ExtraTerrestrial Communication (channeling)

We are not alone in the universe. A few years ago, this notion seemed farfetched; today, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is taken for granted by most scientists. The world’s leading astronomers have calculated that, even allowing for a margin of error of 5000%, there must be in our own galaxy about 100 million stars which have planets of the right chemistry, dimensions, and temperature to support organic evolution.

If we consider that our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is but one of at least a billion other galaxies similar to ours in the observable universe, the number of stars that could support some form of life is astronomical. Since our galaxy is very young compared to others in the Universe we must assume that the “others” are far more advanced than we are. So, where is everybody and why can't we communicate with them ?

The reality is they are already here. They are already contacting us ervery day.   But for communication to take place it needs a sender and a receiver within the same bandwith. A radio not attuned to the right frequency will not bring forth any sensible information.

Most people and scientist are reaching out for our space brothers in the Universe using our 3D Earthly senses. They have tried to see them with our physical eyes and ears (i.e. technical extensions of them) and after decades of searching we can't find them. The thing is ... the ExtraTerrestrials exist in higher dimensions. Although the human senses work brilliantly in our 3D dimension, they are useless in the higher dimensions and that is precisely why we cannot find and communicate with them in this way. 

Each of our five senses we use to observe the outer physical 3D world has an extended part for observing our inner world of higher dimensions. Though through time humanity has been steared away from using these inner senses, nowadays more and more people on Earth develop these abilities again and are capable of seeing, feeling, hearing and sometimes even smelling or tasting in other dimensions. And here is where the contact with the ExtraTerrestrials can take place.

One of the prerequisites for becoming a healer with an ExtraTerrestrial Medical Team is that one can communicate with them. The ExtraTerrestrials communicate telepathically through the subconsiousness of the healer, putting in messages, pictures, feelings and using already existing material so the healer can recognize the meaning. As for instance they would sent out a picture of something complete unknown to a healer he will simply not understand the message. So they use messages comprehendable for the healer.

This becomes clear when two healers are working together on the same client. They both can get slightly different pictures, but they both give similar information to the client. And ofcourse here is always a certain level of personal interpretation. Note, this is ALWAYS the case with channeling, so this is why the healer shares and checks the information with the client. Most of the times the information is incredible precise and in case it is not clear enough the healer asks for more explanation. Up till now we have not encountered clients that did not recognize themselves in the information the ExtraTerrestrials are providing.

Communication with the ExtraTerrestrials always takes place during the healing sessions but of course it is also possible to just communicate with them by consulting the healer purily for a channeling. We can ask them questions varying from personal issues to general matters concerning the Earth's transformation. The ET-guides (communicators) we use do have a medical background and are not educated enough to provide detailed information regarding technical matters like zero point energy, so they have to put this question elsewhere. In this respect they are really not so different as humans !

So my friends, we invite you.

If this appeals to you, come and join us on the monthly channeling meeting and experience this first hand.