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It is a quite stunning idea that extraterrestrial beings can perform healing activities with equipement far beyond the current known technology here on Earth, working from another dimension and invisible for most humans. Of course that brings up a lot of questions. And that is a good thing ! Questioning addresses our ability to learn and evolve. But do not take our answer just for granted, do your own research as well. Here we offer you some answers on the frequently asked questions. If your question is not here, please visit our FaceBook page FACEBOOK Beyond.Medicine.ET and post your question.  We will be delighted to answer it !  


Who Are these extraterrestrial beings

These extraterrestrial beings are part of a organisational structure we would call a federation that have been studying humanity and our environment for eons and have a thourough knowledge of life in general and human biology in specific.
Many of these civilisations know we are here, simply because we are family. We have genetic relations with eachother.
Some of them are what we could call cousins, other are more our predecessor or ancestors although we have done our own evolution for many millenia.
These beings are evolutionairy, intellectually and spiritually very advanced and in many ways far ahead of humanity.
When the support us with healing they do not just focus on our physical bodies, they take our whole being into account, including our emotional, mental and spiritual state.
They also take our past lives and soul contract into account.
These extraterrestrial beings are very gentle, kind, compassionate and respect in every way our free will of each individual on Earth and Beyond.

The most important thing to understand is that they are not here to rescue us, nor to liberate us anything, including diseases. They are here to teach us to evolve to our full capacity and empowerment.
Not to do it for us, but to teach us how to do it by making us aware and conscious regarding the causes of our ailments.
That's why they provide so much information during the sessions, so not only do they support the healing, they also bring the information into our consciousness so we can learn and grow.
If the lesson is learned the ailment will leave, but no second before that.

Where Are They Coming From

These beings come from many different galaxies, some known to man, some not discovered yet because they simply cannot be discovered with 3D technology.
The organisation consist of members coming from dozens of different galaxies in the Universe, from which the Pleiadian, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus and Andromeda are the most familiar ones.
Many of them have a kind of humanoid presence although can differ in size, but there are also many other looking entities.
Fortunately most people will not perceive them for their presence could easily raise anxiety due to their non-human appearance.
In some cases people might see them, but obviously they are ready, for one can only perceive what (s)he is vibrationaly compatible with (what you are the frequency of).
Some of these beings have had incarnations on and connections to Earth and mostly in the field of human wellness and health.

Why Do They Help Humanity

These extraterrestrial beings are quite clear that their help to humans is also in their own benefit.
Since the whole Universe is connected to everything in it, everything that happens on Earth is effecting the whole Universe.
They mention as an example; "if your liver is not functioning well, than this is not just a problem for the liver, but the whole body will be effected by that."
The planet Earth is momentarily going through a hughe shift, many wise souls have chosen to incarnate in this era to assist the Earth and it's inhabitants in this process and it is therefor supremely important for us (the extraterrestrial beings) to support them in there missions as much as we can.

Can We See Them

Most of the humans can not see the extraterrestrial and their equipement in this stage of their evolution.
As more and more people are awakening, more people will be able to see them and communicate with them as part of their spiritual development and accomodation from to the 4th and 5th density (dimension as some will call it, although it is not the same).
Untill that point you will not see them, for most of them cannot been seen with the naked eyes.
Their frequency is beyond what our physical eyes can perceive.
The communication is also not done through tones perceptible with our physical ears, they communicate telepathically using our subconsious mind.

The healing team operates from higher realities / dimensions and therefor most of us won't physically see their spacecrafts as well but most people can feel their presence in the room or at least feel a very high energy once the session starts.
Many people report that they feel they were conscious and could hear everything form the physical enviroment and at the same time have the feeling they were somewhere else.

Can We Feel Them

If you are able to feel inside yourself, you will definetly feel their Love, their Enlightning energies and their way of working on your body during a treatment.
You cannot miss that!
And once you have experienced this, you know for sure that this is real, that this is not imagination, that this is not vague, illusionary thinking.

These extraterrestrial beings are so kind and respectfull and are very honoured to be allowed by us to help.
More than once they bow for people after the session in deep respect, because they know how it can be on Earth and they have outmost respect for the Lightworkers here on Earth in this era doing their missions.
Once you have felt their Love and support, your life will change dramatically.  And although you have never been alone, now you know it, you feel it.

Can We Communicate With Them

Depending on the extent of awareness and perceptabilty it is certainly possible to communicate with these extraterrestrial beings.
They certainly communicate with us. But to be able to "hear" their messages most of us need to transform our limiting beliefs, like "this is my imagination" and "this is coincidence".
These extraterrestrial beings communicate through our subconsiousness from where thoughts, pictures, and messages appear in our consiousness.
The only difference between your own thoughts and imagination is the fact that you do nothing to create them, you only observe.
You are not the actor on stage, but the audience.
And this is where our beliefssystems get in the way, for we are only trained in liefe to work with our consious mind.

This needs training and that's where awareness and perceptability comes in.
Up till that point the extraterrestrial beings communicate a lot with us through synchronicities.
And even than sometimes we think it is a coincidence. So note ... one time is an incident, two times is a coincident, three times we call a pattern.
If you want to start communicating with these loving entities, just ask them with sincere positive intention and watch what happens.
For ET-healers there is more to it, but that is a diiferent story.

What kind of healing is possible

It will not be a big surprise that the extraterrestrial beings are way ahead our technology if you imagine they come from thousands of light years away and just needs some (Earthly)weeks to come here.  
It is a bigger challenge to understand how they can treat humans from out of another dimension with very sophisticated equipement that most humans cannot see.  
These extraterrestrial beings  explain they mostly work on our astral and energetic bodies because these bodies are easily to treat in the dimensions they are residing.
Blockages that are removed on these bodies will cure problems on the physical body for they are strongly interlinked.
Because of this way of treatment, depending of the kind of ailment, some time might pass before the healing has completely manifested in the physical body.

These extraterrestrial beings also do have the knowlegde and equipement to transform energetically  physical parts to their dimension.
This is to be felt as a locally decrease of gravity on the concerning body parts.
They can help humans with blockages on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, even if it needs treatment of blockages in past lives.  
At the same time they address that they to are still learning and are not able to heal everthing yet.
These beings have gained a lot of knowlegde of life within the Universe, DNA and the processes making life possible and realize that the human body is one of the most beautifull and - in the same time - most complex life form they know off so far (especially our very extended and complicated emotional body) and are still improving their knowlegde, techniques and equipement to help humanity.

Is This Really Possible

The simple answer is : Yes it is. But everything is determined by the way we dare to see reality. Is our mind closed by belief or opened by wonder?
Wonders cannot be created by the mind, only experienced in our reality and than break open our former expectations.
And than the Universe can show itself.
So there is really just one way to be sure yourself and that is to allow yourself to experience it.
To meet one of the ET-healing Practitioners and ask for an ET-Healing session or Reconnection.
And this is not meant as commercial talk, it is really the only way for you to be sure.
For the rest you can investigate quantum physics and get familiar with all that is already discovered (and there is much!!) to understand it a bit more, but this will still only be knowlegde and concepts from other people, no experience for yourself.
Only after personal experience you will be able to say "I know ...", till then it will be "they say ...".

What are dimensions

For many years the scientific world has been speculating about parallel universes, that in addition to our three dimensional universe, there are universes parallel to our own.   
These extraterrestrial beings have clearly explained that this is the reality. Parallel universes may have three dimensions and more.
The visible UFO sightings originate from our own universe, but there are many other extraterrestrial beings from parallel universes that also visit Earth that can't be seen with our physical eyes.  
The extraterrestrial beings in the teams that work with the ET-Healing Practitioners, their equipment and spacecrafts are totally invisible to most humans.
Some of these beings take advantage of this fact to walk among us without causing any panic. 
They don't need to abduct people for anything - they can walk into any hospital and examine as many sick people as they need.

The extraterrestrial beings explained that there is an absolute space that has infinite dimensions and no time.  
In this absolute space, energy exists and takes different forms of matter.
Each form of matter has its own geometry, dimensions, physical parameters (i.e. physical value for the speed of light) and its own line and rate of time.   
Each form of matter defines a separate universe with no interaction with the other universes.    
The origin of the absolute space and the origin of the energy is unknown even to them.

They believe it always existed.
The above information was documented after different communications with a number of extraterrestrial beings.
It provides a little explaination to how they can be present in the same room with us and still be invisible, and how they manage to do impressive space-time manipulations used during the ET-healing sessions.

Can I become an ET-healer and work with extraterrestrial beings

At this point of time there are many souls on Earth with the ability to heal and work with the extraterrestrial beings.
Planet Earth has arrived at a fenomenal turning point in her evolution and much assistance from outer space is available and waiting for healers to wake up.
The support we can receive from our star families is beyond our imagination, there are multitude of cultures assisting the transformation of the Earth and humanity from behind the scenes just not to scare us off.

These extraterrestrial beings are very keen on working together with humans.
Despite this fact, the extraterrestrial beings are also very precise in where to invest and where not.
Apart from many characteristics a healer needs to have developped over many lifetimes, there must be a desire that is stronger than just wanting.  
And although there is much work to be done, it is not about numbers.

This is not a choice of the candidate or us, the ET's determine whether they can to work with the candidate without pushing him/her over his/her own bounderies, for their frequencies will most certainly invoke all kinds of healing processes straight away.
Sometimes the advise has been given to first start with healing some old parts and coming into contact that way before connecting with the energies of them that intensely as in doing the ET-Healing work.

Apart from the motivation to become a healer, the candidate must be ready for it at this point of his journey here on Earth. Ready in the sense of being spiritually mature as well as being in the practical circumstance to do the work.
Healing Centre Beyond Medicine has a lot experience in introducing and guiding new healers in working with extraterrestrial beings and can offer a lot of support to new healers.
If you are serious about becoming an ET-Healing Practitioner, contact us and join us.

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