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Appendices Introduction

The appendices of the syllabus broadly describe how we as a living organism are actually put together.
With what kind of magic does a human soul, take the form of a body in order to live a physical life.
How does the connection between the physical and the metaphysical (material and immaterial) make it possible to exchange information?

1 : Energy Medicine

Energy medicine or energy healing is based on the fact that -in addition to a system of physical and chemical processes- the human being is made up of a complex system of energy.
In this chapter, we will briefly explore the fundamentals of energy medicine.

2 : Chakra's

The traditional chakra anatomy delineates seven wheels, or vortices of energy, which are aligned in the body from the tailbone to the head and spin in a clockwise direction to move energy through the body.
The chakra anatomy is a commonly used system in many energy-healing modalities today.

3 : The Twelve-Chakra System

A more comprehensive chakra system is the Twelve-chakra system, as described by the Pleiadians in their teaching "Bringers of the Dawn," by Barbara Marciniak.
It is based on the classical Hindu chakra system of seven chakras, but it includes an additional five chakras that lie outside the physical body.

4 : The Twelve Layers of DNA - The Lemurian Layers

As we continue, you will see that the energies represented in the DNA become even more interdimensional.  In the case of these layers, however, they also tell a story of creation and the profundity of what actually might be in the DNA that makes it "the library of humanity on Earth."

5 : The Eight Senses and Interconnectedness

Many have entertained the idea that we may have more than five senses.
We refer to the ideas called telepathy, psychic functioning, ESP and all these ideas, as having a mysterious sixth sense - mysterious perhaps to some, and not so mysterious perhaps to others.

6 : The Human Physical Body Systems

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for a soul to take on the form of a physical body?
How does the connection work between the physical and the metaphysical (material and immaterial) to make it possible to exchange information?
How does the physical body operate in general?

7 : The Meaning of Dis-Ease and Healing

How is it possible that we develop a complaint and another person does not while that other person apparently lives in the same way?
What makes that something is good for one person and not good for another?
Let's dive deeper into what disease actually is.

8 : A Quest for Truth

Before we can "heal the world" we must learn to heal ourselves and in a sense healing ourselves is healing the world, because every change we make in our own being is a change in the totality of our planet consciousness.
Everything is connected and to truly understand that, it is time to acknowledge the truth about who we are.

9 : The Great Shift

There is so much happening on our planet Earth and within ourselves and there is an immense amount of interaction with other civilizations already taking place.
So, what is this collective shift we are making all about and how does this fit into the bigger picture?

10 : Dimension and Density

An expansion to a higher dimension also changes your perspective on the underlying dimensions. 
It is really impossible to fully understand our guides without being open to the possibility that other realities exist in other dimensions with different faculties than in ours.
Without this awareness, you will not be able to grasp ...

11 : Blueprint for change

As the human race moves further into the higher frequencies of the 4th Density, questions arise about how our reality is about to shift and what we can do to support ourselves and each other in this collective process.
What does it mean for a civilization to shift from 3rd to 4th density ?

12 : Our Galactic Family

The Universe is vibrant with life and over the hundreds of billions of years many civilizations have developed.
In particular, there is a "humanoid" lineage that is central to the history of humanity on Earth through Lyra and Vega.
In this chapter we will explore in a little more detail the various family lines in the Universe.

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