Jacqueline Fiolet

Jacqueline Fiolet

Jacqueline has been working with energies since childhood, having picked that up from her parents. She came into contact with ExtraTerrestrial Beings after a lifelong journey of Self exploration and development in which she finally came into contact with Haggai Katz, where she made her first contact to her guide from outer space.

Hi, I am Jacqueline Fiolet ...

Before coming into conscious contact with my extraterrestrial guide Joel for the first time in 2013, I had been searching for my inner self for decades, attending numerous groups, courses, workshops and programs that could help me, but still not finding the real or complete truth about myself each time. Something was missing...

The first big change and preparation for what was to come happened in 2012 when I attended the Reconnection Seminars in Barcelona with Dr. Eric Pearl.

The Reconnection Seminar - Barcelona 2012

After the first day of the Reconnection Seminar I came back to my hotel room and had very strange reactions in my body.
I was lying on my bed and my hands started moving at a fast pace over my abdomen and after a few minutes this intensified enormously and I started laughing uncontrollably.
When I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, it stopped and as soon as I got back on the bed and relaxed, it started again.

The next day I asked one of the seminar leaders what it was and she smiled kindly and said it was perfectly normal.
Little did I know that this was my first contact with extraterrestrials and that they were giving me a healing for blockages in my abdomen.

My husband and I then began to receive more and stronger signals that drew our attention to the existence of extraterrestrial life.
In addition, Eric Pearl came out with a new book of channelings from an extraterrestrial being, and we became very familiar with the channeled messages from the Pleiades.
This was the beginning of a wonderful and sometimes unbelievable journey.



Meeting my extraterrestrial guide ... Joël

And then there was a man from Israel who came on our path. He told us during a workshop about his work in healing with a team of extraterrestrials, and he also did demonstration sessions for the group.

I was very skeptical, I was not even sure at that time that ETs were really present on Earth.
He asked people from the audience to do a demonstration session and I volunteered to be one of them. During this session I experienced energies similar to the Reconnection and I had memories and flashbacks of that night in Barcelona.
Then the man personally told me that the ETs were very eager to work with me and that if I wanted, he could put me in touch with an ET guide.
And so it happened...

Now I have daily, almost continuous contact with my ET guide Joel: he is actually a bridge between our dimension and the dimensions where they reside.
I experience this contact "physically" as well as energetically and "mentally" through my subconscious.
When Joel and I make contact, I can let him work through my system and easily raise the energetic atmosphere through my body and hands.
In addition, a flow of information comes through me to be shared with the one receiving the healing.

Joel is an extraterrestrial "human" from the Sirius star system and acts as an intermediary, a spokesperson between me and a team of extraterrestrials who are all part of a Federation that is here to help humanity. This team focuses specifically on personal healing.

Back in 2013 I knew almost nothing about the healing work with extraterrestrials, but now, after many years, these contacts with Joel have become quite normal.
We have given the 'healing work with extraterrestrial guidance' the working name 'ET-Healing' and since 2014 we've been taking it further into the world. We've been able to help thousands of people with wonderful sessions and guided more than a hundred people during our trainings.
It is a journey that has enriched my life immensely.

I love this work immensely and I am incredibly grateful for their presence, their help, their respect, their wisdom, and most of all, their love.  
And I look forward to the moment when humanity is ready and the contact can begin, physically here on Earth.

Please feel welcome to join the journey!

Artist Impression Joël     
by Dulce Commenencia




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