Sensing the Spheres

Sensing the Spheres
Last Updated: 28 July 2022
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Learn to overcome the imprinting that you now have and gain a new and higher imprinting that will lead you into the luminous spheres of awareness.

~ Frederick Lenz

Everything in human experience follows a sequential 'chain of events', being a basic 'Law' of the Universe.
This Chain Of Events is known in the Kabballah as 'The Law Of Tri-unity', meaning that every experience proceeds in the following order :

Starting from METAPHYSICAL origins, via MENTAL and EMOTIONAL 'symbolization' into PHYSICAL FORM or 'solid' experience.

This website provides a lot of information that enters visitors, consciously or subconsciously on the mental/emotional level.
We have provided this information as much as we could with precise visual information to create the atmosphere we operate in.
And still we are fully aware that nothing can replace a real intens experience, like one could have during one of our lectures, workshops, retraites or programs.

It is understandable that sometimes people first want to have more 'feeling' about what to expect from an experience or from the people organizing the workshop before joining in.
That is a good thing ! We always uncourage everybody to check whether the vibration your are connecting to is resonating in a pleasant way.
If so, proceed if you wish, if not you would better stop. That doesnot mean there is something wrong, it only means this particular frequency is not resonating with you on this moment.

Proceeding with vibrations that are in alignment with you will result in pleasant experiences in the more physical or solid form while proceeding with vibrations that are not in alignment with you will result in less pleasant experiences in the more physical or solid form. That is 'The Law Of Tri-unity', it is a choice and 'it is just physics' as Bashar would say.

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