the Window of Open Contact

Looking back on 2022, we can say that the theme in the January 2022 newsletter on Polarity has shown itself in abundance in the world.
What will 2023 bring us ?
The potential of the year 2023 ... Everything will change

Yes, we made it ... 2023 !!!
First of all, of course, the very best wishes !
And what a year we have just concluded.

The potential of 2023 ... Everything will change

Looking ahead to 2023, we can say that this promises to be a very different year, depending, of course, on which timeline we choose ... an ultimate year in "the splitting prism," of which more later.
2023 also promises to be an intensely transformative year in which many of the existing socio-economic structures will begin to collapse under their own weight to make room for new structures.
These changes may still seem to be moving at the same pace as last year in the first few months, but from the looks of it, starting in March, they will move at a much faster pace and with greater magnitude.

For those who did not see this coming, this is going to be difficult to comprehend and may feel as if the world is ending.
There is much work coming for Lightworkers, as Ezra'el has already indicated in 2019.

Bashar has been giving the first signals since 2014 during "The Awakening" event that after "the fall of 2016" everything is going to change ... our social structures, economic structures, political structures, religious structures, tax systems and education ... everything.
This was emphatically stated in several events afterwards.

And in doing so, it was indicated that perhaps not everything will change all at once, but it will change at a rapid pace in the years that follow and that in retrospect it will be visible that ultimately all changes were initiated in the convergence point of 'the fall of 2016'.

So what happened in 'the fall of 2016' ?
At least there was the American presidential election ...

Here is the first announcement in 'the Awakening' and it comes in a unique setting ... a message from the Essassani OverSoul, via one of their Moons stationed around their planet, addressed to the Human OverSoul.

The Splitting Prism

It has also been constantly pointed out since 2012 that there is a split going on in the collective consciousness of humanity on Earth.
Bashar has consistently referred to this as "the Splitting Prism," where timelines meet and there is a kind of intersection or dichotomy in reality with opposite energy.

As if the train track runs over a switch and the tracks run away from each other, with a possibility of "switching" over a number of years.
That switching becomes more difficult the closer we get to the 2023-2024 period, because the energy/consciousness in both timelines is going to be so different from each other that the shift in consciousness needed for 'switching' from then on will be very difficult.
Not impossible, just unlikely.

In reality, the two tracks are not exactly two timelines (there is an innumerable variety of timelines) but rather two directions in which we move, but for the sake of simplicity we will speak of 'two timelines' for a moment.

The peculiarity of these 'two timelines' is that they both work out common themes but in opposite directions, just as every coin has two sides.

For example ...
We touched on the topic of Quantum Finance in the May 2022 newsletter because in both timelines, a new financial system is imminent that will operate completely digitally.
In one timeline, we have recently seen the rush by central banks and governments worldwide to introduce the CBDC.
A digital currency (crypto) that is centrally controlled and adjusted.
There is a small group of people who have complete control over this CBDC that everyone has to use.
The centralized CBDC will then replace the existing "fiat" money circuit.

In the other timeline, we see fully decentralized digital currencies emerging, referred to as QFS in our blog.
The development of the transaction mechanism ('transferring money') will be centrally facilitated, but the coins themselves will be 'of the community' so to speak, which can make coins of its own, provided there is physical value to give that coin 'its value'.
Precious metals such as gold and silver will mainly be used for this, but can also be other 'earthly assets'.
Even shares as they were once originally intended to externally finance business start-up or expansion will/could function as 'currency' here, with working capital being the underlying 'asset'.
This is called the Dstoq, "decentralized stock exchange," the opposite of today's centralized stock exchanges.

Another example is for the world to start uniting and organizing itself in harmony, for us to see humanity as one civilization and from there, in cooperation, to build a new, sustainable world that benefits everyone, including the planet itself and from there we can also come into cooperation with the Galactic Federation ... this is a prerequisite.

But also in this theme we can see the polar effect in the different "timelines" regarding implementation and where the control and benefits lie.

We touched on this theme in the Oct 2022 newsletter ('Service to Self vs Service to All').

And so we see all the major themes moving in two polar directions worldwide at the moment, and that allows everyone to make a clear choice as to which train we want to be in.
Especially while the split still allows it.
We are going through the eye of the needle together.

It is very important now to stay in the moment and look forward in the direction you want to go!
That we do not keep looking back and catching on to the energy of the old world .... but focus on the energy where we are going.

"If you keep doing what you've always done ,
you'll keep getting what you've always gotten."

The remarkable thing about these "two timelines" is also that - although the switching becomes increasingly unlikely as time passes - we will be able to continue to see both realities for a while to learn from them.
As if the two trains will continue to run side by side for a while ...

Themes in the World of Tomorrow

If someone were to ask us, what on a global scale are the most important themes for the next decade ('in our timeline'), we think of :

1- the great shift in consciousness, the integration of different layers in our consciousness and thus the manifestation of a completely different world

2- healing, both on the individual, personal level as well as on the collective level, society

3- the realization and proof that we have never been alone in the Universe, followed by the first reunion ... First Open Contact

4- the entrance of new forms of technology and energy, as an outgrowth of the first 3 themes

All the changes we are going to see in our physical reality are related to these four themes.

Since the establishment of our practice in 2014, the first 3 themes are exactly what we have always focused on with our activities and training programs.
The coming years will be extremely exciting for anyone who jumps on this train and wants to play a role within one of these four themes.
We have paid a lot of attention to them in our newsletters over the past few years, which we have also recently published in 4 languages on our blog page.
Our range of services will focus even more strongly on the coming changes !

Cycles of Time

Even though we experience time linearly, everything in the Universe moves cyclically and in wave patterns ... this is how energy moves.

In the event "the cycles of Nine" Bashar explains how the transformation process runs in cycles of 9 years and that within such a cycle there are also cycles of 3 years with each time a kind of shift in the leading polarity and he also named in which periods the polarity is/was predominantly positive or negative in nature.
Based on this it seems that in the next three years more positive than negative polarity can be expected, with the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023 as transition phase.


In themselves, these nine-year cycles are again part of larger cycles of about 80 years (around 9 cycles of 9 years ... as the time spectrum becomes larger, the accuracy also becomes somewhat less relevant).

Bashar describes in 'Blueprint of Change' (1990) that therein the two 40-year phases and specifically names the years 1947 (Roswell), 1987 (start Harmonic Convergence) and 2027 (start Harmonic Identity).
He also explicitly names (with our collective energy of the time) 2017 as a "pivotal point" in our transformation of humanity as a collective.

The Window of Open Contact

Bashar has also indicated for a few years now that - for those who choose that 'timeline' - there will be a window of time starting in 2023 that spreads from 2023 to 2033.
He calls this 'the Window of Open Contact' in which open, public contact with extraterrestrial civilizations can and will begin to take place with the year 2027 as the 'Fulcrum Point' (culmination).
The period from 2023 - 2027 is a phase of intensive preparation.

In doing so, Bashar reports that the Pleiadians / Galactic Federation will be the first to (re)make contact with humanity on Earth and the Yayhel will be the first of the hybrid races.
The 2023 is the starting year and still requires a lot of preparation on the part of humanity.

First of all, "half" of the population will have to begin to understand that there are more civilizations living in the universe that are very close to Earth, are related to us, are family, are genetically linked and are willing to help us with the struggles we are experiencing, provided we want that help.

Without this awareness, just appearing in our reality for about half of humanity could be misinterpreted as being an invasion, because that is what humanity has been programmed with for decades in the dream world we call television.
So personally, I do not yet believe there will be instant landings next year, but presumably an increase in interesting sightings of light phenomena and ships in the sky.

Just imagine what that means ... and what processes that will set in motion in our world.
After the first contact, humanity simply cannot deny it anymore, it is obvious that extraterrestrial civilizations exist and that they are here (and have never been far away).
There is then no turning back, only a way forward.
This must go well at once ...
Ever seen the documentary 'the Visit'?
It was later made into a hollywood movie 'the Arrival'.

The year 2023, or 23/5

Although the coming year could be an intense period, both Jacqueline and I have a strong positive feeling for the years to come with all these great changes on a global scale.
A very important year/period for Lightworkers as well.

And although I (Philip) have a strong connection with numbers and mathematics, we ourselves are not experts in numerology or astrology and so I went looking for the deeper meaning of the numbers 23 and 5.

We realize that numerology and astrology are essentially not meant to make predictions, but to translate the energy of numbers and/or constellations into recognizable and understandable aspects in physical reality.
They make visible, as it were, the energy ...

As it turns out ... the number 23 is really a magic number !
Mathematicians go wild with it ... it is one of the most extraordinary prime numbers and prime numbers are considered the mathematical building blocks of the Universe.
The word 'Prime Number' is a bit of a silly translation, but in English you can hear the importance of these numbers even better ... 'Prime Number' ...
The number 23 is even the 5th unique 'Happy Number'.
For those who like it ... the number 23 still has many special and mysterious coincidences.

The original Latin alphabet, also called Roman alphabet, consisted of 23 letters.
The most original Hebrew alphabet also consisted of 23 letters and refers to the original "blueprint/tuning" of human DNA.
The letter Ghah - which seems to have a reference to the Sons of God - later disappeared from the alphabet.
More on the Sons of God in our blog 'the Tower of Babel'.

We also see the number 23 (and 5) reflected in the DNA of the human body which consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes. The body also has a biorhythm of 23 days and blood circulates through the body on average every 23 seconds.

The number 23 can be reduced to 5 and this number is strongly associated with the Earth, which shows itself in the blue plate of many animal species, among other things ... 5 physical senses (input, perception), 5 fingers/toes (output, action), 5 internal organs, 5 passions.
Bashar calls 5 the number of humanity on Earth and is at the center of the Interstellar Enneagram.


Maybe not everyone has a thing for numbers, but note, numbers are frequencies ... just take a look at Solfegio Harmonics or Solfegio Healing Frequencies or just watch this clip Infinite Patterns.

In addition, we are also very much in the energy of Aquarius ... a powerful water element.
In short 2023/5 ... Humanity, Earth and Water.

In numberology, the number 5 (and 23) is associated with the planet Mercury, "the messenger of God" as it carries the energetic impulse to express information through speech and communication.

A while back, during a waking sleep state, my guide Ezra'el constantly repeated the word Sephirot or Zaphirot.
I had no idea what it meant.
Research taught me that this comes from the Kabballah, and it turns out that the letters of the Kabballah are a very ancient model of numerology.

This of course comes for a reason and diving deeper I come upon Chaldean Numerology, and this turns out to be a possibly even older form of numerology from the time of ... Babylonia ... a theme that also keeps on coming up.

Here is a brief snippet of what Chaldean Numerology reports about 23/5

Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology is based on the principles, that the Universe is made up of vibrations, and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Each frequency attracts its equal.
A balanced vibration attracts other balanced vibrations, and unbalanced vibrations attract other, also unbalanced vibrations.

The number 23 represents change, progress and innovation.
In terms of numerology, the number 23 signifies new beginnings, revolution and transformation. These number patterns with 23 contain a lot of positive energy and mean spiritual growth and transformation.

Numerology number 23/5 according to Chaldean tablets

The number 23 is called "the Royal Star of the Lion."
It is a number of karmic protection and karmic reward.
It is a promise of prosperity, help and protection from on High.
It is a very fortunate number for future events and is a promise of success of intention.
The composite number 23/5 is also a number of great networking skills, and skills in communication and speech (information).

The Royal Star of the Lion is one of the 4 Royal Stars for Earth, also called the Four Guardians in Heaven.
The Royal Star of the Lion is the star Regulus and involves the heart of the Lion (lion heart) in the constellation Leo.

In ancient Egypt, Regulus had special significance because it heralded the return of Sirius and the beginning of a new cycle (new year) of growth, fertility and prosperity.
A beginning for renewed success and strength, but also with a test to resist the desire for revenge. (interesting !!!)

Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion is the Guardian of the North (direction, alignment, balance) and is associated with Archangel Raphael, the angel of ... healing.

Wow, a remarkable confirmation of next year's energy !!!
Now you may think that Astrology and Numerology always makes great positive stories.
Then take a look here to see if you recognize anything Chaldean Numerology says about the past year of 2022 (22/4).

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our newsletter!
This month was a long-read ... but then we have an epic year ahead !!!
Our excitement is unstoppable, but we promise not to make all newsletters so extensive ...

This newsletter contains many clues that we have tapped, perhaps to be elaborated upon in a future newsletter.

In case you want to continue your own research now, we have some interesting links for you here:




For now, lots of love!

And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip


'No dream is too big. No challenge is too great.
Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.
The future belongs to the dreamers, not to the critics.
The future belongs to the people who follow their heart,
No matter what the critics say,
Because they truly believe in their vision.' 
- DJT 


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Newsletter January 2023

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