The Structure of Existence

The Structure of Existence

After the film premiere of the 'Bashar' documentary 'First Contact' in the film theatre Fraterhuis in Zwolle (Netherlands) we organized on 7 January 2017, many people asked us "what are these Universal Laws that Bashar was talking about?".  We have taken this as an opportunity to go through these Universal Laws again and add some more elaborated 'Bashar' material.

Darryl Anka has become best known for his work as a channel with the extraterrestrial Bashar, an Essassani contact specialist.
The Essassani are a hybrid civilization and in a sense the offspring of humanity on Earth who, from our perspective, are coming back in time to assist us in this time of transformation.

However, Darryl is also a filmmaker, both for Hollywood productions and as a producer of his own films and documentaries.

When his documentary "First Contact" was released in 2016, the community was called upon to help get the film into theaters worldwide.

Unfortunately, the cinema world was not ready for this ... From our practice Beyond Medicine we approached many cinemas in the Netherlands and finally on January 7, 2017, the Fraterhuis cinema in Zwolle was willing to do a screening, though at our own financial risk.
Shortly after announcing the upcoming screening the applications poured in and soon a second screening was organized on the same day. And what a turnout, what a great day!!!

Following the film screening of the 'Bashar' documentary 'First Contact', we then received the question from many "what were those Universal Laws Bashar was talking about again".

We took this as an opportunity to revisit these and add more detailed 'Bashar' material.
The added material comes from various recordings and is just a small, random selection, as there is a lot ... 


Allow yourselves to know, as individuals, that each and every one of you has exactly the same degree of access to the total energy of your world; to the total energy of creation itself, because each and every one of you are equal aspects of the Infinite. Each and every being within creation – If we may put it this way – is simply one of the ways that All That Is, the Infinite Creation, has of manifesting itself within the creation that it is.
Another way of saying this is that each and every one of you, no matter how seemingly small and detached from the whole – each and every one of you, as a part of the whole, contains the ability to access the information of the total idea.
You are all holographically structured.

The total information of existence is wrapped up within you, interwoven within your consciousness, your individual consciousness.
What you have done, and what many individuals in creation have done, is to flatten out that understanding, flatten out that consciousness, into an illusion of physiological space and time.
Your physical reality is your projection.
You have taken all the ideas that you are – or at least a large portion of them – and you have projected them into a seemingly dimensional reality which fills space and takes time to explore. 


The 5 Laws of Creation are true Everywhere and Everywhen in the universe, in all realities and dimensions.

1.  You exist


You are a non-physical consciousness that is experiencing physical reality and you are here on Earth at this time because you chose to be. You are an eternal being and while you may change your form, you cannot cease to exist. You have always existed and you always will exist. You may change form, but you are existing always.
So…..relax…’ll be around forever.

It is said that the name of creation is I Am.
This is absolute in its truth. It is, it always has been and it always will be.
That which exists can only continue to exist.

It will never become nonexistent because non-existence is its own realm. It already contains all the things that will never exist. Whatever doesn't fit in that realm of non-existence has always existed, exists now and always will exist – because there is nowhere else for it to go.
Non-existence is full up – of all the things that will never exist. There is no room for existence there. It is the polarity of creation. No beginning, no ending, it always is at every moment.

Therefore, since you exist, you always have and you always will. You cannot be obliterated. You cannot be consigned to oblivion. You cannot be destroyed. You are infinite, but you are ever changing. You are never the same from one second to the next. Never.
And if you exist, then obviously All That Is, the Infinite Creator believes you deserve to exist.
If you exist with the desire for creating peace, harmony, joy and ecstasy in your lives, then know you are not created with that desire without also having been created with the ability to attract that into your lives.

Your awareness of that idea, in and of itself, is sufficient to bring it to you.
Creation holds nothing back from you, and it never has -- never!
In all circumstances in your lives each and every one of you has always been supported 100% by the universe. You are not ever given a desire without also being given the ability to accomplish that desire!
The universe keeps nothing from you – nothing!

But the universe can only give you what you say you're ready for.
If you do not believe you are ready to handle the idea of success – because you are willing to buy into, "It's got to be a struggle," or "It's got to be a striving" – the universe will only give you so much.
You deserve anything you can conceive of just because you have the ability to conceive of it.
You don't have to earn the right to deserve happiness. You already have that right because you exist.

2.  Everything is Here and Now


Time and Space are illusions in your physical reality. Only your experiences within time and space are "real".
There is only Here and Now. There is actually only one moment in Creation.
Everything you experience is the same moment from a different point of view.
You create the past and the future from the here and now !
Everything you conceive of is an existing reality on some level. Everything you conceive of exists.
And everything that does exist, you are capable of conceiving of.
And anything that does not exist, by definition, you cannot conceive.

All realities, all dimensions, are like being surrounded by an infinite number of mirrors facing you. Any direction could be picked, could be chosen by you, and it would all amount to the same thing—finding another reality. You can open any door, walk through and find another reality anywhere you look. There is no end.
Therefore, wherever you are can be considered “the center”, because all directions from you are infinite.
No one reality is actually any more or less "real" than any other reality.

Everything is the same one thing. The same one thing manifesting in all the simultaneous, multidimensional ways that it can manifest.
It does not need a reason to do this; it does it because that's what it is.
It is Existence itself; it is Creation itself. Its nature is to simply continue to create, forever.
No beginning, no ending. Always "Here and Now" forever.

Allow yourself to understand that no one place needs to stand out more than any other place, and at any time you decide to create a specific focus, that reality will come into being for you. It is your choice to give it more solidity creates it to seem more solid.
You can always bring yourself back at any time you desire to the neutral state of Existence—where all realities are equal without built in meaning.

3.  The All is one, and the One is all


Just as each tiny section of a hologram contains the information for the entire hologram, likewise we are all inter-connected.
Recognize this: existence is All That Is is!
It always was, is now, and always will be.
What you see of All That Is is only what you are wired to see.
Thus, only by changing the idea of yourselves will you allow yourselves to rewire your brains in ways that will allow you to perceive the reality existing all around you, but to which you are blind, to all intents and purposes.
You will reconnect, connecting in ways which will give you different sight, different sense.

Existence does not have its existence within time; time exists within All That Is.
Therefore it is eternal.
Therefore understand that the concept of time – as any concept that is created within All That Is – is in a sense subordinate to All That Is.
Ultimate truth is these concepts are things that exist within existence.
All That Is will express and manifest in all the ways it can – for no other reason, for no other purpose other than It can because It is the Creator. And the Creator creates... again simply because It can.

For the past 25,000 years, approximately, you have chosen as a group consciousness to explore the idea of separating yourselves from your memory of being All That Is.
And now you are turning over to a new idea.
You are through with the separation, and that is why you are creating this idea you call a new age of understanding, a new age of awareness – in light and love.
You all are. The entire planet. Or you would not be on it. Because that is the idea of this planet that you are on: to create the transformation; to begin to recognize yourselves as All That Is and create a positive world.

Now that you know that you are the Creator, peace, harmony, light and love can result.
Now you are through with the tool of separation. Within the time span of approximately the next 30 to 50 of your years, all of your civilization will also recognize this. For when you created separation, you created the experience of more time. That is why experiencing all the limitation and separation has taken you 25,000 years.
When you now choose to create the idea of integration, of knowing yourselves to be All That is, then this experience can be played out upon your planet in a mere 2,000 to 3,000 years.
And after that point you will not need to reincarnate upon this planet, for it will have served its purpose for you. You will move on to something else.

4.  What you put out is what you get back

The "outside" is a reflection of the "inside".
Physical reality is actually a mirror. Your physical reality is just a holographic reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true. And like a mirror, physical reality will not change unless you change first (change what you most strongly believe).

Let me say again: you cannot experience any reality of which you are not the vibration first.
If you have a reality you don't prefer, then it's because you are buying into a belief system that supports that reality. It's as plain and simple as that.
You have a saying for it: "What you put out is what you get back. What goes in is what comes out."
You cannot get the opposite effect; you can only get an equal, corresponding reaction.
If you put a positive idea out, positive preferential trust, you can only get a positive reality back.
If you put a negative idea out, which you call doubt, you can only get hesitation, guilt, frustration, and all the other symbols your society has created to represent negative trust.
The universe keeps nothing from you – nothing!

But the universe can only give you what you say you're ready for. If you do not believe you are ready to handle the idea of success – because you are willing to buy into, "It's got to be a struggle," or "It's got to be a striving" – the universe will only give you so much.
Obviously you're telling the universe, "I'm not ready for any more. Please don't give it to me”.

You are still creating a trust in a negative reality when you have that kind of a belief.
You deserve anything you can conceive of just because you have the ability to conceive of it.
You don't have to earn the right to deserve happiness. You already have that right because you exist.
As you begin to choose the lives, the paths, the attitudes and the habits that are now more representative of peace and creativity; as you begin to choose these things, you crystallize the events of your lives in certain specific ways – to allow only certain types of opportunities, certain types of situations to occur.

It is what we call synchronicity: what you put out is what you get back, as we have said many times.
As you have accelerated this, it becomes less and less likely – in fact, more and more difficult – to choose anything that is not representative of what you really desire, of what you really prefer.

5.  Everything changes except the first four laws


The only constant in the universe is change - except for these 4 postulates, which never change.
So.....might as well get used to eternally-changing Creation.
Enjoy the ride! Surf the changes!
Allow yourselves to feel that change is the true constant in creation. The true stable foundation of existence is constant change – so that it does not stagnate, so that it is ever perpetuating.

Creation is not over. It is not that everything has already been created and now God has sent everything off to run around and have fun.
You are all, and we are all, together, God ever creating Itself anew, ever changing and always existing.

Paradox, yes. But when you deal with paradox, that's when you know you are close to the seed at the center. Because, only at the center do all-apparent contradictions find themselves reconciled as one. Only from the center do all apparent polarities issue. They are all there. They are one thing.
They only appear paradoxical, mutually exclusive – because of the vibrations in the realm that you have chosen to perceive yourselves, because of the vibrations in the realms that have the idea of polarity of opposites.

You have created the ability to take one thing and separate it into not only more than one thing, but even separate it into things that look like they have nothing to do with each other. Most creative, exceedingly creative – and I am not being facetious.
It is the true measure of the power of creation that it can even, so to speak, fool itself into thinking it is not a part of that creation, into forgetting that it is what it is, that it is I Am. That is the power of creativity.

Now however, as we have said, you have played that game through on this world in the way you wanted to do so, and now you are remembering I Am. We Are.
You are waking up. "Oh yes, I remember now . . . well, that was a fun game, but now we wish to remember that we are What Is, and we wish to change the rules of the game.
We wish to play as integrated whole beings now."
And so you are remembering; so you are gathering; so you are discussing ideas of consciousness:
What is consciousness?
What is physicality?
What is dreaming?
What is being awake?
What is real?
What is non-real?

All of these things will be understood to be simply manifestations of one thing: your own perspective.
You are waking up. Good morning!

 More info and DVD available in Bashar Store
The 4 Laws of Creation
- The 5th Law

Disclaimer ... once you feel these energies and vibrations, you want more ... 

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