Axiatonal Alignment


1- Introduction to Axiatonal Alignment

Existence has only one property ... to exist.
All that exists is SOURCE ... Un-Differentiated Source.
Awakened teachers and spiritual traditions, poets, and artists down through time have at tempted to describe this Unity or Universal Grid in many ways.
A “place” where there is no separation but a seamless integration of All That Is to what we could call Oneness, the One, the Golden Lake ...


2. Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points

The human body is filled with and surrounded by a dynamic energy system.
The electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the body is referred to as the auric field, aura, or etheric body which is made up of the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


3. The Axiatonal Alignment | Reconnection Session

Axiatonal Alignment / the Reconnection is very sacred work and must be approached from this perspective when working with it. We must prepare accordingly by ensuring that we are working from our highest level of awareness, a place of total integrity.


4. Before and After

Once when we were at a fair and gave people the opportunity to experience the energies of the Reconnection, we had aura photos taken right before and right after the session.  There is quite a difference in the colors in the aura after the session as it shows a much richer and more dynamic palette of colors.


5. The Master Number 333

Aside from all the meanings and definitions that exist about the number 333 in numerology, the most confirming information came from Bashar's event "The Nine Levels of Consciousness" where he explains 333khz as the frequency of the Template Level in which we as consciousness/soul have defined our blueprint as human beings and through which we project ourselves into physical reality.


6. The Keys of Enoch - J.J. Hurtak PhD

In this mind-boggling work, first published in 1977, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, J.J. Hurtak describes 64 “keys” for the transformation of the human into the Lightbody.
The Keys of Enoch is a 600-page book of phrases, that contain spiritual-scientific teachings from two higher Teachers of universal intelligence called “Enoch” and “Metatron.”


7. Alex Gray - Sacred Mirrors

Alex Grey (interesting name by the way :-)) is not just any artist.
In his extraordinary work 'Sacred Mirrors' you can perfectly find the connections of the non-physical worlds with the physical body and how the Life Energy flow through the energetic lines, points and torus fields.


8. The Six Phrases of Reconnection

More than 50 different clients of Dr. Eric Pearl started transmitting the same messages while in a higher state of consciousness during a Reconnective Healing session, which have become known as "the Six Phrases of the Reconnection."
These phrases were both a clear sign of, and a meaningful catalyst to, the understandings of how to become the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet, through what is now called the Reconnection.


9. Scientific research on the Reconnection

... it manifested as a strange, vibrating energy in his hands, and many of his patients were healed, often dramatically, when he directed this energy towards them. 
And not only did he (and his dog) begin to feel "a presence" in the room, but several of his clients began to report perceiving the presence of beings during the treatments.


10. Vayu Trimurti Mudra

The human body is a combination of the five cosmic elements earth, air, fire, water and ether.
The five fingers are like control switches of these five elements of nature. 
The practice of mudras activate the flow of energy in the body and the Vayu Trimurti Mudra helps to regulate the element of air, develops intuition and protects against negative energies.


11. History of Meridian and Axiatonal Energy Work

In 2020, when we decided to delve into the origins of the Reconnection and explore Axiatonal Alignment to enrich the Master Practitioner course, it became increasingly clear that there would be many open questions at the beginning.
And that we were only going to reach the destination if we started walking the path.


12. Updates and Versions

Ezra'el indicated in 2018 that a 'Reconnection-like' healing method would play an important role in the coming phase of transformation on planet Earth.
As we began researching the origins of the Reconnection and developing the Master Practitioner course in 2020, it became increasingly clear that there would be new perspectives and open ends.
And not everything would be clear cut from the start.

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