Beyond the Invisible

Beyond the Invisible
Last Updated: 06 September 2022
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I look into the mirror 
See myself, I'm over me 
I need space for my desires 
Have to dive into my fantasies 

I know as soon as I'll arrive 
Everything is possible 
Cause no one has to hide 
Beyond the invisible

Close your eyes 
Just feel and realize 
It is real and not a dream 
I'm in you and you're in me 

It is time 
To break the chains of life 
If you follow you will see 
What's beyond reality 

"Beyond the Invisible" is a 1996 song created by the musical project Enigma.


Much of the information given on this website may sound far fetched to many who are still sleeping and dreaming in a visible world we call 'reality'.
As many old scriptures are teaching us that who we really are is not from this world, we are only temporarily here to experience ourselves, to see our reflection in the mirror of this physical dimension.
From 2010 onwards with a pinnacle on december 21st 2012 people start to awaken rapidly to their real essence and understanding what's beyond the visible and even beyond that ...

On this page you will find interviews we have done with networking stations as well as a short clip for a bigger broadcasting company regarding our perpective and our experience on ET-healing sessions done with the help of extraterrestrial beings.
Be open minded, be open hearted, just feel and realize, it is real and not a dream.
For a long time, feeling was accounted for as 'not real', but still it was there, wasn't it ?
And if you can feel it, you experience it and therefor it is real.
It is time to break the chains of life, if you follow you will see, what's beyond reality ...

We wish you a lot of fun in watching us 'live' !!!

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