Universal Abundance

At a time when we see old, familiar financial and economic structures crumbling and toppling around the world, when more and more families are in trouble, when crisis after crisis promotes the idea of deficits, the topic of Abundance may be a controversial one and requires the reader to have an open mind and open heart.
However, it is precisely because of the paradox that it is now such a relevant topic to get into our consciousness.


Everything that comes next is not intended as a denial of the "seemingly" visible reality, but as an invitation to the exploration of a seemingly invisible reality, in preparation of ourselves for what may become visible, if we allow ourselves to come into the right frequency bandwidth.

What is 'Abundance'

If this were asked to random passersby, an answer would probably come along the lines of : "then I will have so much money that I can buy anything I want, then I will no longer be lacking in anything".

How would you answer this question?
If you could live in total Abundance, what would you do and who would you be?

Indeed, imagine having so much money that you could really buy anything you wanted.
This sounds like a lot of options and possibilities, does this feel like 'Abundance' ?

Indeed, imagine having so much money that you could really buy anything you wanted.
This sounds like owning a lot, does this feel like 'Abundance' ?

What is 'Abundance' to me?
Could I live and would I really want to live in 'Abundance' ?
If yes, when ?
If yes, how ?
If no, why not ?

Listen carefully to the thoughts now going around in your mind.
What possibilities do you notice, what limitations and conditions do you notice.

Possibly a feeling of resistance on the subject arises and the need to stop with this newsletter.
Could there be a connection between the fact that people who know 'Abundance' in their lives are often curious about new forms of it and people who know no or less 'Abundance' in their lives have a resistance to the theme ?

We invite you to explore this further, especially in view of the upcoming changes in our world !


Discomfort in Abundance

For many people there is a taboo on the subject and that is not surprising after thousands of years of collective programming over many generations and perhaps many years of individual experiences.
To some extent, our identity is shaped by the presence or absence of abundance in our daily reality.

Restrictive stories about abundance contain negative beliefs and ways of thinking that we have grown up with and in which the absence (better said : invisibility) of abundance in our outer world have come to control our inner world of thoughts and feelings about ourselves and have come to determine what we can or cannot do in life.

Deep inside, these stories create conflicting thoughts, feelings and behaviors that prevent us from fully living our true potential and desires.
And thus creating a vicious cycle ... because by feeling unworthy, by not being able to do it, or by thoughts of disapproval from people who do know abundance, a mechanism is set in motion that keeps abundance out of our reality.

If we feel uncomfortable or embarrassed talking about Abundance, or even tabooing it, there is also a limitation in being able to receive it.
In fact, receiving abundance will trigger a defense reaction in the person's system.
It will trigger a (hidden) conflict in ourselves which brings discomfort.

Given all the blockages and judgments we as humans can have about living in abundance, one might assume that abundance is something wrong, bad or reprehensible.
Especially if we find that people with abundance, use it primarily for personal interests and the almost obsessive pursuit of even more abundance at the expense of collective wealth.
Abundance, specifically money in the form of money, is then seen as the source of all evil.

However, money of itself is not that, and 'Abundance' is certainly not.
In its most fundamental sense, money is a storage mechanism for value and a transmission mechanism for the expression of appreciation.
In our current economic system, we show our appreciation by exchanging money for products and services.
We gladly pay for a product or service that we value and need.


And vice versa, if we are reluctant to pay another for a product or service that we need and value, then something is wrong in the transaction, but this is not a problem of money as a transactional mechanism.
At a deeper layer, a transaction is a form of relationship or connection.

It is important that we develop a healthy, positive relationship with abundance so that our choices and habits are fully aligned with our true potential.
We cannot project our history into the future and expect to create an outcome different from what we have created so far.
The invitation is to transform our past and our current way of thinking into ways that serve us more and to let go of our old limiting stories.
It is important to remove our discomfort around abundance and create a solid foundation from which we can recognize our own value and dignity to receive.

Especially as the old financial and economic systems begin to give way to completely new systems.
The May 2022 newsletter hints at the start of the era of Quantum Finance.

We live in the energy of the Aquarian Age, a water sign.
Have you ever noticed that our entire financial, economic system is based on the element water ?
Do you know financial terms like liquidity, cash flow, currency, mortgages under water, market flooding, money laundering, pumping money into something, spending money like water, slush funds, money down the drain and so on ?
Even the word "abundance" refers to water.
The energy of Aquarius, the water, fluidity (fluidity) ... solid structures are going to dilute, dissolve ...

Bashar - Everything will Change

One reason we still need a money system like the QFS in our new world is because although we are on our way in our collective consciousness to a world that functions entirely on synchronicity, we have not yet arrived there.
This is an intermediate stage on the way to.
We may want to skip this stage, but that is not how the process of consciousness works.
In it we cannot skip steps, we cannot force growth of consciousness.
We as a collective will first have to learn to trust the presence of 'Abundance' and its synchronicity as well as to see the value we each bring to the collective.

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not everyone has enough access to that Abundance.
As long as we accept that one part of our civilization has more than it needs at the expense of another part of our civilization that has a deficit as a result, we have a problem with Abundance on this planet.
The world is one big organism, just like our bodies.
All cells are important otherwise they would not be there.
Everything is interconnected.

This requires acknowledging our history around abundance, healing our wounds of poverty and our experiences with scarcity, releasing our negative ideas we have adopted that may be deeply embedded in our neurophysiology.
Listening to our stories that we can perceive through internal dialogue with ourselves and in our conversations with others.
Therein, our fears and doubts naturally manifest themselves as resistance, hesitation and self-sabotage in our lives as well.

We are invited to let go of our conflicting stories, make a change in our thinking and create a new image of ourselves in a new world where abundance is naturally present.

Attachment and Detachment

We are aware of the existence of religious and spiritual concepts that one can attain enlightenment through completely freeing oneself of all material possessions.
Now there are also economic concepts that argue people will be happy if they possess nothing.
Now, the spiritual context is not so much about possessions per se, but about attachment to those possessions, because it is attachment that locks us into development (actually locks us into a timeline).
Attachment is essentially fear of letting go of what we possess again.
Wanting to hold on goes against the natural flow of the Universe and demonstrates disbelief in "Abundance.
Attachment to possessions pulls our focus toward what we have and away from who we Are.

By not wanting possessions, there is less burden from the danger of attachment.
So it is about attachment, not about possessions per se.

At the same time, it is an extremely interesting idea, as a soul, to choose a physical reality that is inherently Abundant and then to renounce as much as possible everything material that this reality has to offer in order to experience soul contact.
This links a bit to the fact that physical reality is on some level a transient illusion and that only soul experience is real and permanent.
And yet, we use physical reality to obtain the experience.

In this, the Universe is 'Abundant' for a reason, everything is already there and thus living in 'Abundance' is also a valid path, with of course its challenging experiences.
And vice versa, if it were not the intention to experience the Universe in all its Abundance, why would the Universe be so Abundant ?
For whom or what then is Abundance meant ?

We may have believed until now that it is 'either-or' ... someone is either materially or spiritually oriented ... but why couldn't it be 'and-and' ?
Isn't everything that exists in 'Existence', visible and invisible, part of creation ?

When we look at something, no matter what, for example our garden.
What we observe then are the objects in the garden.
Of these we say that they exist.
What we do not perceive is the space between the objects, say, the void.
But that emptiness is not empty at all.
That void is full of energy, only this is energy that has not (yet) materialized into the physical reality we perceive at that moment.
Call it "matter" and "anti-matter," doesn't matter. What matters is this principle.
It is both divine.
It is both part of creation.
It both exists.
Everything is consciousness, everything is energy, everything is connected.
All-That-Is is the expression of "the One" in infinite varieties.

If you want to start understanding this on a deeper level, you might want to delve into Bashar's Lab or if you prefer the short version ... Prime Radiant.

Abundance Consciousness

There is a strong correlation between our sense of abundance and the degree to which we serve by creating something of value for others or something of value for the world.
Every human being is born with a desire to belong to something "bigger than him/her" and to contribute to it.

What do we contribute for ourselves, for our family, our community and humanity?
If we still like to create stories in our heads, what is our new story of abundance ?

What value are you creating in your new world ?
What do we feel, how do we act, how do we speak ?
Can we unconditionally welcome these feelings and new ways of being into ourselves ?
Do we want to welcome these feelings and new ways of being unconditionally into ourselves ?
When ?

Having an awareness of abundance works through much further than just our bank account or our 'QFS wallet'.
The feeling of abundance permeates every source of interaction of our lives, such as youthful energy and vitality (yeahhh!!!!), relationships, health, mental clarity, being able to develop our talents and skills and so on.

Universal Abundance - Essassani

The enormous amount of information that has come to our planet on this topic through various channels such as Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Kryon and also shared through speakers such as Joe Dispenza and many others over the past decades is astounding.
And at the same time not amazing, it is essential to start recognizing our place in the Universe.

Bashar's civilization - the Essassani - calls humanity "the Masters of Limitation" because they see in us a civilization that has dared to impose so many limitations on itself, only "Masters" dare to incarnate in such a world.
Masters who despite the deep darkness of thousands of years of limitations in consciousness, make their way to the Light. Masters find this.
Many, many civilizations give support lest we lose our way.


All these supporting civilizations bring the message that there is always and everywhere Abundance in the Universe.
But that we need to get into the right frequency to perceive it.
That we have to get out of the old stories.
That the void is not empty, but that we just cannot see it.

The E'sassani definition of Abundance is

'the ability to do what you need to do,
when you need to do it.'

In doing so, it is crucial to realize that our frequency is determined not so much by what we think, but by what we believe deep down inside, or what we have adopted as Truth about our reality.
And these are not only the individual beliefs (truths) but certainly also the collective beliefs that are handed down from generation to generation.
The latter are perhaps more difficult to change, because if everyone around us believes the same thing about reality then it takes a lot of personal courage to show something different.
But we can only start with ourselves ... be the change you want to see in the world (~ Ghandi)

you can only perceive what you are the vibration off, first

A Mindset of Giving

Did you know that every year in the Nevada desert, tens of thousands of people gather for a week-long event - called Burning Man ?
Here magically creates a community you might call an "economy of gifting."

No money changes hands here.
Even barter, the exchange of one thing for another, is discouraged.

Instead, participants are encouraged to live together through gifting or giving, a one-way exchange to help meet the needs of another.
Participants look for ways to help another by offering a meal or pitching a tent, but expect nothing in return.

Reciprocity is actually discouraged because it deprives the giver of the joyful experience of giving.

Surely giving something and knowing for sure that you will get nothing in return is different from knowing that something will come in return.
And vice versa ... by learning to receive without the feeling of having to give something in return, you honor the person who gives to you.

Giving creates a dynamic that reinforces the feeling of abundance for both giver and receiver.
Giving comes naturally from an awareness of abundance.
When we share with others out of the goodness of our hearts, we touch the deepest part of what it means to live in connection with others.

Dear People,

Thank you for reading our newsletter!

Also this newsletter is suitable not for bite-sized consumption, it is not fast-food for the Mind ...
We are all being asked in this time of transformation to go within and hold our own truths against the Light, discover our own truths and develop our own mastery.
Themes like "Abundance" can be persistent, especially if you grew up in an environment of lack and poverty, because this programming then started early and can be very deep.

We know this experience firsthand.
My children have never known poverty and yet I see pieces of programming from my family lineage reflected in their consciousness.
So such programming does not automatically change once we experience Abundance in physical reality, it requires a shift in our consciousness.

Should you want more inspiration on this topic with Bashar, we have collected material on YouTube and put together here :

Bashar - Beyond the secret into Abundance
Bashar - Relax into Abundance

Bashar - Validate your Abundance
Bashar - 4th Density Reality of Abundance
Bashar - The Mechanics For Achieving Wealth and Abundance
Bashar - Work, Money & Representations of Abundance
Bashar - Abundance, Abundance, Abundance

Should you be looking for tools to help redefine deep-seated beliefs around Abundance, you might want to take a look at Learning Strategies Corporation.
We have been familiar with this organization for about 20 years and its founder Paul Scheele has always been ahead of his time in the development of tools that help expand consciousness and specifically make the best use of the properties of the different layers of our consciousness through extraordinary learning strategies and the use of the superpowers of the mind.
Learning Strategies Corporation is best known for its Paraliminals, but it also offers many wonderful programs for self-development.
Perhaps it appeals to you ...

For now, lots of love !!!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip 

Source :
Newsletter April 2023

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