ExtraTerrestrial Communication (channeling)

Extraterrestrial Communication

In recent years, the idea that we are alone in the universe has completely changed.
Scientists now agree that the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is real. 
In our galaxy alone, there are about 100 million stars with planets suitable for life.
Given the countless other galaxies out there, it is mathematically impossible that we are the only ones in the Universe.

But if there are so many advanced civilizations, where are they and why aren't they showing themselves?

The fact is that they are already here, contacting us every day, but not in an invasive way like briefly landing in our backyard. 
There will come a day (hopefully soon), when mankind is ready for it, there will be face-to-face contact, but until then, contact takes place in other ways.

Although humans rely primarily on their five senses, there is a growing awareness of our inner senses with which we can connect to higher dimensions, allowing us to communicate with Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms ... and Extraterrestrial Beings.

In ET-Healing sessions, practitioners experience telepathic messages in their subconscious, which are then transformed into feelings, images and messages that are meaningful to the receiver.
These messages can be very personal, but they can also involve larger issues, such as transformation here on Earth.
Although our extraterrestrial guides know a lot about our bodies, psyche and consciousness, they really don't know everything about every subject.
Like us, they are still learning, growing and exploring the vastness of creation.

It is important to note that regardless of how experienced the ET-Healing Practitioner is, the accuracy of these messages will be affected to some degree by personal interpretation, as the energetic transmissions are translated into understandable information using the practitioner's consciousness.
Therefore, each transmission has a unique "tune" depending on the practitioner, comparable to two different violins producing their own sound even as they play the same symphony.

With that said, let's have a deeper look at how these transmissions work now.



The Mysteries of the Higher Self, Channeling, Telepathy, and Telempathy

Channeling is not a new phenomenon. 
In ancient times, it was a natural part of life, practiced by shamans, spiritual teachers and anyone with a sincere desire to connect with their Higher Self.
In a world where rigid and dogmatic scientific views can leave people feeling spiritually empty, channeling offers a way to reconnect with the divine aspects of being human.

Terms such as Channeling, Higher Self, Telepathy and Telempathy are often encountered in spiritual and metaphysical circles, so what do they really mean? 
In this blog, we will dive deeper into these intriguing phenomena, look at the differences and see how they are connected.

Our journey into the spiritual dimensions has taken a quantum leap with the Reconnection in Barcelona.
And we believe everyone will encounter such a trigger event, just as we had, that will help remember these abilities and spark a lifelong fascination with the unknown as soon as it is relevant to your life journey.

Channeling: Bridging Worlds

Channeling is often misunderstood.
Essentially, channeling is allowing a higher consciousness to communicate with or even through a person, whom we call the "channeler" or "channel. 
This higher consciousness can be the channel's Higher Self, but it can also include spiritual guides, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, angels or extraterrestrials.
No matter what form of channeling is used, the part of our consciousness that we call our Higher Self is always involved in this process.

That being said, let's take a deeper dive into the different types of channeling.

  1. Conscious Channeling:

    Conscious channeling is a form of spiritual communication in which the channeler maintains a state of full awareness and presence while allowing information to come through from their Higher Self or possibly higher beings, spiritual guides (e.g., extraterrestrial guides) or even animals and trees.
    The channeler acts as a translator, transmitting and expressing information through speech, art and music without losing his or her own consciousness or sense of self.

    This form of channeling allows the channeler to integrate guidance from higher dimensions into daily life, which can bring personal growth, clarity and insights, and spiritual development. 
    In the new world, high-vibration version of Earth that is currently manifesting, this is the natural state of all humans, where we go through life in full awareness and contact with our Higher Self and the world/nature/cosmos we are a part of.

    This form of channeling can also happen spontaneously when people enter a higher state of consciousness while meditating, watching the sunset, doing something completely in line with their passion, and so on.
    That is why it is sometimes not called channeling, but things like connecting with the Higher Self, getting a download, being in the flow, and so on.

    The skills for Conscious Channeling can be developed safely and effectively by setting clear intentions, creating sacred space, staying well grounded and developing a strong sense of discernment.
    All that is really needed to develop this powerful spiritual skill is patience, practice and a commitment to self-awareness.

  2. Semiconscious Channeling:higher-self-connecting-to-creation

    Semi-conscious channeling is a fascinating and more nuanced form of spiritual communication. 
    Unlike Conscious Channeling, where the channeler remains fully aware, and Trance Channeling, where the channeler is completely unaware, semi-conscious channeling occupies a middle ground.

    The channeler enters a higher state of consciousness, but also retains a partial awareness of his surroundings and the process. 
    This balance allows for profound spiritual connections while maintaining personal control and memory of the experience as well.

    In this form of channeling, you are not "asleep" or unaware, but your ordinary conscious, critical mind, which is needed to perceive and interpret physical reality, steps back to allow the higher energies coming from the Higher Self to be consciously perceived.

    The Higher Self picks up frequencies (light = information) from energy fields, parallel timelines, spirit guides or benevolent beings, and so on.
    Though the physical mind is still active in the background, it only acts as a translator of these energies into understandable and relatable concepts.
    The channeler may have the feeling that he or she is in an awakened dream state, in which the sense of self is still present, and yet it is in a different state of perception.

    The mechanism of all types of channeling is based on resonance, where the Higher Self is the conceiver (the primary source of input), the physical brain is the receiver (like an antenna), and the physical mind is the perceiver (the interpreter and translator of the received input).
    Just as two identical tuning forks or guitars begin to resonate with each other when only one is struck, so the Higher Self selects input from billions of possible sources that resonate (and are therefore relevant) to the life path, situation or question at hand, and brings that information to the physical brain using the antenna (physical brain).

    In semi-conscious channeling, the channeler usually enters the gamma state, where the flow of input is freer than in conscious channeling because the channeler is consciously tuning his or her frequency deeper into the higher field of energy and information.

    The gamma state refers to a range of frequencies that the ordinary conscious critical mind cannot reach. 
    This is because our conscious mind is tuned primarily to frequencies below about 30 Hz.
    These lower frequencies encompass our daily experiences and interactions within the physical world.

    In contrast, the gamma-state includes brain waves with frequencies above 30 Hz, and the conscious critical mind is just not designed to get there. 
    These higher frequencies in the gamma state are associated with increased mental activity, including enhanced cognitive functions, improved perception, state of deep focus, heightened awareness, spiritual experiences and integration of information using the whole brain.

    So, while our conscious mind operates in lower frequency bands to perceive and interact with the physical environment, the gamma state represents a higher state of consciousness where profound insights, spiritual experiences can be experienced. 
    Therefore, in semi-conscious channeling, we use a more advanced gamma state to access higher frequencies of consciousness and information.

    Unlike trance channeling, where the channeler is unaware of the experience as it occurs, semi conscious channeling offers a wonderful balance of openness to spiritual information while still maintaining some awareness of physical reality.
    This balance allows the channeler to receive and transmit profound and transformative insights while maintaining a sense of personal self.

    Semi-conscious channeling provides a safe and manageable way to communicate with higher realities.
    As we develop this skill, we discover a greater depth of wisdom and guidance available to support ourselves and others on the spiritual journey.

  3. Unconscious Channeling:

    Unconscious channeling, also known as Trance Channeling, is one of the most mysterious forms of spiritual communication.
    Though based on the same mechanism, it is something different.
    It involves the channeler entering an altered state of consciousness so deep that their everyday awareness is completely suspended and they become completely unaware of their surroundings.

    In this state, the channeler's conscious mind steps aside and allows another being to take over the control of their body and voice, and the messages are transmitted through them.
    This type of channeling is often considered the most authentic form of spiritual communication, as the channeler's personal biases and interpretations are almost completely bypassed, and it allows for a direct and unfiltered flow of information from higher beings, spirit guides, or entities.

    This method requires careful preparation, protection, and discernment, it offers unparalleled clarity and depth of guidance.
    It requires setting clear intentions, creating a sacred space, practicing grounding and protection techniques, and maintaining good physical and mental health as this form of channeling also comes with challenges and considerations concerning safety.

    Unconscious channeling requires a high level of caution about who is being channeled, discernment about vibrations, grounding and rooting in one's own system, setting boundaries and protection, and the strength to act if something feels off.
    The channeler must ensure that he or she connects with benevolent entities, that their energy field is high vibrational and that the connection is strong and protected during the session.
    Be aware of the fact that not all entities that wish to communicate have channelers best interests as first priority.

    Setting clear intentions and maintaining a high vibration ensures to attract and connect to only benevolent beings.
    We discourage people from practicing unconscious channeling until they have worked enough on their personal baggage, for it is that baggage what attracts lower vibrational beings.


This is one of the reasons, we do not practice, teach or train unconscious channeling in our training programs.
Another important reason is that the ET-Healing Practitioner needs to remain in conscious contact with the person coming for the healing session in order to be able to interact.
So the practitioner has to learn to move in and out of the gamma state easily, and that's a skill in itself.

The first step on the path of channeling is to stabilize and strengthen the connection with the Higher Mind so that it becomes apparent our daily lives and from that point on we can start on the path of semi-conscious channeling and experience the richness of information available from beyond.

In our programs, such as the ET-Healing Practitioner Program, embarking on this path requires deep understanding of the triple A.
Find your Authentic Self (know thyself), reclaim your own Authority (seek the truth within) and live your life in Autonomy (honor your free will).


Some misconceptions About Channeling

Many people believe that channeling is solely about connecting with external entities or spirit guides.
And the more unconsciously the channeling is done, the more evolved the channeler is.
Note that thinking one is better because one practices unconscious channeling is ego-based. 
It is not a sign of spiritual progress to practice unconscious channeling without having solved your problems, it is more like escaping reality.

Do not approach channeling with an attitude of avoiding life's problems.
Highly evolved guides, by definition, will not "fix" your life, simply because you will never learn to do it yourself and thus become dependent on them.

Focusing exclusively on channeling spirit guides without personal growth will make your path difficult, uncomfortable and maybe even unsafe by attracting the wrong 'guides'.
It is just like in our physical life where we attract the people, situations, and environment that resonate with our frequency. 
Channeling requires us to take responsibility and look into the mirror of our soul and embrace all aspects of ourselves, even the uncomfortable ones.

At its core, channeling is about connecting with the Higher Self, first.
When we clear our blockages and focus on personal growth, we naturally connect with your Higher Self.
It is build in our blueprint, but we need to raise our frequencies for it to happen.

When this connection the universe opens, the doors to our creativity and hidden talents opens, including our ability to channel spirit guides, Ascended Masters and other highly evolved beings.
The Higher Self represents the pinnacle of human potential, embodying our connection to the divine and offering a higher perspective on life, existence and all living beings.

Keep in mind that consistent practice is crucial, even though it is encoded in our blueprint.
In the beginning you will experience periods of doubt, but persistence is key. 
Use your discernment, but not your judgment to evaluate the quality of the information.
With continued practice, all self-doubt will eventually be replaced by self-knowledge.


Telepathy: Mind-to-Mind Connection

Telepathy remains one of the most intriguing and enigmatic phenomena in the realm of human consciousness.
The more connected we are to our Higher Self, the easier it is to engage in telepathic interactions aligned with our highest good and frequency.

The term telepathy comes from the Greek words "tele," meaning "distant," and "pathos," meaning "feeling" or "perception."
Telepathy is therefor the direct transmission of thoughts, feelings, or ideas between individuals without speaking or using any conventional form of communication. 
It is 'mind-to-mind' communication and can occur between people, animals, and sometimes with higher-dimensional beings.
And note ... this is also how channeling is defined ... it is actually using the same mechanism.

While channeling often involves a deeper, more involved connection with beings from other dimensions, facilitated by the Higher Self, telepathy is typically associated with direct mind-to-mind communication between beings (human or animal) in the physical plane. 
Both forms of communication rely on the same mechanism and complement each other, based on the principle of entrainment—where two identical tuning forks or guitars begin to resonate simultaneously when only one is struck.

Similar to channeling, there are different types of telepathy depending on the kind of information :

  1. Emotional Telepathy: Transmitting feelings or emotions between individuals.
  2. Mental Telepathy: Sharing thoughts or ideas directly from one mind to another.
  3. Sensory Telepathy: Communicating sensory experiences, like sights, sounds, or tastes.
  4. Precognitive Telepathy: Receiving information about future events.

Telepathy-Teleportation-Quantum-PhysicsAlso this extraordinary phenomenon is not new and has fascinated mankind for centuries.
Although telepathy is accepted as something real, the exact mechanisms remain a mystery.
In order to find explanations on how the mechanisms of telepathic communication work, several studies and experiments have been conducted on telepathy.
This what is known today :

Mechanisms of Telepathy

  • Energy Fields and Vibrations:
    Researchers propose that telepathy operates through subtle energy fields or vibrations that resonate between individuals.
    These energy fields extend beyond the physical body, allowing minds to connect on a non-physical level.

  • Quantum Entanglement:
    Drawing from quantum physics, telepathy can be explained by quantum entanglement, where particles remain interconnected regardless of distance. 
    This entanglement allows for the instantaneous transmission of information between minds.

  • Unified Consciousness:
    Another perspective is that telepathy taps into a collective or unified field of consciousness that connects all beings.
    In this view, individual minds are not entirely separate but part of a larger, interconnected web of consciousness.

  • Neurological Synchronization:
    Researchers propose that telepathic communication involves the synchronization of brainwave patterns.
    When two individuals are deeply connected, their brainwaves might align, facilitating the direct transfer of information.

It is fascinating to see how the same aspects play a role in both channeling and telepathy. Both phenomena are based on similar underlying principles, such as energy fields, quantum entanglement and unified consciousness, and involve neurological synchronization.

It is known that close emotional ties can naturally strengthen telepathic connections and that participating in activities that build trust and intimacy strengthens these connections.
In general, the more we cultivate our connection to the Higher Self and our emotional connections with others, the more we can access and refine our telepathic abilities.


Telempathy: The Fusion of Telepathy and Empathy

Telempathy represents a fascinating blend of telepathy and empathy, offering the ability to sense and share emotions at a distance.
It combines the 'mind-to-mind' communication of telepathy with the deep emotional understanding of empathy.

While telepaths exchange thoughts, images, and concepts, telempaths experience these with accompanying emotions, often bridging significant distances.
This creates a richer, more nuanced form of communication that transcends mere words or ideas.

Telempaths form an energetic connection with others, allowing them to tap into the emotional state of another person, no matter how far apart they are.
This connection can be intentional (such as focusing on a loved one) or spontaneous (such as feeling the distress of a distant friend).

Telempathy often manifests more strongly between people with close emotional bonds, such as family members, close friends, or romantic partners.
For instance, a telempath might suddenly feel a wave of anxiety from their partner or child, only to find out later that the partner or child was going through a stressful situation at that moment.
Some interesting abilities that come with telempathy include:

  • Deep Connections: Telempathy fosters deep connections with others, increasing empathy and understanding in relationships.
  • Heightened Intuition: Telempaths have heightened intuition, allowing them to navigate social and emotional landscapes with greater ease.
  • Healing Abilities: Many healers and therapists possess telempathic abilities, allowing them to sense their clients' emotions more deeply and provide more effective support.
  • Collective Insights: Telempaths may receive intuitive emotional insights about large groups, such as sensing the collective mood of a crowd or understanding the underlying emotions in a social movement.

Telempathy offers a profound way to connect with others and understand their emotional experiences, but it also requires careful management to avoid the pitfalls of emotional overload and boundary issues.



Developing these Spiritual Abilities

As with any spiritual practice, patience, practice, and a commitment to self-awareness are key to developing and refining abilities like telempathy and channeling.
Engaging in these practices with the right intentions allows everyone to safely engage in conscious and semi-conscious channeling.

Importance of Discernment

Just as when interacting in the physical world, it's important to take care of yourself and use discernment when interacting with others, whether they are human beings or spiritual beings. 
Distinguishing between high and low vibrational beings is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of your spiritual experiences.

Trust Your Intuition:
Your intuition is a powerful tool for discernment.
If something feels off or unsettling, trust that feeling and end the connection.

Positive Energy:
When connecting with high vibrational beings, you will often feel an overwhelming sense of love, peace, and warmth. 
These beings radiate positive energy that is uplifting and calming.
Interactions with these beings leave the receiver feeling peaceful, centered, and more connected to their Higher Self.

Clarity and Wisdom:
High vibrational beings communicate with clarity and wisdom.
Their messages are insightful, profound, promote love, growth, and empowerment and often provide guidance that resonates deeply with your higher self and spiritual growth.
High vibrational beings provide messages that align with your highest good and spiritual evolution.

Interactions with high vibrational beings leave you feeling empowered and inspired.
They encourage self-reliance, personal growth, and the pursuit of your highest potential.

Respect and Non-Interference:
High vibrational beings always respect the receiver's free will, offering guidance without imposing their will, and respecting personal boundaries. 
They never force their will upon you or manipulate you into actions that you are uncomfortable with.

Messages from high vibrational beings are consistent and coherent over time.
They do not contradict previous communications or lead you into confusion; instead, they build on the insights that have come before and offer a broader perspective and clearer insights.


By creating a sacred space, raising your vibration, and using discernment, you can safely and effectively engage in spiritual practices like telempathy and channeling. 
Always listen to your intuition and be mindful of the energies you connect with, ensuring your spiritual journey remains positive and enriching.

However, if you should ever experience feelings of fear, anxiety, discomfort, or receive confusing or contradictory messages that lack clarity, please consider disconnecting from these beings, just as you probably would from people in your physical reality.


Our Programs

In our programs, such as the ET-Healing Practitioner Program, we work with the connection to the Higher Self, (semi-)conscious channeling, telepathy and telempathy, revealing a richness of spiritual and metaphysical phenomena that challenge our conventional understanding of reality, guided by extraterrestrial guides.
It opens a door to deeper self-awareness, enhanced spiritual growth and transformational healing, inviting us to see beyond the physical world and recognize the complex web of consciousness that connects all beings.

We use the Higher Self as our internal compass in contact with our extraterrestrial guides, guiding us to our highest potential and offering a deep sense of clarity and fulfillment.
This connection with our Higher Self opens up a wealth of inner knowledge and creativity, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

ET-healing introduces the ability to receive profound healing energies and insights from extraterrestrial beings.
This form of healing emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high vibrational state and being open to the transformative power of these energies.
It encourages us to explore the broader universe with an open mind and heart, recognizing that we are part of a vast, interconnected cosmic community.

It is a transformative journey that not only enhances our personal growth, but also contributes to the collective evolution of humanity.
Through these explorations, we learn to trust our inner guidance, honor our interconnectedness and embrace our true potential as multidimensional beings.

We invite those who are fascinated by this phenomenon to join us on this journey and witness the unfolding dialogue between humanity and its cosmic family.
You are most welcome!


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