the Red Line

Remember how Bashar of the Essassani civilization indicated in 2016 that "Everything will Change" and that it may not be obvious at first, but in the end all these changes can be traced back to "the Fall of 2016" in retrospect ?
Back then those were mere words, now we can see how the world is rapidly changing. And at the same time, we are still only at the beginning.

Remember how Bashar of the Essassani civilization indicated in 2016 that "Everything will Change" and that it may not be obvious at first, but in the end all these changes can be traced back to "the Fall of 2016" in retrospect ?

Back then those were mere words, now we can see how the world is rapidly changing.
But not only the outside world, it is after all a collective expression of us as a collective, humanity itself is also changing at a rapid pace.
And at the same time, we are still only at the beginning of a new age that is as yet unimaginable for many at present!
Essential is that we start to realize more and especially on deeper levels that we are co-creators of this reality and all contribute to these changes, consciously or unconsciously.

As long as we think that reality is just there and that we as humans exist in a reality outside of us, at the mercy of that reality, as it were, then we will feel ourselves being tossed from left to right.

So then do we have an influence on what happens? Yes, we do.
Do we then have control over what happens ? No, we don't.

We do always have complete control over how we interpret our reality.
And we have influence together on how the collective reality develops and therein we may learn to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate our contribution and our power.

You may have heard of "spontaneous synchronization.
And if not, you certainly know the phenomenon.
In spontaneous synchronization, 'similar things' that are connected to each other, but not aligned, still come into resonance with each other over time as a result of increasing harmonization of their frequencies, as long as we have allowed the process to unfold.

An extraordinarily fascinating mechanism in the Universe, where objects at the corresponding frequencies begin to align simultaneously and the different frequencies block simultaneously, eventually coming together in harmony into a single harmonious frequency.

A mechanism that has its bedrock in frequency, energy and goes far beyond physical objects and is also visible in behavior of groups of people and animals

To illustrate this phenomenon a short video of a simple experiment regarding synchronization and which also contains a reminder that in physical reality sometimes time is needed for things to come into resonance with each other and just let the process take its course.

And also as a reminder that we are all connected in this one great process of transformation in each bringing our personal frequencies and intentions to this process.
The article “The mathematical explanation for spontaneous synchronization” beautifully describes this phenomenon using crickets ... they all chirp just a little differently, but because of the spontaneous synchronization, over time the entire "orchestra" chirps as one harmony.

From the moment the Great Shift became visible in the world, there was also a noticeable change in the guidance of our guides and the kind of directions we received for the purpose of the newsletters.
The guidance moved more toward directions so that we would do our own research and became clearly less substantive.
Looking back, this is consistent with what Ezra'el indicated in his transmission about the Triple-A.

Especially with so many planets going into retrograde at the same time, it can be instructive to look back and see what connection we can see between all those (points of interest) of the past few years.
A kind of "connecting the dots" ...


November 2020 - Human-ET One 

December 2020 - Reality is a Mirror 

January 2021 - Everything will Change 

February 2021 - What is Real 

March 2021 - Free Will and Making Choices 

April 2021 - the Great Wave 

May 2021 - Quantum Technology

June 2021 - Mitochondria - Reconnection - DNA 

July 2021 - the Years of Contraction and Expansion 

September 2021 - DNA modification and Extraterrestrial Civilizations

October 2021 - Service to All 

November 2021 - Star Children and Consessions 

December 2021 - the illusion of Power

January 2022 - Polarity

February 2022 - Forgiveness

March 2022 - Trust

April 2022 - Alien Intervention

May 2022 - Quantum Finance 

June 2022 - Step by Step to ET-Contact 

August 2022 - Secrets of Etchilhampton 

October 2022 - Tower of Babel 

November 2022 - Tele(m)pathy & Collective Consciousness

December 2022 - Shame

January 2023 - Window of Open Contact 

February 2023 - to the Moon 

March 2023 - Being Human and Humanoid Beings 

April 2023 - Universal Abundance 

July 2023 - Quantum Consciousness en DNA 

August 2023 - Connecting the Dots 

September 2023 - the Red Line 


We are very curious about what you see as the common thread !




Source :
Newsletter Augustus 2023

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