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Wow, the first month of 2023 is almost done!
At least, depending on the calendar we use ...
Did you know that the word Calendar comes from the Latin calendarium, meaning "interest register" or "account book," and is derived from "calendae" being the first day of the Roman month, on which taxes, debts, interest and bills had to be paid ?


The illusion of perfection

Imagine your life without a calendar ...
The use of a calendar is so natural that we are unaware of its inaccuracy and its out of step with the rhythm of the Universe.
The mystical cyclic rhythm of the Universe is like the circumference of a circle ... you can approximate it, but never establish it perfectly.
Many different calendars have been developed over the past millennia and, according to a recent estimate, there are about forty calendars in use in the world today, especially for determining religious dates.
Most modern countries use the Gregorian calendar and it is based on the movement of the earth around the sun (solar calendar), with the months unrelated to the movement of the moon.

However, our calendar has its origins in the Roman Calendar (Lunar Calendar) and was changed by Julius Caesar to the Julian Calendar.
Julius Caesar changed the calendar to a solar calendar and lengthened the year from 10 to 12 months to make it easier to divide the year.
Before then, the year began in March, but by adding the 2 months January and February, all the months shifted as we can still see in the names of the last months of the year September (septem = 7), October (octo = 8), November (novem = 9) and December (decem = 10).
Julius also renamed the former 5th and 6th months, now 7th and 8th, into July (after himself Julius Caesar) and August (after Augustus Caesar).
Also, we started counting the years again.

Later this calendar was again changed to the Gregorian calendar, with a notable fact that in the last change, Pope Gregory XIII determined in 1582 that 10 days should be taken out of the time count.
Protestants responded to Gregory's calendar by calling him the "Roman antichrist" and claiming that its real purpose was to keep true Christians from praying on the correct days.
It took several hundred years before most European countries finally adopted the "new" solar calendar.

Mind you, it was not until 1632 that Galileo suggested, much to the anger of the Vatican, that the Sun did not revolve around the Earth, but the Earth revolved around the Sun and therefore the Earth could not be the center of the Universe.

Structuring time

A calendar is ostensibly a practical arrangement of points in the timeline, but has it always actually been that way?

If we look at the very first calendars on Earth, we see that they were largely based on the cycles of the Moon with a combination with the cycles of the Sun (lunisolar calendar).

The Islamic calendar is a Lunisolar calendar, based on the movement of the Moon, with the year unrelated to the movement of the Earth around the Sun.
The Hebrew/Jewish calendar combines both (LuniSolar calendar), in that the years are linked to the movement of the earth around the sun, and the months to the movement of the moon.

One of the very first calendars originated in Babelonia ... that is where much appears to have begun; this was a lunisolar calendar.
The Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people influenced the development of the Hebrew calendar ... one of the most accurate calendars.

From the time of Babelonia also comes the idea of dividing a day into 24 hours, of 60 minutes each and within that 60 seconds.
The duration (length) of a second was established at that time !
By the way, Babelonians in their time used the more versatile 12-number system, which we still find in a dozen and a gros.

So mankind in ancient times already used calendars to tell by the lengthening or shortening of the days when winter was coming, when to plant which crops, when to look for certain animals, when their domesticated animals will give birth and when to thank the gods.

Solar calendars define a solar year, the time between times when the sun returns to the exact same place (the Earth has made one orbit around the sun).
A solar year is easily divided into quarters by the two solstices and the two equinoxes. These quarters represent our seasons.

Lunar calendars define a "month," being the time between when the moon is "new" again, but note.
A moon (month) is easily divided into four phases (quarters), which we know as weeks.
With the names of the days, we honor the various celestial bodies in our system.
Remarkably, no day is named after the Earth itself

Remarkably, none of the cycles is a nice round number.
A solar year is about 365.24 days.
A lunar cycle is about 29.53 days and a solar year has about 12.37 lunar cycles.
In other words, there are often 12 moons (months) are and sometimes 13 moons are in a year.
The year 2023 has 13 ... the number of powerful transformation (Bashar - Cybo).

The Christian calendar is based solely on the rotation of the sun (male - patriarchal), the Islamic on the rotation of the moon (female - matriarchal).
The Hebrew calendar is based on the moon and the sun, and is a very accurate lunisolar calendar, balancing the best of both.

The Hebrew calendar has existed for almost 6,000 years and is always correct, because it is based on the rotation of Sun, Moon AND Earth.
On this calendar, the date of a holiday can be set 1,000 years in advance.
However, it is a very complex calendar.

There is a very accurate Hebrew calendar that was already drawn up in the 4th century BC during their exile.
This calendar itself gives details such as the duration of day and night, the hours of sunrise and sunset, and so on over a period of 2,000 years.
Thus, the people of Israel had an extraordinarily accurate knowledge of the mechanics of the entire firmament, as did the Mayans.

influences of the MoonInfluence of the Moon

By using the Gregorian solar calendar, we easily forget the lessons we can learn from the Moon.
The Moon is in the background in our consciousness.

And pay attention !
Our world is balanced by dualities: yin and yang, light and dark, hot and cold.

The Moon represents powerful feminine energy.
The moon is cool, intuitive, nurturing, and passive (in the sense of "being" rather than doing).

The sun represents masculine energy.
The sun is hot, fiery, and active (in the sense of doing, action).

Both the sun and the moon influence water mass on Earth through their magnetic attraction (all water, including the water in the ground, in our bodies, not just the big water masses like the oceans and rivers).

Although the sun is much larger than the moon, the moon is much closer to Earth and its attraction is greater.

The moon's movement is associated with the rising and falling of the tides.
Seeds sown and crops planted while the water is rising during the waxing moon can absorb water more easily than seeds sown during the waning phase.
Therefore, crops that thrive in dry conditions are best planted during the waning phase, and above-ground crops that need a lot of water during the waxing phase of the Moon.
Farmers in ancient times knew this.

Studies have shown that the Moon affects our moods, our biorhythms and even our fertility cycles.

Many studies have shown how the effects of the lunar cycle and its phases can be seen in numerous life forms, including fish, shellfish, insects, mammals (including humans) and plants.
Marine animals exhibit high lunar sensitivity; their reproductive cycles are strongly influenced by the rhythm of the moon.
Shrimp emerge en masse to feed during the full moon.

Lunar cycles are also well known to hunters and fishermen.
Animal studies show that physical activity, metabolism, aggression and sexual behavior are greatly increased in many species at the time of new and full moon.

Studies show a correlation between full-term deliveries (water!) and the phase of the moon, with a higher delivery rate on the first or second day after the full moon.

We have known the word "lunatic" since medieval times.
Studies indicate that "planetary locations in relation to lunar phase" can be correlated with susceptibility to bipolar manic-depressive syndrome.
Other studies have found strong correlations in emotional (including violent) acts around the full moon and a tendency for people to become depressed or introspective during the waning of the moon.

Traditional lunar wisdom states that on the day of the new moon, the body's ability to detoxify is greatest.
Hence, important fasting periods such as Ramadan are aligned with the position of the Moon.

In short, denying that the Moon affects the human body would be very short-sighted.
We can see the effects everywhere in nature.


Mysterious Moon

Our Moon is an extraordinary celestial body with an enormous impact on our lives.
Without Moon there is no life on Earth as we know it !

Pyramid seen in NASA images of Moon


And then we can ask ourselves ...

- Has the Earth always had a Moon ?

- Did the Moon arise naturally ?

- How exactly did the Moon get into this orbit around the Earth ?

- How is it possible that the size of the Moon exactly covers the Sun during a solar eclipse ?

- Why do we always see only one side of the Moon ?

- What are those unnatural structures on the Moon ?

- Is the Moon inhabited in the past or present ?



The Engine of Ascension

Over the past 35 years, many questions have been answered by Bashar about our Moon, and in one of the most beautiful and comprehensive answers, he calls our Moon "the Engine of Ascension.


Dear people,

Thank you for reading our newsletter!

In a world where we live in harmony with our nature, in synchronicity with the Universe, in balance with polarity, it is inevitable that in time there is going to be another change in the way we shape our cycles of time in our daily practice.
It is essential for a life in synchronicity that our social rhythms come into resonance with our cosmic and biological rhythms.

We thought it would be good to shed light in advance on something that unconsciously constantly plays a role in our reality without us realizing what underlies it.
And also the awareness that in the future we will have to make a choice about this as a collective.

If you want to do some further research now, take a look at the bottom of our blog To the Moon.
There we have some interesting links for you !


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For now, lots of love!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip

Source :
Newsletter February 2023

Credits Main Photo : L'atmosphère : météorologie populaire par Camille Flammarion (1888)

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