A Few More Words About Wieteke


Wieteke started having contact with other dimensional beings at an early age (3). An amazing life-journey finally brought her into conscious contact with multidimensional personal guides from the Pleiades and other Interstellar constellations and since then they’ve been working together. Trough Wieteke, her Pleiadian guide functions as a gateway to information from the Universe, parallel lives, the Higher Selves of clients and information coming from the ET-medical team assisting (when requested) in private sessions.

Wieteke works from Amsterdam as a life-coach/artist and energy-worker from a practice called Design4awareness. 

Her relationship to art and images is as close as you can possibly imagine. She would tell you, she basically 'thinks and breathes' in images, colors and sounds. She loves singing, painting, drawing, sketching and working with the ET-beings that she considers as family. Since her path started so young, and since back then she was insecure to share that information with anyone, one of her main reasons to go into the direction of the arts was because she felt images were the most natural (and non-resistant) way of sharing what she had learned from the ET's.  This felt natural also because  Interstellar 'downloads' come to her as full concepts, mainly consisting out of images to begin with. She knew at age 6 she wanted to be an artist and kept to the path of her heart, finishing Art Academy at the age of 25 as a book-illustrator. Why as an illustrator? "Because images are stories and stories contain images when we grasp them in our minds - I always felt these two go hand in hand. And I just love translating. As an illustrator I got to translate the images that were already between the words (for me), and 'lift them to the surface' for other people to see". 

The reason channeling feels so natural to her is partly because she feels very 'trained' in that area. "I can now see that I have been in school in a sense my whole life, to get a good hang of this translation process. Now the Beings that I work with send me thought-patterns in images, and I just translate them into words for my clients during the ET-healings. Thus they receive clear information on many levels, practical and symbolical, to help understand why certain things are (or have been) out of alignment with them- so they can allow themselves to re-align again."

"I still love making art. Sacred geometry and images of ET's showed up spontaneously since a very early age and continued to become more frequent in my art works as I grew up. Now, I feel I can go into a channeling state before I start a painting or while working on it. Light languages and symbols flow from me when I go into that state, and I no longer have any perception of time passing. The colors are clear in my head before I paint them, it is like remembering a dream and bringing it to live on a canvas. I listen to Solfeggio frequency music while I paint, I sometimes put crystals around the canvas, and use certain organic scents in the room while I work. To me it is a full ritual, a dance, and something that I love to share with others who feel they resonate with these frequencies.