the Great Wave

Ever since we have been working with our extraterrestrial guides - almost 10 years now - we have had periods where they have directed our attention or given us information about certain topics or concepts through all kinds of synchronicities.
Themes that at first seem to have nothing to do with each other and then suddenly the penny drops, everything turns out to be connected and there is a bigger picture.
And only then did we see how unbelievably ingenious everything is being dosed and taught.

Do you recognize this?

In 2012 Jacqueline and I (Philip) took a 'spiritual sabbatical' after a series of profound disappointments with 'spiritual organizations' and 'gurus'.
We wanted nothing more to do with any of it.

And then came the Reconnection. Well... so we didn't want to do that.
And that one kept coming up and coming up ... well, we were not going to do that regardless.
Our ego didn't want to, but inside it felt soooo right.
Our sabbatical was over.

What a turning point in our lives!
Among other things, it brought us into contact with our Star Family and set us on the path of what we now bring to the world: ET-Healing.

This however, was quickly followed by a another "disappointment" with the organization of the Reconnection, which simply revoked our license as practitioners in 2017 because we were running a practice that was not in accordance with their rules.
And yet this time it was also correct.

After consulting Joël ( Jacqueline's ET guide) about what was actually going on here, we were told two things that we still haven't forgotten ....

- First, that if we truly want to experience our own unique power, to truly begin to live and be free in our choices of expression, then we must let go of our "masters" in order to develop our own mastery.
And he revealed that this is why we will always attract these situations into our lives, because we have chosen to be pioneers in this life.

More than a year earlier, Ezra'el had passed on the concept of Triple-A, and it was only after this insight from Joël that this information really came to life and continues to do so to this day on even deeper levels and completely appropriate to this time.

- Second, Joël indicated that when the time was right, new information about the Reconnection would be "downloaded" and, as he indicated, there would be "its own form."
Well, I was totally open to the new information, but I was pretty closed to the idea of "a form of my own. I had trouble accepting that. 
I do have my thoughts about the organization, but the Reconnection itself feels like something sacred, you just know that when you work with it.



The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

A few years ago, my guide Ezra'el indicated that in addition to the Great Awakening, a Great Wave ("a tsunami") was coming for "healing work" and gave the suggestion of preparing a network of healers.
A year ago, Ezra'el first indicated that Reconnection-like sessions would become an essential contribution to the world.

Since then, I have felt a strong urge to go deeper into "this work," and a "merging" of the insights we have learned from the extraterrestrials in recent years about energy and consciousness is beginning to manifest itself.... a bigger picture.

And also a deeper 'knowing' in response to a question I asked Ezra'el a few years ago about how it is actually possible for us as consciousness, say as Soul, to be non-physical and fully connected to Source, how we can 'attract' and inhabit a physical body, have control over it to a great extent (to an even greater extent this is magically fully automatic), and at the same time no longer know who we are and why we ended up here.
So how can something that is not physical be able to consciously "control" something physical and move into a physical reality with other beings and objects?
How does that work, how is that possible? What is physical reality?

I remember having a fantastic trip and in that trip I understood everything completely. I was in a tremendous state of euphoria.
And as I slowly came back to "the earth plane," I felt the "knowing" just crumbling, as if the whole puzzle had been taken apart again in little pieces.... the bigger picture was gone, as was the euphoria.
I can remember the feeling and the experience, but I can't further recount what I understood.

Since then, Ezra'el has "trained" me almost daily to view issues from the perspective of consciousness ("Soul") projecting itself into a physical reality, rather than seeing myself as a person here on Earth "with a Soul.
Ezrael keeps bringing me back to the consciousness of 'being' rather than having or wanting consciousness.
Something we are cannot be lost, something we have seems to come to us from somewhere else and is with us as long as we have it.

And this may seem like just talk, but the experience of it really makes all the difference.
Not that we always manage to be in this state, we too get lost in our worldly stories regularly, but it helps us immensely to get back to what they call "your indestructible core" and "your layers of consciousness."

That this does not always work out is a wonderful gift, because it is precisely the shifting between these realities that makes it so instructive.
It's this and that. Different perspectives on the same thing.
Just by forgetting who we are, we can do things and have experiences that are extremely absurd. Our Higher Self has no judgment about that and that part of us continues to love ourselves unconditionally and you feel that.

What the extraterrestrials explain so beautifully is that in reality we neither expand nor lose our consciousness.... Elan's famous one-liner says


'you already contain it all'


Consciousness is always there in its completeness, but the connections to those "higher" parts are not always functioning properly. If the antenna of a radio is not working properly, you won't hear anything, even if there is music in the ether.
So the fact that we do not hear "it" does not mean that "it" is not there.
We already have everything within us ... the connection is just missing for a moment.

And that's what the Reconnection is about.
The number 333 kHz in our reality represents, among other things, the frequency of the layer of consciousness between the physical part of our incarnation "in this life" and the non-physical part of our consciousness that transcends this particular incarnation and is "simultaneously" connected to multiple incarnations.
This 'layer' is the level of our consciousness at which man 'created' his blueprint for this incarnation.
And it is the layer that houses the connections between our Higher Self and our Earth Consciousness, and vice versa.
Bashar calls this the Template Level or Blueprint Level in the Nine Levels of Consciousness.

The Great Awakening is primarily about activating the connections in this layer.
The Higher Consciousness (the field) is already there, activating the connections allows the energy (Light and Information) to flow freely and fully between all these different layers.
We experience this as a shift and expansion of consciousness, when it is actually a "merging" of layers of our consciousness.
It is the same house, we have removed the walls that separate the different rooms.

Whatever happens in the time ahead, stay connected to your "indestructible core.
Without fear of losing your soul, because you are your soul.
We cannot lose what we are, we have a body, we are consciousness.
One day we will leave our body, but we can never leave our soul. 
We exist, we have always existed. In our essence, we are beyond time.
We can temporarily disconnect, but we never leave our soul.
Our consciousness is so much greater than any obstacles we can think of.

There is much more to say about this than would fit in a newsletter.
Therefore, we will publish more on Human-ET One and through our website in the coming weeks.
For example, about the relationship between consciousness shifts and the activation of different DNA layers.

For those who can't wait, here are some suggestions for reading, watching and listening:

- During our Dru Yoga training we spent a lot of time studying ancient scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita and some Vedas that talk about the battle between Light and Dark on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, also known as "Dharmakshetra" - the field of righteousness.
(Those who know our practice through and through are familiar with the paintings hanging here).

Krishna_Arjuna_Mahabharata-Kurukshetra-Bhagavad Gita~ Bhagavad Gita 2:23

'Consciousness, the Self, Atma, remains unaffected by all worldly actions.
The Self is all-pervading, everywhere, eternal and changeless because it is beyond the worldly dimension of space and time.

We wish each of you much wisdom in the time ahead and hope that each of you, like us, can feel the existence of a World in which we have made choices together that many generations after us will look back on with gratitude and respect.

For now, much love!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and in the Human-ET One online community!

Jacqueline and Philip


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