Your Power on Your Plate by Andrew - Elan - Essasani

Your Power On A Plate

"Although I am extraterrestrial and therefore live on another planet, in no way do I see myself as better than you.
I have certain understandings that many of you may consider more expanded than the common earthling point-of-view, but it is no better, only different.
I do not, in any way, insist that you believe what I am saying because I am extraterrestrial...."
~ Elan, contact specialist from the Essassani World

"Although I am extraterrestrial and therefore live on another planet, in no way do I see myself as better than you.
I have certain understandings that many of you may consider more expanded than the common earthling point-of-view, but it is no better, only different.
I do not, in any way, insist that you believe what I am saying because I am extraterrestrial...."

~ Elan, contact specialist from the Essassani World 

I take this opportunity to communicate with you at this time for several reasons.
The most significant reason is timing. It is time for you to attract the type of information that I have to offer.

Another reason is desire. You collectively desire to know more about yourselves as beings and as creators.
I desire to tell you what I know.

As a society, we already embody the ideas that I am about to share with you.
So I know that what I say is so, and that it can work.
I do not, in any way, insist that you believe what I am saying because I am extraterrestrial.
You can only prove our ideas to yourself. My intention is to merely share, and that is where my responsibility ends.
As a society, we trust what we attract, and live the results of that complete positive trust. We have attracted this opportunity to share with you in this way.
I invite you to trust what you attract to yourself and this transcript is no exception.

Our society has existed for many thousands of years as one cohesive society, and we have learned many things about ourselves.
In our exploration of many other planetary societies we have also had the opportunity to learn many things about...


We have only began to observe your society relatively recently and are only one of several species that are now interacting with members of your planet.
Our approach is one of honoring your right to explore yourselves, and therefore our presence, for the time being, remains in the background.
One day soon, that will most likely change. For now, I am allowed to "break some ground" and interact with you through these writings.
When I say I am "allowed," I mean allowed by you. Nobody has forced you to attract and read this transcript, so you do so of your own free desire and timing.

Life is a marvelous opportunity and experience and I intend to explain why this is so. We share a common experience with all of you.
Although many of you still do not believe we exist, we believe in you.
I intend to lay the groundwork for our eventual face to face interaction.
I intend to share with you many things about yourselves that you are only now awakening to as a global society.
I intend to explain why and when we may meet.

Join me and celebrate who you are and why you’ve chosen to be here. Join me and together we will discover more about each other.

(It's really not my name) ... ELAN



Allow me to begin by expressing my unconditional love and appreciation for your willingness to co-create this interaction. We only respond to the request and desire to interact in this way, and therefore each and every interaction that we partake of is always the result of a co-creation of the interaction.

During these channeled interactions, I do not in any way, shape or form, “Inhabit” the body of any particular individual. That is not the mechanism through which these interactions take place.
What occurs, is that any particular biological individual or entity is enabled, through a process that we co-create, to 'empathetically' mimic the vibration of my consciousness, the vibration of what you would refer to as my "individuality," or my signature vibration.
So therefore, we 'co-create' these interactions with any respective "channel" and with any participants in any of these interactions.
I therefore thank you once again for your willingness to create such a joyful interaction, which brings us great joy, as well.

You really already contain anything that you seek to know,

anything that you seek to experience,

anything that you seek to create. 

I can say this because I understand your nature as a being or a beingness and each and every one of you are ...



You are creating what you refer to as your "physical lives" to partake of one option of creation, which is the experience of what you call 'linear reality."
Linear reality contains the idea that you call space, and therefore the idea of time to seemingly move through that space and experience that space.
The creation of ‘before, during and after’ is one of the sub-characteristics of linear reality, and in fact allows you to experience yourself in such a way that makes it seem as though you are not completely aware that you are indeed multi-dimensional, infinite and eternal.
The way that you create physical experience, linear reality, finite reality, is through a methodology in which you create the APPARENCY that you break down your consciousness or shall I say... GRADIENTLY EXPRESS YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

In other words, you are INHERENTLY an... ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING, SIMULTANEOUS, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, ETERNAL, INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS ... and at this time you are expressing yourself to seem as though you are .... at first a lesser being, then you collect and gain knowledge and experience, then you seem to become a greater being, or more than you originally were!

IN ACTUALITY, everything that you experience, everything, is contained within your consciousness, within the already existing infinity of your consciousness.
From your infinite point of view there is no "within" and "without," for these are linear terms, from the linear point of view.


Therefore, you already contain it all, all knowledge ... all experience... all ideas.
And what you call "growth and learning" is only one of the characteristics of linear reality, and in that sense, is truly, from your infinite point of view, an illusion.
Remember, you already know it all, therefore the idea of not knowing something and then learning it, is simply an exploration ... an apparency.
Therefore, since you already contain it all and express yourself ON A LINE for now, you will create the apparency of learning, but the mechanism to experience expansion is truly, simply, now to EXPRESS more of yourself, more of your infinite potential, more of what you know to be true for you.

And therefore, anything that 'rings true' with you, anything that you understand to be true at any given moment, you already must have contained to begin with. As you begin to entertain the idea of yourself as pure consciousness, as an infinite being, you begin to then attract to yourself (within the physical parameters that you set up) ... resources, information, timing that allows you to begin to express more ... and more ... and more ... and more of who you already are, not becoming something that you are not, but simply expressing more of who you already are.

One way of looking at this is that as you express yourself in physical terms your vibration as a consciousness begins as a very contracted vibration.

This allows you to experience the APPARENCY of FORGETTING 99.99999 % OF WHO YOU ARE ...
in order to experience the infinitesimal decimal place 0.00001% of who you now choose to express yourself as.

Your vibration therefore becomes in a physical sense.  As you begin to expand your notion... your acceptance of who you are... YOUR VIBRATIONAL RESONANCE RISES and you sometimes refer to this as your vibration "ascending."

Therefore, truly, truly, "ascension" is simply being willing to express more of who you already are and is not somewhere to go to ...from here, because as you expand the idea of who you are, you understand that both here and there exist within you and that there is no separation.

Therefore, ascending is truly, simply.. BEING MORE OF YOURSELF. Individuals, when defining the idea of "ascension," will often assume that you are ascending away from this physical reality. Now, that is one way to experience ascension; that is one idea of the result of the process of ascending or expanding your vibration.
But understand in no uncertain terms, that you have chosen to be here ... you have chosen to be here to experience yourself in a very specific way, within a reality with very specific parameters. Because of these 'specific parameters' there are very unique characteristic advantages to the physical experience.

From the perspective of your infinite consciousness, when you are all knowing ... all seeing ... simultaneous there are certain nuances or qualities which have less meaning to you in that state. One is the idea of 'learning"... another is the idea of "discovery"... and yet another is the idea of surprise!
All of these ideas become somewhat irrelevant when you already know it all.
So therefore, advantages of what you call the "physical reality" include discovery... the joy of discovery and surprise (or unexpected outcomes).

Therefore, one idea of expressing ascension is to begin to willingly participate in the creation and experience of your reality consciously, just because you say so.
And very literally, if you are to ascribe levels to the idea of ascension, the first level of ascension would be ascending into living this reality fully, with absolutely no nuance, no hint of the idea of "escaping from" this reality, of ascending away from this "awful place" (as you will sometimes refer to it).

Therefore, the idea of ascending or expanding your vibration is a joyful celebration of more of who you already are. And nothing need be 'given up' in terms of becoming more of who you already are.

So therefore, you cannot really "escape "from yourself, because all you would achieve, in that sense, is going to yourself anyway.
Becoming familiar with this idea allows you to now understand, in no uncertain terms... THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO... YOU'RE ALREADY THERE.
And understanding, deciding that you are already there, allows you to experience the advantage of what you have already (in no uncertain terms) created as your reality.

Therefore, diving into your reality, being willing to decide your reality, is one way (in any given moment) that you can... TRANSFORM YOUR REALITY.
Now (as I had mentioned earlier on) you break down or gradiently express your consciousness from that One ... Eternal... Infinite Being.



The convention through which you express this is what we generally refer to as... A TRIAD OF BELIEF SYSTEMS causing EMOTIONS causing THOUGHTS and ultimately resulting in ACTION.
The paradox of the idea (that your reality is the result of your beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions) is that... YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE BELIEF AND NOT HAVE ANOTHER.
As I said, you contain it all ... you contain all beliefs.

Every belief that you can possibly mention or think of, you also contain the opposite belief.
I mention this distinction, not to confuse you, not to confound and befuddle you, but to simply point out that if you understand that you already contain it all, then there is nothing to "get rid of' or process through, and there is nothing to gain or achieve.
There is simply, and it all boils down to one word... "DECISION".  It is up to you in any given moment to express who you prefer to be, versus who someone else says you should be, who you think you should be out of obligation to everyone else, or whatever your rationale is for maintaining a state of consciousness which does not allow you to express joy in your life.


These are not things you need "earn" (from the ultimate sense of that term). They are things that sometimes you will determine (decide) that you must earn.
But you are the ultimate "dictator" of your reality and therefore you and only you can decide ..... you contain it all, so if you have that particular approach, you can create the apparency of not deserving your joy ... taking a series of steps or actions, "earning," earning the 'deserve-ability' to express and experience joy and then ultimately experiencing the joy.

However, the interesting point is that the moment you decide you have earned the right to express your joy and express it ... it is truly not the process of having "earned" it that creates the joy in your life, it is... THE DECISION IN THE MOMENT that you finally make the decision, using the process, using the "dues" that you have paid as an excuse to now express that joy.

All the CRITERIA (all, as you sometimes refer to it as, the "BAGGAGE") is set up by you and you only.
In every given moment you are always expressing... SOME VERSION OF WHO YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE.
You decide, in each and every moment, who you are. You create 100% fully who you are in each and every moment, right now... right now ... right now ... right now and right now.
For now is the only time that is truly, truly real.


And as a LINEAR expression, whereby you create the APPARENCY of a linear progression of nows, in each of those nows you make a decision... "I AM THIS PERSON ... I AM THAT PERSON." "I AM THISWAY ... I AM THATWAY."
You generally do so through AN ELABORATE SET OF CRITERIA. Perhaps you say... “I am THIS person BECAUSE this happened when I was a CHILD." Perhaps you say... “I am THIS person BECAUSE these CIRCUMSTANCES would only HAPPEN to a person such as this." Perhaps you say... “I am THIS person BECAUSE EVERYONE tells me I am, therefore they MUST be on to something." But ultimately it is your decision, it is your agreement with whatever that criteria may be... "I AM ...THIS PERSON" that allows you to express (from the all that you contain) that version ... that person that you are being in that moment.

The REASON that you experience yourself as a LINEAR BEING, rather than a completely new person ... with a different body ... different hair color ... different eye color ... different height... different weight, in each and every moment, is because as you define yourself in any given now moment... you bring along "the baggage," you bring along

A CONCEPTION like... "WELL ... I AM THIS PERSON WHO IS EXACTLY THE SAME PERSON AS I WAS A MOMENT AGO WITH this — one — minor — little — difference."

And of course you will experience the result of that "one minor little difference" with the APPARENCY of being the "SAME" PERSON.
Now, we do not share this so that you will spontaneously dis-integrate your entire personality and completely transform this reality into an unrecognizable form (that is an option, by the way) because you need not do that in order to recreate yourself according to preference in any given moment.

By simply being willing to be 'mindful' of the decisions you are making ... right now and then perhaps dialoging with yourself to determine who it is you prefer to be ... right now, that is all it takes to completely and 100 % transform your entire experience ... right now.

You already do this anyway. I'm not suggesting or introducing anything that you are not an expert at.
And as we sometimes say ...'You are perfect creators," so when you create misery ... it is perfect misery. When you create joy ... it is perfect joy.

This is “Elan – It’s Up To You”.


~ “Elan” is a member of the Essassani (like Bashar)
and is channeled by Andrew

As another Essassani, he sounds almost exactly like Bashar.
This is probably because their whole race is always talking through anyone who is channeling, as they are all telepathically connected.

This article is retrieved from the free downloadable file of Your Power On A Plate by Elan channeled by Andrew

Your Power on a Plate - Elan

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