ET-Healing Practitioner Course - Online

Date: 15 May 2022 10:00

Venue: Healing Centre Beyond Medicine

For all light workers who yearn for reunification with their star family but who are unable to participate in the ET-Healing Practitioner Cours in the Netherlands or France due to distance or other reasons, we offer an individual, online trajectory by personal guidance through the proces of making contact and co-creating healing sessions with these benevolent extraterrestrial beings.

Why offering an online ET-Healing Practitioner Course 

Since we started our ET-Healing training Course for groups in the Netherlands in 2014, we have been asked many times whether we can offer something in one way or another for people who live abroad or who do not have the opportunity to be physically present on the training days.
In the beginning we were rather reluctant about this because we know that working, practicing and sharing experiences in a group is one of the success factors in experiencing and trusting what can happen during ET-Healing sessions and in the cooperation with these extraterrestrial beings.
Practicing with each other is such an important factor in personal growth, healing and learning to trust yourself in working with these beings and integrating these frequencies that we actually saw no way of achieving this individually and remotely.

Another reason is that most participants in the groups start all kinds of personal and group processes that require guidance, both during and after the training days.
All kinds of old fragments literally come into the light of these high frequencies and get a new chance of transformation.
That's why we say over and over again ... when you start working as an ET-Healing Practitioner, you are your own first client.
And working with a group like the one in the ET-Healing Practitioner Course is therefor so beneficial.

Nevertheless, we have started with a number of pilots in which we have been guiding participants in working as an ET-Healing Practitioner online, via skype or other form of telecommunication.
Participants from Canada, America, Australia and Portugal, whom we support step by step through individual sessions.

And even though these participants have more work to do by themselves than those in our groups, it works to our surprise far above expectations!
A participant with online guidance sent us this message ... MY FIRST ET-HEALING SESSION

That people can feel these energies, experience the contact with their guide, and get information, we had expected that to happen.
After all, we have been doing distance ET-Healing sessions since the very beginning, and that works just as well as it works when the client is with you.

But even working with the teams afterwards went more smoothly for most people than we had thought.And the personal processes do occur, though seem to come in a different dosage and that makes us fully confident that this is a workable form to bring this beautiful phenomenon even further into the world.

Points of attention for the participant

Of course, doing the online version does mean a number of extra points for the participant to pay attention to:

1- Make sure there are about 3-4 people in your area with whom you can work freely.
And then we mean that you can start ET-Healing sessions without there being any immediate expectations, having to perform or that you think you have to deliver something. It is precisely this pressure that causes the channel to squeeze off.

The best way is to be in a state of curiosity, fun, super-eagerness, excitement and gratitude ... then an incredibly amazing reality unfolds!
So look for people who are just as curious, as fun, as much interested and as grateful as you are.

2- The information that is shared by us and others during the days will now have to be obtained by the participant apart from the session. The group training days together total up to about 80 hours and the online course is only about 20 hours and therefore this requires more time and effort from the side of the participant to gain the information.

This mainly concerns the information that explains all kinds of things that show up during sessions.
A really different reality is opening up, and proper information provides a kind of framework about what that is and how it works.
We ourselves have learned to understand a lot about these worlds and have found many explanations for our experiences by looking at the material of, among others, Bashar and Lyssa Royal-Holt.

3- Keep an eye on your personal process and contact us if you need support.
Even though for most online participants it seems to be a more moderate process, it is possible that you could need support in the form of extra sessions for your own process in between.
And of course we are willing to support you in this.

Click here for more information on the online ET-Healing Practitioner Course

Private training or training in Pairs

If you intend to follow the online ET-Healing Practitioner Program, you can choose whether you want to do this in private or with another participant.
Doing the online ET-Healing Practitioner Program together with someone else has the advantage that you will be taught almost privately and at the same time be able to learn and practice a lot with a fellow student.
In addition, it saves costs to do the program together with a fellow student.

The online ET-Healing Practitioner Program is done with a maximum of one fellow student.

Charges for the online ET-Healing Practitioner Course 

The price for the online ET-Healing Practitioner Program is

- €    995, - incl. 21% VAT for a joined course with you and another participant
- € 1.475, - incl. 21% VAT for a private course wherein only you take place

and includes :

  • 12 Personal sessions of 1.5 hours
  • Access to audio recordings from personal sessions
  • Access to audio and video material on extraterrestrial contact
  • Access to E-books on extraterrestrial contact
  • Syllabus (digital)
  • Any additional ET healing sessions at a reduced rate of € 60,- per session.


I want to start !

Do you already feel the energies flowing into your body?
Do you think your hands and feet have gone 'on'?
Does your heart flow out and do you feel a deep desire?
Maybe you even feel like you're not alone anymore?

It is about time to get in touch with eachother !
Simply fill in the CONTACT FORM or CALL US ...

If you want more information or if you can feel it in your bones, but your Mind is in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us!
It is our passion to bring this beautiful work further into the world and if you feel this, we are very happy to help you further.

Lots of Love,
Jacqueline and our amazing friends

Note :
Due to the huge increase in applications and sessions, we can only start one online ET-Healing Practitioner Program per month at this time.