Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor (emeritus), certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant and researcher.
He provides hypnotherapy for recalling full details of partially remembered close encounters with the Star Visitors and for exploring previous life experiences stored in subconscious memory.
Dr. Boylan also is a consultant to Star Kids and Star Seeds seeking to understand better their origin, identity and mission, so as to attain optimal awareness and clarity of identity, inner growth, spiritual development and future path.

His career has spanned four decades of service as a psychologist, social worker, hypnotherapist, clergyman (retired), educator and space anthropologist.
Dr. Boylan has served as a Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, University of California, Davis, National University and Sierra College.
Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted research into human encounters with the Star Visitors.
This has led to his current focus, creation of the Star Kids Project, Ltd © and working with these hybrid children with advanced abilities and their families.
He has presented papers on his research at, among other conferences, the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference and the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at Washington, DC.
He is author of three other books, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey to the Stars (1996) and Project Epiphany (1997) and he has published over 50 articles on this subject.

Dr. Boylan is President of the Star Kids Project, Ltd, a non-profit educational and training program for young and mature Star Seeds.
He is also President of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) Inc., a nonprofit educational and research organization.
He has conducted numerous workshops for mental health professionals on the specialized counseling for experiencers of Star Visitor contact.
He has lectured widely at regional and national conferences and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including NBC's "Sightings" twice, on Paramount Television Network's "Paranormal Borderline" and three times on Art Bell's "Dreamland" and “Coast To Coast AM” programs.
Dr. Boylan is a member of the National Board of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Anesthesiology. He is Past-President of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association.

STAR KIDS - The Emerging Cosmic Generation

Table of Contents

About the Author 

Chapter 1: Who Are the Star Kids? 

  • Distinguishing a Star Kid From a “Normal” Human Child
  • Prevalence of Star Kids in the General Population 
  • Percentages of Star Kids and Adult Star Seeds in the U.S. Population 
  • Percentages of Star Kids and Star Seeds Globally 
  • Numbers of Star Kids in the United States 
  • The Star Kid Latents: Star Kids Not Yet Awakened to their Status 
  • Very Successful Star Kids

Chapter 2: Physical Attributes of the Star Kids

  • Bio-electromagnetic-photic Fields, Dowsing and Regular Humans Versus Star Kids and Star Seeds
  • Summary: Some Physical Attributes of Star Kids

Chapter 3: What it’s like Mentally and Emotionally to be a Star Kid

  • Race, Socioeconomic Status, Star Kid Identity and Success 
  • Star Kid Sensitivity 

Chapter 4: Psychic/Metaphysical/ESP Abilities of Star Kids

  • A mother of a Star Kid writes about her special child 
  • Star Seed Transformation, Advanced Abilities and Their Use for the Common Good 
  • Social and Spiritual Applications of These Advanced Abilities 
  • Some Psychic Exercises for Star Kids (and Star Seed Adults) 
  • Out-of-Body Experiences/ ”Astral Travel” 

Chapter 5: Star Kid Spirituality 

Chapter 6: How Did the Star Kids Get Here? 

  • Why are Star Kids Here Now? 

Chapter 7: The Various Kinds of Star Visitors in Contact with Earth 

  • Various Star Visitor Races and Human Contacting Abilities

Chapter 8: The Star Visitors are Not the “Evil Mean Invaders” of Propaganda

Chapter 9: What Is It Like to Be A Star Kid? 

Chapter 10: Are Star Kids Normal?

Chapter 11: Meet Some Actual Star Kids 

Chapter 12: Parents of Star Kids “What do we do Now?” 

Chapter 13: Proper Education For Star Kids 

  • Indigenous Child Education and What It Can Teach Us 
  • The Structure of Star Kid Education 
  • Star Kid Workshop Report 

Chapter 14: Issues for Siblings, Families and Friends of Star Kids 

  • Letters from Family Members of a Star Kid 

Chapter 15: The Geopolitical Context in which Star Kids must Function 

  • The Cabal: A Geoplutocratic “Elite” Bent on Global Domination 
  • Is There Intelligent Life Beyond Earth? 
  • “Why don’t Aliens just land on the White House Lawn?” 
  • Vatican Monsignor Corrado Balducci Pronounces: "Star Visitors Are Real." 
  • The Time of Transition 
  • Star Visitor Counter Measures to the UFO Cover-Up 
  • B-2 Stealth bomber as antigravity craft 
  • Psychotronics: Mental Influencing as Weapons System 
  • Significance of the Birth Now of Nine White Buffalo Calves of Native American Prophecy 
  • The Area 51 Complex as Interstellar Spaceport and Ambassadorial Reception Area 

Chapter 16: Some Precautions and Protections for Star Kids

  • Astronaut reveals NASA Mind Control Program involving Children 

Chapter 17: The Difference Between Star Kids And “Indigo” Or “Crystal” Children 

  • “Star Child” to be distinguished from “Star Kids” 

Chapter 18: The New “Fifth World” Society the Star Kids are Helping Build 

  • Life in the Emerging Fifth World
  • a) Hypothetical 
  • b) Philosophical 
  • c) Political 
  • d) Exo-technology 
  • e) Current Situation 
  • f) Situation-Improvement 
  • g) Human History 
  • h) Spiritual/Religious 
  • i) Infrastructure 
  • j) Global Economics 
  • k) Military/Security 
  • Star Kids’ Roles in Establishing the New Fifth World 
  • University Professors Report over 50 Million “Cultural Creatives” remaking Society

Chapter 19: Famous, Celebrity Adult Star Seeds: Role Models for Star Kids 

Appendix A -Various Ways to Detect A Star Kid 

Appendix B - Resources for Star Kids

Appendix C - Recommended Readings for Star Kids

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