Triquetra - Triple A


Since the beginning of 2016, Ezra'el has regularly indicated that humanity is on its way to its 'triple A status', a status of expression of its own Authenticity, its own Authority and its own Autonomy.
In the business world, the term 'triple-A' is an indication of credit rating or reliability.
Our guides (and extraterrestrials in general) do like humour and often make puns in order to keep their messages easily understandable, but the question is "What does Ezra'el actually mean?

The use of the 'triple-A status' or 'triple-A rating' is particularly interesting in this punctuation.
Ezra'el and I occasionally have a kind of chat just after waking up in a state where I am aware of myself but not really awake ... it's difficult to explain, but it's a kind of lucid dream state.
At one of those moments at the beginning of 2017, this message was very clearly received ... mankind awakens, remembers and evolves towards its own 'triple-A status' - towards the expression of its own Authority, its own Autonomy and its own Authenticity.
It wasn't much more than that at that time, but it felt so clear then in half sleep. At that moment I fully understood it and also knew that we (Beyond Medicine) also played a role in this.
The short message was enough to get me more involved with these aspects, to put me on track and bit by bit there was more and more clarity on this message in a synchronistic way.

The 'triple-A status' or 'triple-A rating'

Coming from the world of financial business in which I have worked for more than 28 years, this is a very recognisable concept for me personally, but not at all in the context of the awakening man. On the contrary.
But that is precisely why our guides use such phrases ... we understand the context, the deeper meaning, the concept and then it is placed in a completely different context, so that the information comes in immediately, remains better and at the same time a kind of mind shift can take place.
Because this message has been coming back regularly during events, I have gone into more depth, knowing that this message has many layers and what I share in this blog is only 'scratching the surface'.

In the financial world, triple-A status is an indicator that actually reflects the reliability and creditworthiness of an institute.
A company with a high status or rating is more likely to get a deal (e.g. credit) than a company with a low rating. Even countries have a rating, including the Netherlands!
So it's in the area of creditworthiness, hold on to it - can you already feel the underlying message trickle in?

In some contexts, the words creditworthiness and authority bear a certain load and may make some people feel less comfortable.
Recognizable and therefore good to explore further, they indicate beliefs of what we are not allowed to be from ourselves, and of where we have lost our strength.

Let's examine the three A's separately and at the same time keep in mind that the A's are strongly intertwined and merge seamlessly as soon as we dive deeper into each of them.




When a human being is born on Earth, it is a unique event in every respect. Every new life is unique, there is no other being with exactly the same blueprint on this Earth, who has come to Earth in exactly the same way at exactly the same time and at exactly the same place. We are all born unique, with a unique set of skills, potentials and frequencies to experience our uniquely chosen perspective of life on this planet.

The memory of this uniqueness is for the most part lost in the decades following our arrival in which we are being prepared to function in a society as we have shaped it together at this moment.
We learn that we are supposed to comply with the norms, that there are values (truths) to which we are supposed to conform with the ultimate goal that we fit in the standard view of the masses.
This is not a bad mechanism in itself and is not a criticism of how young people are being shaped to become participants in our society ... a society as we collectively shape it, by everyone who participates in it.
The question is if the present form of society, the norms and truth(s) are still in line with our awakening consciousness.

Authentic means original, as it was originally.
When Ezra'el speaks about the expression of our authenticity, it feels very strong to me as if allowing our original, unique qualities and aspects to be brought out.
Daring to live according to our unique blueprint.

Being authentic means daring to follow your own unique path, despite the expectations of other people.
Sometimes it is being confused with selfishness, because it seems that you do not take others into account.
But first and foremost you need to be faithful to yourself and not to the expectations of others, and the confusion is that this is not what we have learned.
We have learned to make personal concessions in favour of the greater whole, but is this really the best for everyone?
Do we serve the greater whole by all doing the same, thinking the same, feeling the same, reacting the same as everyones else ... or is it just the opposite, that we are depriving the world of a lot by not showing the uniqueness and passions of ourselves?

Ezra'el often explains that each of us is a piece of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle ... each is a unique aspect of an enormous collective human consciousness that is experiencing and evolving itself.
Each piece of the puzzle is unique and only fits in one place in the enormous puzzle. Only if each piece dares to take its place, only then can this puzzle ever come to completion and see itself in the grandeur it has.
As long as pieces try to be something different and want to lie in a place that is not for him or her, mankind will be confused and ignorant of itself.
It is really about finding your unique place in the whole so that the whole can also experience itself as a whole.
And puzzling is a process ... the more pieces there are already in the right place, the easier it will be for other pieces to find their place, recognizing that the more people dare to live their truth, the faster the transformation of humanity will accelerate.

So, how do you find your place in that puzzle?

In fact, we only have to do this by fully, unconditionally appreciating what makes us (and others!) so unique and by letting go of the false convictions that each of us has taken on from others because it wasn' t appropriate in the generally accepted image of society or the specifically desired image of an individual, which we apparently gave authority by adopting what has been said. Let us allow ourselves and others to be who we are. Unconditional.
Everybody's frequency is unique and by attracting and repelling we find our place in that enormous puzzle which really contains all the frequencies we can imagine and which are all equally valid, all have the same right to exist.
Some of those frequencies resonate fine and then you know that you are in the right neighborhood and some don't resonate at all and make you leave that neighborhood. Without judgement.

Excitement is caused by a resonance with your Higher Self.          
Excitement is a sign that the activity you are contemplating is aligned with your Higher Self,          
and this alignment is what causes the excitement.          
This naturally leads you to what you are meant to be doing - what your Soul wants you to do with your free-will.          
This is your purpose.          
So this is the simple yet effortlessly-effective way to find your life's purpose.          

So excitement serves as a compass to let you know when you're 'on course',          
when you are doing or contemplating doing exactly what your Higher Self would just love to have you be doing.          



In the usual context, an authority has the meaning of 'who has something to say over other people' or in some cases 'who knows a lot about something, and therefor is the expert'.
Wiki says about this: "Authority is the accepted power of a person or an organization over another person or to lead a group.

In the context of becoming our 'own authority', this is about our qualities to lead ourselves and to live our own truth.
Becoming our own leader and leading ourselves. And to decide what is true for me instead of taking over the truth of someone else.

We, each of us individually, are the only ones who can truly know who we are. There is no authority that knows better who we are and what our truth is than ourselves.
And it is interesting that we so easily accept the truth from someone else rather than from ourselves and that we often need permission from someone else to do what we want or need so much.
Many of us is trained to believe that having your own truth unwanted behavior.

Now there is no such thing as absolute truth.
What is true for one person does not have to be true for another.
Indeed, what is true for us today may, over time, transform into another truth that is more in alignment with who we are at that moment.
So if truth is relative and only temporary, how do we know if something is true for us today?
The only way is by feeling ... feeling what is happening in our system.
Actually everything is energy and also new ideas or thoughts carry a frequency that has an effect on us.
Our system flawlessly indicates whether the new idea is true to us at any moment and can be accepted as truth and belief or not.

If the idea, the thought, has an expanding effect, then it resonates and is true for us at that moment.
If, on the other hand, it is contracting in any way or form, then it is not compatible at that moment and it becomes interesting.
Because that is when we come across a conflict in our system of beliefs, our system of truths.
It can mean that we get new information that conflicts with existing, 'negative' beliefs. For example, one who thinks we are beautiful while we ourselves have a different idea about our reflection in the mirror.
And it also can mean that we perceive new information that conflicts with existing, 'positive' beliefs. For example, someone who considers extraterrestrial to be dangerous while we ourselves have completely different experiences with them.

What observations (new information) are we going to make our own if there is such a conflict in our system?
If new input doesn't resonate well, tightens us, frightens us, reduces our world, obscures our passion, ... do we simply take it over because 'an authority' says so?
Do we reject this because a 'non-authority' says so ?
Or do we see it as an oportunity to understand ourselves better?

The answer may seem obvious, but take a good look in our lives ... what 'truths' do we hold in our system that keep us smaller than we actually are?
Truths that somehow keep us away from our full potential. Truths that may once have served a purpose but are currently completely out-dated and have missed the process of upgrading to higher truths.

And this is exactly what it is all about when we make way for our own authority ... this is the essence of personal growth, this is transformation.

To start distinguishing what is ours, what suits us and the only one who can really determine that is we ourselves.
That's what it's all about today ... recognising our own MASTERY

That we start living our own truth, start standing for who we are, what we think, what we feel, and following our own passion.
Because our passion provides the answer ... does new information make it possible to express our passion more or less?
Our passion is the core frequency of our blueprint (our authenticity), everything that is in line with this frequency makes the passion flare up, everything that is not in line will extinguish this fire.

Now living our passion and being your own Authority is a grandiose concept and has many layers deeper than can be explored here in a few paragraphs.
But each journey starts with the first step, which could be just to feel what it is like to decide that from now on you consciously determine what is true for you and which existing truths will be 'upgraded'.
The decision that you are your own authority, you are the knower, the expert of yourself, you know you can determine what is true for you.


Excitement is the energy that occurs when one is in resonance with their own Higher Self.          
This is a signal from your Higher Self (which always honors your free will) to encourage you to act or move in a particular direction.          
Excitement can therefore be used as a compass heading to move and act in the direction that your Higher Self hopes you will move - for your highest joy.          
If you "follow your excitement" consistently, you will end up fulfilling your Life's Purpose.          

~ Bashar ~          



Autonomy in the broader sense is the freedom to decide for oneself what we want to do in and with our lives. What direction we want to go in our lives, the fulfilment of our passion, our mission in life.
Autonomy is about allowing ourselves to follow this passion, to use your FREE WILL for what you really want in your life.
Autonomy can therefore be seen as a universal basic need.

And at the same time you can find autonomy in our everyday actions and behaviour.
This is truly a very exciting area to get to know ourselves and our programming.
To discover how often we ask for other people's consent or approval before we do anything, and vice versa, how often we are asked for consent or approval.
Or how many times we do not follow our passion out of fear for other peoples disapproval. And perhaps the interwovenness with 'authority' becomes immediately apparent here, and the question arises as to why we need permission or approval for some everyday things in order to feel safe enough to do them.
One more layer deeper is the phenomenon that we do not allow ourselves to do what feels good for ourselves and even disapprove aspects of ourselves as if we have taken over the role of the critics outside of us.

Fascinating right? We have a free will and we use that free will to choose for limitation and dependence. Why do we do that?
Now, of course, we can blame our 'socialisation' and 'education', but if we know this and still continue to do so, then it is more a choice than a habit.

Of course there are also many other aspects and layers below and above. What to think if everyone does what he or she wants without consideration ... where the line between autonomy and anti-social behaviour and when do we cross the line?
And this again is very close to the norms and values that govern a culture.
Standards and values that once emerged as collective beliefs and whose origins are almost as elusive as our personal beliefs, and at the same time we make this society together, we are this society.
When we change, society eventually changes.

I have chosen to start small by each time I ask for permission or when I am being asked for permission, to make this instantly clear and ask myself or that person the question why permission is being requested.
I am regularly amazed by my out-dated programming and it is definitely worthwhile to start with this question ... 'why do I need permission from myself or others to do what what love to do?' 

You see you have been created with free will.          
If you choose to buy into negative beliefs           
if you choose to buy into the idea that you can only do just so much,          
and that it is beyond your capability to do more,          
the universe supports you exactly that far and no further.          
Because the universe never gives you more than you say you are ready to handle.          
~ Bashar ~          

When you follow your excitement, and do what excites you, this means that ...

1. This activity is 'you', truly aligned with your Soul.
2. And because it is 'you', this activity is effortless for you.
3. And because it is 'you', the universe will support you in every way to continue doing this, in progressively more expanding ways.

If you have something to give, in the reality you are creating, there are people ready to receive it.
If someone has a song to sing, there is an audience in that reality to hear it.
~ Bashar ~


The theme of this blog contains many layers that can eventually bring us to the core of our being and as mentioned earlier ... this blog 'is just scrathing the surface'.
For me it feels like a starting point for a journey inside, where it doesn't matter which one of the three A's is being started with because all three are so interconnected.
I feel the deeper layers constantly coming up with questions such as 'how many credits do I give myself (creditworthiness)' and 'how loyal am I to myself' (reliability) and when do I loose connection and step out of alignment with myself.

One day there will be a book report of my journey through the Triple-A's which is currently in full swing and from my heart I wish everyone, including myself, a wonderful journey back to themselves.

Dear greetings,

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