Healing Centre Beyond Medicine for ET-Healing ® and Reconnection

Our Experience

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine is a small collective of healers who, in collaboration with a team of extraterrestrial beings, offer beautiful transformational sessions to people and animals.
We have united our strengths as ET-Healing Practitioners in Healing Centre Beyond Medicine because together we can bring more Light, Energy, Information into the world than if we did this each for ourselves. 
The time for doing everything on your own is over.
That, too, is one of the messages that our extraterrestrial friends keep urging us to take to heart. And their help is a wonderful example of this.
As well as the contact that is possible, the feeling of separation immediately begins to dissolve. Everything is connected, we are one.
You walk your path through life always by yourself, but never alone!

In our practice, each ET-Healing Practitioner brings with him his specific experience, knowledge and talents gained during their spiritual quest and through education, training and courses, workshops and of course the lessons our Soul gives us in life. 
And, of course, the wisdom and information we receive from our extraterrestrial friends to support our spiritual growth.

As yet we have been able to help many people with a session of ET-healing session or Reconnection in a variety of problems, such as:

  • A wide range of physical symptoms
  • Carmic affairs and things taken from previous lives
  • Unprocessed emotions and trauma
  • Spiritual contracts
  • Unintegrated, inaccessible parts of the Self
  • Satisfaction in life and finding your Mission
  • Intuitive development and connection with higher dimensions

If our way of helping appeals to you and you recognize one of these (or other) things to yourself, know that there is much more that is possible than has been known to the general public so far. Dare to move beyond what you may have seen as possible so far and give yourself a life to live in your full potential. You can always contact us for more information or to book an ET-healing session or a Reconnection.

If you feel that this is the work you want to do in your life, that this is why you have chosen to come to planet Earth right now in this phase of it's evolution, that this is what you have been searching for all your life, let us know and let us see what our extraterrestrial friends can do for you.

Our extraterrestrial friends keep telling us that we are never alone on our journey. 
They are with masses here on Earth and these loving beings support us every day. 
All that is really needed is for us to consent ourselves and them to connect with each other.

Much love, on behalf of our ET friends and family.