ET-Healing Session

ExtraTerrestrial Healing

Many people are familiar with energy healing like Reiki, Qigong or any of the other well known forms. More recently Reconnective Healing came to the planet with the help of an enlightend group of extraterrestrial beings. Since 2000 more and more healers are working together with or under the guidance of extraterrestrial teams and this is something really different, incomparable with anything else.

You can feel how and where the extraterrestrial beings are working on your body and will experience sensations like gravity changes, pressure or release of pressure, colours  the feeling of sparkels and much more, but all in a very gentle way.
Sometimes fingers, hands or other parts of your body will move due to tiny muscle contractions without you consiously doing it.
It all might sound a little bit scary, but the extraterrestrial beings are extremely loving and caring.
And this is absolutely the most important experience of all : you will come in contact with their Love and Kindness and that you will definitely uplift you, heal you and change the way we have learned to think of them.  And this wonderfull feeling comes as a bonus on top of the healing you actually came for !
During the session you are lying on your back on a massage table, cloths on and shoes off, and you can just close your eyes and relax.

The ET-Healing Practitioner will make contact with the team of extraterrestrial beings and you can feel it as soon as the ET-healing starts.
The  ET-Healing Practitioner will not touch you and still it might feel sometimes as if your are being touched.
It is not the ET-Healing Practitioner, this is the extraterrestrial team in action.
You do not have to do anything other than just being aware of what you feel. It is even better not to do anything.
Don't try to manipulate your process, the ET's know what they are doing and know what needs to be done. Most likely even better then you can think off.
They do not treat your symptoms, but go straight to the cause of the symptoms that most of the time seems to be hidden somewhere in your system.

The ET-Healing Practitioner will share with you what the team is doing or will ask you what you are experiencing.
You can also get answers from the team by asking the healer. In this way you can communicate with the team !
Some people can see the extraterrestrial beings themselves.
Please inform the healer what you see, hear or experience even though it might look bizar.

An ET-healing session takes about 1 hour, including 15 minutes intake and 10 minutes evaluation and normally takes place in our healing centre in Wolfheze by appointment.
In special cases a healing can be done on location or on request a healing can also be done as a distance healing. Normally it will take 3 to 4 healing sessions for each condition or ailment. In very severe cases it might take up to 10 sessions.

All our healing sessions are recorded in audio (MP3) and will become available for the clients afterwards, for the healing is always accompanied with very usefull information which is sometimes difficult to remember when people return to the third dimension after the healing.

Normally the ET-healing session will take place in one of our healing centres, but sometimes it is just not possible for people to come over. 
In many situations it is not required to have the healer standing next to you to be able to get a healing. The extraterrestrial team can come over to you within a flash. 
For them time and distance are different than it is for us in our dimension. They travel millions of light years in just a few of our Earthly weeks.
This kind of healing is called "distance healing" and the healing is recorded in MP3 format and sent to the client afterwards, so the information that the ET's bring us becomes available as well.

But, if it is possible for you, come to our healing centre for the bridge between the dimensions is stronger in our practice than on other random location.
Most people feel it immediately as soon as they enter this place/space.

Note that healing can take place in minutes, but mostly it takes time, just as developping an illness does.
Also note that illness caries a lesson in it and these extraterrestrial beings will not just take away any complaint as that means the person will miss the lesson. 
A person might have sufferd for years and taking away the lesson just before it has surfaced the consiousness is like robbing the marathon runner of his price a hundred metres before the finish.


We highly respect the work done by the regular medical doctors and specialists.
In no way we want to suggest that our help is a replacement for their treatments or medications.
We want to emphasize that everyone needs to see their doctor or specialist for each ailment before coming to our Healing Centre.
We see our work as an additional way of healing, not as an alternative for the regular medical treatments.