, became used to the energy patterns.
They began to sense ideas, feelings, emotionality, thoughts, beliefs that they had heretofore not encountered within non-physicality.
They began to create the idea of fascination with the limitation, and in so doing, allowed themselves to become enmeshed, locked in, so that they could experience all that there was to experience in that mode as well as every other mode that had been experienced within All That Is of non-physicality.
Thus, they became use to, or as you say, created the habit of expressing themselves in material ways, again, through emotionality, and thought, and belief, rather than knowingness.

Ankor Wat

Q: There has been a lot of play on some ancient temples that have been found in Cambodia, which are much older than any known civilization on earth.
What can you tell us about this, about the origins?

B: You will begin to find more and more and more indicators that there have been many ancient civilizations on your planet that stretch the idea of your history back much, much, much further than you think. Some of these are off-shoots of other colonies besides Atlantis that stretched from Lemuria in ancient times, 50,000 of your years ago. Some of these ancient ideas are old Anunnaki bases. Some of them are connected to the idea of extraterrestrial inhabitation over brief periods of time. But for the most part they are simply recognitions that cultures existed on your planet that are much more ancient than your present sense of history dictates.

Q: Can you tell us what civilization and of what origin the civilization that built the ancient temple of Ankor Whatt
B: They are the ancient Kimer. Khmer.
Q: Is that a race of beings? 
B: On your planet, yes.

Q; Were they native to our planet?
B: Yes, even though they had extraterrestrial interaction, and like all of you, contained a high percentage of extraterrestrial genetics. 
They were relatively isolated cultural off-shoots, again similar to Atlantis, but relatively unknown on your planet. 
Another off-shoot of the same idea you will find stretched into ancient Tibet, and you will find some ancient temples there, as well, that are part and parcel of some of the similar off-shoots of the same ancient culture.

Haloween - November 1, 1988

Q: You said something about Halloween being connected to the destruction of Atlantis?
B: Yes, from your ancient times All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, represents the day before the destruction of Atlantis.
November 1 is the day of destruction, and November 2 is the day after.
In some of your religious vernacular these days this translates into All Hallows Eve, All Souls Day and All Saints Day, and is the idea of the destruction of your Atlantean landmass approximately 11 to 12 thousand years ago.

The issue you are dealing with on your Earth at this time is connected strongly to both the planet Maldek destroying itself long ago and a repetition of the cycle of Atlantis, although on a smaller scale than Maldek.
In your current time frame, the United States represents the idea of the replay of Atlantis, for you have much of the same technology and the same position in relation to politics around the world.
Also you have many of the same individuals from Atlantis who have now restructured themselves to the point of deciding whether or not they will destroy the world again.
You all chose to be here in this transformational age to see that you do NOT replay Atlantis and destroy yourselves and your Earth this time around.

Pyramids and Atlantis

Q: A question regarding the great pyramid in Giza, Egypt.
Who built it? When, and for what purpose?

B: Thank you. Recognize, in your terminology, it was what you call your Egyptian civilization with offshoot remnants of Atlantean skill.
Very early, early on in your history, there had been some extraterrestrial co-mingling, but only because all of you are in that sense extraterrestrially connected as well.
Your civilization of Atlantis, though native to your world, stems from the first incursions upon your planet of whom and what you are.

None of you are native to Earth intrinsically. And therefore, the civilization and the technology in what you call Atlantis spread out over various sectors of your planet, infiltrating into what you call the Egyptian culture, and were responsible for the very earliest of pyramids, of which what you call the Giza pyramid is one.
But even that is after the fact of many of the earlier pyramids, many of which are now lying on your ocean floor in your Atlantic ocean.

Mostly it was that the later pyramids were built by the Egyptian civilization after they had forgotten much of the technique and technology that was employed in Atlantean times of the sonic vibration, or sonic levitation of stone into place.
The great pyramid you refer to was built in such a manner, but some of the later pyramids were built, as many of you have speculated, through what you would call brute force and leverage, after the original techniques were lost and forgotten.
The early ones existed before the fall but all the later ones existed after. The Great Pyramid predates the destruction of Atlantis.

Essassani in Atlantis

Q: Do you have personal contact with Atlantis? 
B: From time to time we have had.
Q: And is it open contact, is it channeling... what type of contact?
B: More often than not it is more in the fashion you experience now.
Though there have been a few face-to-face meetings in that time frame.

Q: And in that time frame, ET contact was pretty much out in the open.
B: Very early on. You are now discussing a time period, approximately, 30 to 50 thousand of your years ago. In that sense there was more openness at that timing, yes.

Q: All right, and when it was open like that, what civilizations were they in contact with?
B: Pleiadian civilizations, Sirius civilizations, our civilizations, other hybrid civilizations, and several other civilizations we will not name at this time.

Q: How about the Orion civilizations?
B: This is different. The idea is that the Orion civilizations massively incarnated and interwove into your civilization.
There were, from time to time, a few very rare physiological contacts, as such, from some members in what you would collectively and/or loosely call Orion civilizations.
But the heart, the core, of what you know as the Orion consciousnesses only interacted with your species on an incarnational level.
The largest influx incarnationally happened about six thousand of your years ago, in the area you call your Middle east.

Q: It is wild, thinking that about, like, twelve thousand, thirty thousand years ago your civilization was in contact... and you are more or less three hundred years in our future.
B: Yes; and our history is, in our time frame, approximately three thousand of your years in duration.
But again, we can slip back and forth into parallel dimensions of reality, we can thus visit things that you would deem to be in your past.

Q: And what was the contact like between you and the Atlanteans? Did they call you future selves or. . .
B: No, they did not recognize us as such. For the most part, some individuals understood the full idea, what you might call the high priests and philosophers.
Most individuals simply understood that we were simply concurrent or contemporary with them, but from elsewhere.

Q: And when you were interacting with them and they looked at you, did you appear the way you do now?
B: As we do, yes. They were clear enough to allow no need for the idea of screen memory or subterfuge; they saw us as we are.


Interesting Bashar Events on Atlantis

(2019) The Last Days of Atlantis
(2019) The Council of 13 and the Crystal Skulls
(2022) Hidden History


The fifth root race (Aryan)

While we have all probably heard of the Aryan race in the way that this topic has been hijacked and misused for evil purposes throughout our history, giving the whole idea a bad name, the thing is ... the Aryan race did not begin in Europe or the West at all. Nor does it originally refer to white-skinned, blue-eyed people.
The subject has become intoxicated and therefore more difficult to discuss, creating a barrier to understanding where we came from and where we are going.

But please note ... the first sub-race of the Aryan Root Race is that of the Indian peoples, while the latest sub-race of this Root Race is that of the white Europeans. 
Mahatma Koot Homi says that the latter type may be the "highest developed people" in terms of what he calls "physical intellectuality," but that the Indians are the most spiritually developed people on planet Earth today.

It is noteworthy that, as Bashar mentioned, the colors used in the temples by the later negatively oriented Atlantean sub-races that activated the destruction of their world were ... red, black and white.
The same colors were used by the Orion Empire, as well as by many, many countries in conflict or deep polarity in our modern history.
Bashar mentioned that there was some Orion influence in the last phase in the Atlantean era, but most of the influence occurred after the fall of Atlantis, thus in the Aryan era, and especially in the area we call the Middle East.

The ancient Orion energies, before they completed their ascension to the Light, were quite dark, oppressive and focused on war, conquering other worlds, "colonizing" as they called it, and destroying everything that stood in their way. It harbored the energy of domination, power and control.
To this day, our modern history is full of similar stories.
And yes, in this phase of our evolution, our world is echoing and transforming these dark energies into the Light, many timelines in the Universe are coming together, and many ancient karmic cycles in the Universe are finding completion.

Rudolf Steiner

"If we want to have a picture in our minds of the migrations of the Fifth Root Race (Aryan), we must realize at the very outset that it is difficult to see clearly in this chaos.
Descendants of many earlier races have continued to exist among us, and even in the Fourth Root Race (Atlantean) there was a population which spread out like rays and was itself mixed with descendants of other races.
The peoples of Southern Asia are remains of the population of ancient Lemuria, whose descendants are still to be found in the interior of Australia.
Remains of the Fourth Root Race (Atlantean) are to be found in Western and Northern Asia and in Southern Europe.
That is the soil into which the branches of the Fifth Root Race (Aryan) were implanted.

Thus we have to do with the product of two streams: the Lemurian-Aryan on the one side, and the Atlantean-Aryan on the other.
But all these civilizations have absorbed into themselves an even more ancient civilization.
In Siberia, Scandinavia, Northern Russia, and China there are even remains of the Hyperborean civilization.
These interminglings are difficult to unravel. We will try to follow the inroads of Aryan civilization. "

In this first exodus, therefore, we have two branches: The Indo-Aryans and the Hamites (in Africa).
In India, the immigrant Indo-Aryans who brought with them the teaching of the God-revealed Word (Veda-Word), received the doctrine of reincarnation."

The subraces (which Steiner renamed "Cultural Epochs" as a more adequate expression for our times) of the Aryan Fifth Root Race include

  1. - the first subrace, the Hindu, which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" on the white island in the middle of the Gobi inland sea to India in 60,000 BC;
  2. - the second subrace, the Arabian, which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to Arabia in 40,000 BC;
  3. - the third subrace, the Persian (Sumerians), which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to Persia in 30,000 BC;
  4. - the fourth subrace, the Celts, which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to Western Europe beginning in 20,000 BC (the Hellenes -Greeks & Romans - are regarded as an offshoot of the Celtic subrace that colonized Southeast Europe); and
  5. - the fifth subrace, the Teutonic (Europeans), which also migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to what is now Germany beginning in 20,000 BC (the Slavs are regarded as an offshoot of the Teutonic subrace that colonized Russia and surrounding areas).

We, modern humanity, has reached its 5th subrace in the Aryan epoch, with two more sub-races already coming in :

6. - Nova men
7. - Indigo Children & Star Children

The Migration of the Atlantean Races
Transition of the Fourth into the Fifth Root Race

There is a relatively large amount of information on the history of the Aryan Root Race as it is embodied in our modern history.
So we'll leave this epoch as it is and focus on what comes next ... a new 6th species, a new root race ...

Interesting Bashar Events on Orion

(1985) Orion And The Black League
(1986) Orion Lights
(2014) Interstellar Enneagram - Part 1
(2019) The Angels of Orion

As the Essassani mention again and again ... Earth is not a kindergarten, Earth is a Master Class.

The whole topic of Root Races is covered in a series of blogs :
- The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind
- The first, second and the third, Lemurian, Root Race
- The fourth Atlantian and fifth Aryan Root Race
- The sixth and seventh Hybrid Root Race

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