What is Real

Indeed, in the word 'reality' there is the word 'real' (true, genuine, actual).
Yet when something is 'real' to us, it really only means that this is our truth, that we believe in it, trust it ... That 'it' is the way it is.
Maybe it seems that at this moment in time nothing seems to be 'true' anymore and it seems that the Earthly reality in which we have lived all this time is one big illusion.
And in a way that is true and in other ways it is not.

What's real in our reality?

Because new insights are coming so fast now, we notice enormous contrasts in the reality we thought we lived in, the reality we (seem to) live in and the reality we would like to live in.
As a result, the "old" reality seems to have been an illusion, whereas it once seemed real to many based on what we did/do not know, believe and have held to be true at the time.
Not only is reality changing very rapidly now, but more importantly, so is our perception of this reality.

For many people, this shift in perception that is going on now is no surprise.
Other people have waited a long time for this big change.
For many more people it is/will be a huge shock.

The coming time may be a very intense experience for many, depending on how (pre)prepared we are to shift more or less flexibly between our truths, perceptions (perceptions) and realities.

Our guides now indicate a little over 2 years to prepare ourselves and our network for these great changes, even though for a long time we did not know exactly what "the great awakening" was going to look like.

And now all of us are being asked, to really take good care of ourselves, our balance and our energy.
That we stay close to ourselves so that we can be there for those who are less prepared.


We are asked that we be there for each other and want to care for our neighbors.
Not to judge each other for differences in perception, but - understanding how the mechanics of perception work - to keep your heart open for those around you who may never have learned this.

There are many people who up to this point have always known only one "point of view" and thus have only been able to perceive reality from the same perspective and logically (are going to) have a lot of trouble with what is happening.

In the process of 'the Great Awakening' the work similar to 'the Reconnection' is going to play a very important role.
Disclosure is closer than ever, there is a 'Great Wave' coming that is looking for answers, support and connection.
Connection with our (Higher) Self, with each other, with life on Earth and in the Cosmos.

The 'Great Awakening' carries an enormous potential for fraternization, connection and healing of ourselves as individuals and our society as a collective.

Love and hold each other.
We can do this as a Family of Light, linked together in a network !

Voor nu, heel veel liefs !!
En tot gauw, in levende lijve, op één van de online events en op de online community Human-ET One

Jacqueline en Philip

Source : 
Newsletter February 2021 - ET-Healing.nl

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