From Polarity to Trinity

The year 2022 could be a year of strong polarities.
Sometimes we experience polarities as a problem, but as we begin to understand the mechanics better, polarity is actually an amazing aspect of our Universe, because it enables creation, life and experience.

The illusion of Power

The illusion of Power

Sometimes when you meet someone, it is so impressive that you can still remember that person very clearly years later.
For example, a few years ago we met a young man who provided activities and support in an organization that takes in young people who "don't fit in with society" and/or have been declared unruly.


Star Children and Consessions

Last month we received a touching question from a 14-year-old boy from the US. His score on the Star Kid Questionaire pointed strongly in the direction of being a Star Kid.
Among other things, he wrote "but I feel like a lot of people automatically dislike me" and "I feel like people like to hurt me, while we don't even know each other. Do you have an answer of what is happening ?"

Service to All - Connect

Service to All

Recently we received a wonderful question about the Triple A !
The triple A (or AAA) is an abbreviation that my guide Ezra'el passed on in 2016 and which he indicated at the time that herein lies the essence of the collective awareness process for humanity ... rediscovering its own Authenticity, its own Authority and its own Autonomy.

Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Modification of DNA

Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Modification of DNA

Maybe you have also wondered what our otherworldly friends think of the developments on our planet ?
We receive a lot of questions in any case, and this time we will address the question "what do extraterrestrials think about making modifications to DNA".

The Pineal Gland - 6 ways to revive your Third Eye

The Pineal Gland: 6 ways to revive your Third Eye

The Pineal Gland is also known as the Third Eye.
Scientists are only really beginning to unravel the mysteries surrounding the tiny endocrine gland, known as the pineal gland or Third Eye.

Years of Contraction and Expansion

Years of Contraction and Expansion

It was predicted many years ago, and at the same time, sometimes we can hear things and take them in intellectually, but the real understanding often comes only after we see something with our own eyes or experience it personally.
And this is especially true of things we encounter for the first time.

Mitochondria and Quantum Field

Mitochondria and Quantum Field

Last month we looked at the upcoming Quantum Technology and briefly named the 'Quantum Field'.
A field beyond physical reality in which all connections to other realities lay and from which we consciously or unconsciously receive our energetic nourishment, including all answers to our questions.
Beyond physical reality ... thus beyond matter ... energy, but in interaction with physical reality.


Quantum Technology

You have probably heard of "The Field" or "The Quantum Field".
It is a field beyond physical reality where all the connections to other realities lie and from which we consciously or unconsciously receive our energetic sustenance, including all the answers to our questions.
Beyond physical reality ... that means beyond matter ... in other words, energy, yet interacting with physical reality.


the Great Wave

Ever since we have been working with our extraterrestrial guides - almost 10 years now - we have had periods where they have directed our attention or given us information about certain topics or concepts through all kinds of synchronicities.
Themes that at first seem to have nothing to do with each other and then suddenly the penny drops, everything turns out to be connected and there is a bigger picture.
And only then did we see how unbelievably ingenious everything is being dosed and taught.


Free Will and Making Choices

You may remember that in the last newsletter we described 3 short cryptic statements that Ezra'el, one of our extraterrestrial guides, gave sometime in the early 2020, shortly prior to the physical manifestation of this grand transformation of our Earthly civilization.
One of the things he pointed out was " There will be a level playing field ...".


What is Real

Indeed, in the word 'reality' there is the word 'real' (true, genuine, actual).
Yet when something is 'real' to us, it really only means that this is our truth, that we believe in it, trust it ... That 'it' is the way it is.
Maybe it seems that at this moment in time nothing seems to be 'true' anymore and it seems that the Earthly reality in which we have lived all this time is one big illusion.
And in a way that is true and in other ways it is not.


Everything will Change

Have you also noticed that in the past few months many old issues have surfaced in your consciousness and could be released relatively easily?
Sometimes themes you may have "struggled" with for decades suddenly don't seem so relevant now.
But also themes or ideas that you may have entertained for decades suddenly don't give you the satisfaction it used to.

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