ET-Healing ET-Contact Hybrid Children

Our Passion - Contact with extraterrestrials

After we came into contact with these energies and frequencies through the Reconnection in 2012, our contact with extraterrestrial civilizations has gained tremendous momentum.
At that time we knew nothing more than that 'these energies and frequencies' did not originate from this planet, and even then we could not fully grasp the meaning of that.


At the same time as doing the Reconnection, we both developed an unstoppable interest in extraterrestrial life and devoured one book after another about extraterrestrial contact.
Channelingen of the Pleiades in books like ' Bringers of the Dawn' and 'Our living library: Earth' by Barbara Marciniak and 'The Pleiadian Agenda' by Barbara Hand Clow, books by Kryon and Bashar (Blueprint for Change and The Quest for Truth), Pamela Kribbe and many more.

After the ' reconnection ' with our extraterrestrial guides in 2013, a whole new world opened up for us.
A new world that feels so familiar at the same time.
Remarkably, we have never really felt at home on Earth, but since the contact with our star family it seems as if everything has fallen into place and we now, so to speak, feel the power and the daring to take up our place here on Earth completely.

And yes, dare too!
For believe that not everybody can understand what we do but that we want to do nothing else in our lives but to be a bridge between these worlds and to be an example for everyone who longs for these connections as well.

Maybe it looks like it's all about connections with beings from outside the Earth, or maybe it looks like it's an escape to something outside ourselves or even outside this reality.
But nothing less true...

Contact with extraterrestrials leads us the way in!

The path to getting in touch with these extraterrestrial beings with whom we have contact is a path of awakening.
In this contact, different aspects of ourselves come to the surface time and time again.
In this contact we discover more and more of how everything is connected to one another.
This is a process of integration and healing with our higher parts, our Higher Self.
We constantly feel our frequency increasing and experience enormous expansion.
This process opens up channels to realities that we simply could not perceive before and brings us to the question 'who am I'.

When we started our practice Healing Center Beyond Medicine, we didn't know at all where all this would lead to.
We just started doing it and the direction has actually only become clear over the years.
Time and again, a little bit of clarity is added, as if we were putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
And this clarity comes in different forms, sometimes at the instigation of our guides, sometimes through synchronicities or sometimes just because you feel it deep inside.

Our passion in the cooperation with our star family at this moment concerns three important aspects of changes on our Earth ... healing and transformation (ET-Healing), connection and interaction (ET-Contact), new Earth (Humanity = Human-ET).

ET-Healing ET-Contact Hybrid Children

ET-Healing : Healing and Transformation

Over the past thousands of years, the Earth's inhabitants have gone deeper and deeper into the illusion of separation.
Starting with the separation of her star family up to the separation of our own Higher Self.
Separation from the greater whole up to separation from ourselves, in order to be able to rediscover and reconnect from there.
First we forget everything and then we start remembering again from a new perspective.

ET-Healing is all about the question 'who am I' and together with the extraterrestrial teams, we are healed during the sessions by integrating parts of ourselves ... and little by little we become one again.
Every time we come into contact with high cosmic frequencies (coming from them, from their ships or via portals and grid-lines here on Earth), codes are activated with which we further heal ourselves and remember more of our blueprint.

And it is so incredibly beautiful to be able to contribute to this process
We have been able to provide more than a thousand sessions for people and it remains beautiful every time.
It's different every time and often it's just not imaginable what can happen.
This is what we intend to do forever!

ET-Contact : Connection and Interaction

For several decades now, the Earth has been moving through a 'photon belt' and more and more cosmic energies and frequencies are reaching our Earth.
It is striking that since that time suddenly a lot of information (light is information) about civilizations and from civilizations (via channels) is coming to us.
The Reconnection and the Stargate were also passed on to mankind around the 1990s, as well as many other tools and codes.
Worldwide people are awakening and remember their cosmic connections.

Now it may seem as if the extraterrestrials are here all of a sudden, but they have always been here.
Admittedly from a distance, but they have never been away. For a long time, however, we have not been able to perceive them because of the decline in our own frequencies.
They have watching us for a long time and know more about our real history than we do ourselves.
It is therefore very appropriate to call it a reconnection.

And now, after a phase of 30-40 years in which mainly light and information has been transmitted to us through channeling, lucid dreams, non-physical contacts and synchronicities, and slowly but surely, if we so wish, the moment is approaching when the contact can start taking other forms.
A phase in which connection evolves into encounter.
For us, this feels like one of the reasons why we are here and do the work we do... anchoring the connections we feel in physical reality, preparing ourselves and others for the era in which humanity is once again an integral part of the galactic whole.

New Earth : Community en Humanity

about-us-human-etHave you ever noticed that among the more recent generations on Earth there are many children and young adults who have opened up their channels to other dimensions from an early age and who often express a wisdom and information that is almost not from this world?
Many of these children and young adults, however, are not understood by society and vice versa ... This generation often doesn't understand the unfriendly, unwise and individualistic way in which our Western society has been shaped.
Many do not feel at home, feel that they come from somewhere else and crave connection. Connection with like-minded people and connection with a greater whole, a collective.
Many feel attracted to live in a residential community.
Many feel completely lost in the present school system and working environment in order to earn money.
At their age, they are already so aware of the finiteness of our political, economic and social structures that they find it difficult to relate to them, let alone integrate with them.
This can be seen as a problem ... This can also be seen as our greatest chance for change.

Our application of the technological progress is slowly but surely taking humanity to a point where future generations will no longer be able to live on this planet if we continue like this.
It is no coincidence that the timelines of so many civilizations intersect in this moment of our evolution.
Other civilizations have preceded us on this path and if we are only open to hearing about their history, we will become more aware of how special this planet really is.

So why should so many other civilizations show an interest in a civilization on planet Earth that is slowly making its planet uninhabitable?
Billions of planets are uninhabitable, so one more or one less will not matter. And there are hundreds of millions of habitable planets and millions of inhabited planets.
Why so much interest in this civilization on planet Earth?

According to messages in the Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn, Kryon and Bashar, there is no equal in this vast Universe to such a wealth and diversity of life as planet Earth.
But an even more important reason ... human civilization was not created here by natural evolution.
The human DNA has great similarities with theirs.
Large parts of the human DNA can never have been originated by natural evolution because the time it takes to do so is longer than the existence of the Earth itself.
We ourselves do not originate from Earth. We ourselves contain DNA from several other civilizations. Both in our physical DNA and in our 12 strands of multi-dimensional DNA.

Humanity = Human-ET

In the coming years more and more people will remember our connections with the galactic families.
The fact that we can connect with extraterrestrial beings means that we have to carry that frequency within ourselves as well.
These frequencies are anchored in the codes of our multi-dimensional DNA that we have in common with various extraterrestrial civilizations, and the activation of these codes takes place through contact with their frequencies, among other things. This can be done in many ways, such as an ET-Healing session, the Reconnection, visits to crop circles, visits to interdimensional portals on Earth (Glastonbury, Mount Shasta, Mount Fuji, Haleakala, Machu Picchu ... ) etc.

The new generations on Earth, the star children, have these codes active from birth and it is logical that they relate very differently to the individualistic society because they naturally look for connection in being together and working together.

In the coming years, Beyond Medicine will develop more programmes and events specifically for these generations of star children in which being together, discovering together, transforming to a different society and reuniting with our cosmic families will be the central focus of attention.

Community = Commune-ET

And what's all this gonna look like?
We don't know... but also now we're just going to do it!

More insights on our passion in this blog The Bigger Picture

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