ET-Healing Practitioner Course - France

Date: 16 May 2019 09:00

Venue: La Vie Tara - Maison de Terre Neuve

International ET-Healing Practitioner Course - France

Do you have the deep knowing that there is a world possible where contact with highly evolved beings is the most normal thing?
Do you have the deep desire to cooperate with these otherworldly beings and to integrate these worlds by passing on Light and Information to humanity through healing and well-being?
Do you really want to make a difference in the World, or better said, to co-create a different World together ?

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine has been guiding people since 2012 on the path to contact with extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional beings and has been training ET-Healing Practitioners to bring these new high frequencies and expanding information further into our world in their own unique form and many times in their own practices or spiritual centers.

Until now we only offered this programme in the Netherlands, and spoken in Dutch.
In May 2019 we will also offer this programme in an international setting.
The location will be our international centre for healing and awareness La Vie Tara, Maison de Terre Neuve (Lalouvesc, France).

During this two week intensive program we will be speaking in English.


International ET-Healing Practitioner Course France


The price for the international ET-Healing Practitioner Course in France is from € 2,740.00 (*1)  incl. VAT and includes
- access to the 12 days of practice
- access to audio material used and/or recorded during the course
- access to video material used during the course
- syllabus
- Personal coaching / intervision at a reduced rate of € 60 per session during the course.

(*1) The total price is depending on the type of room and the number of persons on that room of your preference in case you chose to share a room and includes your stay, your meals and the ET-Healing Practitioner Course.
For more information on the total course price per room, please visit the PriceList 2019

After the intake interview with Jacqueline and the session to contact your personal extraterrestrial guide, the registration is complete after payment of the deposit of € 435.00 incl. 21% VAT. 

Dates group ETI 2019-I     Level I : Practitioner

Sunday 12 May - Saturday 25 May 2019

ET-Healing Practitioner Course


All days of this program will be catered for in the beautiful location Maison de Terre Neuve / La Vie Tara in Lalouvesc, France

Maison de Terre Neuve / La Vie Tara
Route de Saint-Bonnet
07520 Lalouvesc, France         



In terms of content, this programme is similar to the ET-Healing Practitioner Course as it has evolved over the years and at the same time with a number of major differences during these weeks.
One is that this program takes place in a compact period of two weeks and therefore becomes possible for people living further away.
During these two weeks we stay in the monastery at La Vie Tara (Maison de Terre Neuve) and you will be fully taken care of regarding your stay, food and drinks and trainings.

The maximum number of participants on this intensive training is 10 persons, for we want to be able to provide personal attention to every participant.
During these weeks you will be guided through the trainings by Jacqueline, Manon and Philip utilizing their unique qualities.
And as well will we be visiting power spots in the area and integrate these energetic places in our way of working with higher energies en highly evolved beings.

Does it appeal to ?
Join us !

For more information, please visit other pages on our website like ET-Healing and ET-Healing experiences of customers our website or contact us directly : Contact Philip


+31 (0)6 16454955
Route de Saint-Bonnet, 07520 Lalouvesc, France



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