Metatron’s Cube Pendant

Metatron’s Cube Pendant

Metatron’s Cube is a complex sacred geometric object which leads back to the centuries old “Flower of Life”. The shape is named after the archangel Metatron, he is responsible for all the creations and makes his appearance in Judaism, Christianity and the Islam. In Greek Meta means “Beyond” and Tron means “Matrix”.
The origin of Metatron’s Cube and the origin of the Flower of Life goes back centuries. The reason why the Flower of Life is so important is because of the underlying structure called the Fruit of Life. From the Fruit of Life, Metatron’s Cube can be formed.

The reason why this sacred geometry is kept secret for a long period is because Metatron’s Cube contains all 5 platonic solids; the cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. These solids contain every possible molecular connection and contain all possible geometric laws of this reality and universe we live in. It’s the secret key to Prima Materia; the primitive, shapeless base of all matter which got shaped and became the universe.

Many people have seen Metatron’s Cube in its 2D shape, but not many people know its original 3D shape. For this reason BewustDsign created Metatron’s Cube in its 3D shape as a pendant. 

Sebastiaan Fiolet
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A Few More Words About Sebastiaan

I often got asked; why jewelry? Are you a goldsmith?
And I always answer : "Nope, I’m not a goldsmith, but a designer who knows what he does combined with a passion for Sacred Geometry."

So, let me introduce myself:



(Product) Designer
High Sensitive Person
Great sense of humor
Often thinks about food
Is in contact with Extraterrestrials
Sacred Geometry
Consciousness and awareness
3D modelled jewelry
All big companies started small


Why jewelry?
“I didn’t choose this career. It chose me.” is the most obvious (and cheesy) answer, but my story won’t be boring. Promised.

During my studentship I loved (and I still do) 3D modelling.
When I learned about the existence of 3D printers an entire world of possibilities opened up for me, but jewelry wasn’t one of the possibilities I thought of.

It was the crop circle vacation trip in 2014 with Janet Ossebaard and Coen Vermeeren that changed my life (plot twist).
After this spectacular journey I got asked to design and 3D print crop circle jewelry.

And I liked it! I liked it so much, I started my own business in it.
So I’m really not a goldsmith, but a designer who knows what he does and loves Sacred Geometry.

Our mission, or how we like to call it; ambition. Is to assist people on their spiritual path and to serve higher dimensional (extraterrestrial) beings, with our sacred geometric products.
We design and create unique sacred geometric products, in the form of jewelry, healing tools, art and more.
Our instruments make a bridge between dimensions through sacred geometry.
Through this bridge, it becomes easier for higher dimensional beings and your higher self to make contact with you.
So their energies and answers can flow into our dimension.

Any questions? Let’s hear it!
If you have any questions about me, my products or my business, please just ask me.

And feel free to visit my website Sacred Creation or email me directly on 
Looking forward to hear from you !