A Few More Words About Janny

Janny Coster - Geometric Art

Early in life I became aware of my own reality and the strong contrast with the outside world.
It was difficult to process impressions, to meet expectations of my surroundings, and at the same time to preserve my individuality.
My creativity has always helped me to stay true to myself as much as possible.
Over the years, in addition to my role as a wife, mother, nurse, and later as a nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I have developed in a creative way. Especially in sculpting, painting and drawing.

My conscious connection with the cosmos became stronger and this is how my drawings came into being.
In my drawings, based on Sacred Geometry, earth and universe come together. They are gates to the unseen.
You can see and feel how we are interwoven with the universe. My work has an energetic effect.

The drawings are based on Sacred Geometry, a geometric symbol language that works with images instead of words.
It is in our DNA, it is the basis of our reality, the language of our subconscious.
My intuitive faculties also developed, helping me to balance human energy systems.
Based on the universal basic principle that everything is consciousness, energy and frequency.

It is my mission to contribute to more harmony, light and clarity in life.