Etchilhamptin Crop Circle 2022-07-24

Secrets of Etchilhampton

Etchilhampton is one of the crop circle hotspots in England and on July 24, 2022, there was another ... yet another extraordinarily intriguing crop circle.
See more in this post ... Wonderful Etchilhampton


Step by Step towards ET-Contact

Were you attending as well? At the ET-Healing & Contact Experience of last month ?
Just like about a year ago, we were once again invited to come aboard one of the larger Galactic Federation ships stationed around our planet.


Star Kids - The Emerging Cosmic Generation

More and more young people are looking for answers about their existence here on this - for them - so strange planet and have the strong feeling that they are here on a journey with a purpose, but do not really belong here.
Dr. Richard Boylan has made it his life's work to guide this rapidly growing group of people ...

Quantum Finance Computing

Quantum Finance

You may remember that in the last newsletter we described 3 short cryptic statements that Ezra'el, one of our extraterrestrial guides, gave sometime in the early 2020, shortly prior to the physical manifestation of this grand transformation of our Earthly civilization.
One of the things he pointed out was " There will be a level playing field ...". 
Now our minds have a kind of natural tendency for trying to give a meaning to this immediately. And that is super !

Alien Intervention

Alien Intervention

In the last month, we have been asked several times ... Why aren't the extraterrestrials doing anything about what's happening in the world?
Why do they let this happen and do they not intervene?".
It is a very human question, with an answer of almost non-human nature.


Trust in Yourself

Following last month's newsletter on forgiveness, I want to open this month with a personal story from my life and from there look at the parables in our current timeline.
A part of my life that few know, but after reading it, those who know me will probably recognize me in it. It is an episode of my life that has largely made me who I am today.

Mahatma Ghandi - Foregiveness is the attribute of the strong


The April 2020 newsletter centered on the theme : Suppose 'everything' gets a reset, would we then choose to do the same thing all over again and kind of rebuild the same world ?
In other words .... would we like to go back to the way things were ?


From Polarity to Trinity

The year 2022 could be a year of strong polarities.
Sometimes we experience polarities as a problem, but as we begin to understand the mechanics better, polarity is actually an amazing aspect of our Universe, because it enables creation, life and experience.

The illusion of Power

The illusion of Power

Sometimes when you meet someone, it is so impressive that you can still remember that person very clearly years later.
For example, a few years ago we met a young man who provided activities and support in an organization that takes in young people who "don't fit in with society" and/or have been declared unruly.


Star Children and Consessions

Last month we received a touching question from a 14-year-old boy from the US. His score on the Star Kid Questionaire pointed strongly in the direction of being a Star Kid.
Among other things, he wrote "but I feel like a lot of people automatically dislike me" and "I feel like people like to hurt me, while we don't even know each other. Do you have an answer of what is happening ?"

Service to All - Connect

Service to All

Recently we received a wonderful question about the Triple A !
The triple A (or AAA) is an abbreviation that my guide Ezra'el passed on in 2016 and which he indicated at the time that herein lies the essence of the collective awareness process for humanity ... rediscovering its own Authenticity, its own Authority and its own Autonomy.

Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Modification of DNA

Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Modification of DNA

Maybe you have also wondered what our otherworldly friends think of the developments on our planet ?
We receive a lot of questions in any case, and this time we will address the question "what do extraterrestrials think about making modifications to DNA".

The Pineal Gland - 6 ways to revive your Third Eye

The Pineal Gland: 6 ways to revive your Third Eye

The Pineal Gland is also known as the Third Eye.
Scientists are only really beginning to unravel the mysteries surrounding the tiny endocrine gland, known as the pineal gland or Third Eye.

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