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The Arcturians are an 8th density non-physical consciousness which "has connected itself to the goings-on on your transformational Earth for a very specific reason."
The Arcturus energy is "a type of vibration that is very specific to fine-tuning energies, fine-tuning frequencies, and allowing you to function more in alignment with your true natural self, so that the people being born on your planet now, incarnating on your planet now for a little while, do not forget as much of who they actually are, do not forget that they are greater beings.

They come through what is called the Arcturus Gate, the Arcturus Portal, the Arcturus vibration, that aligns energy and crystallizes energy in incarnational ways in a specific way that allows you to vibrate at a level where you exhibit more and more of who you are, and that is why you are seeing in your planet now more and more prodigies being born, more and more children who remember the idea of other lives, more and more of what you call the Indigo species that have great abilities beyond what would seem to be normal for what they have learned on your physical planet.

They are connecting to other simultaneous existing incarnations from the OverSoul level; they are bringing through informations that can teach the adults on your planet many many different kinds of things that you need to remember about yourselves in order to function in this way more holistically, more globally, more galactically, and allow yourselves to propel yourselves, and accelerate yourselves rapidly in the direction of your true potential, as a species becoming more fully Human than you've ever been before, and allowing yourself to begin to truly awaken those "switches" within your genetic makeup to allow you to move in the direction of becoming the 6th hybrid race.

The Arcturus energies create certain frequencies that have been interpreted by your reality as the trumpets of the angels", "and that is a vibrational frequency that guides you into a certain level of vibrational reality that is representative of more alignment with Source, with Creation.
The call of the trumpets calls you back to yourself, to more of yourself, to blend with the Higher Mind, to balance with the Higher Mind so that you're functioning as a whole being; it's like a guiding beacon.


Wikipedia on Arcturus :

Arcturus of the constellation Boötes is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. With a visual magnitude of -0.04, it is the fourth brightest star in the night sky, after -1.46 magnitude Sirius, -0.86 magnitude Canopus, and -0.27 magnitude Alpha Centauri. It is a relatively close star at only 36.7 light-years from Earth, and, together with Vega and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun's neighborhood.

The name of the star derives from Ancient Greek Αρκτοῦρος (Arktouros) and means "Guardian of the Bear", ultimately from ἄρκτος (arktos), "bear" + οὖρος (ouros), "watcher, guardian".


The Arcturus Gate

Arcturus represents the gate of energy through which communication from other dimensions of experience is funneled into your dimension of experience.
They are the regulating gate.
It doesn't mean that things are being regulated in a very structured sense, but only that they are the translators of energy from other dimensions into your dimension, into symbols you can understand.
Much of the emanation of energy, of the dissemination of energy, and the regulation of the transformational rate going on an your planet, and many other planets within your galactic system, is under the auspices of the Arcturus gate.

They are also responsible for creating a particular type of energy alignment through which many of your children now being born are passing before birth – so they will forget less of who they are once they are born into your society.
In that sense, they have connections into what you call the angelic realm, and therefore are represented by a lot of non-physiological consciousness as well.
Some of this is an aspect of Pleiadian energy, but a lot of it represents aspects of extra-dimensional energy as it is symbolized in your material reality.

Arcturean Symbol

From my perspective there is a lot of attention on the Arcturean people, the experience. Just to help me spark additional things, could you describe Arcturus and its experiences ?

In regard to the level with which we are dealing at this time, the only description we can share with you is what has already been shared – that they are a collective energy consciousness.
There is nothing that would allow us to differentiate them in the sense of individuals, as you would understand it.
We can give you a symbol, however. It is only a symbol, and not something to get attached to, but it may function as a focal point.
It is a twelve-pointed white star on an orange-background circle on a background of black.
That symbol can represent their energy and act as a communicative link, or an identifying link, to the vibration of their energy, on whatever level you need to identify with them.
It is the energy and the consciousness associated with that particular star in your physiological reality to which we are referring as Arcturus energy.

Arcturus consciousness.

When you meet the Arctureans personally, they can feel very familiar ... 

Yes. Do recognize that from our point of view what those individuals represent is a strong identification with that vibratory energy.
On the level you are speaking of in terms of Arcturus energy, it is not so much that the energy actually, literally embodies itself, but that it forms an mental identification projection. 

Q: I recently channeled an energy, Bashar, that seemed to be coming through Boötes, through Arcturus.
They talked about the children with a tremendous amount of emotionality.

Yes, that is the core vibration that allows you to know that you are linking with that energy, specifically within your reality at this time – the emotional core vibration.
For it is an opening and a crystallization at the same time of certain doorways within you that are connected to that heart energy, and to the energy of the chakra of your intention in the solar plexus. It will create the heaving and the releasing, the assimilation and blending of energy simultaneously.
For it is that atmosphere into which the children are being born.
Do recognize that the children arriving at present are not just another generation; they are another culture.

Q: And it was as though it was being relayed through that constellation area, through the Arcturean energy, before it got to me. I was wondering why that was.
The only reason I could think of was that it was so intense, I may not have been able to handle it.

Yes, on many different levels, in order for you to be able to assimilate it comfortably beyond the experience of your physiological universe, it must come through a physiological valve, or representational symbol to which you can relate – to which you have already formed a degree of relationship – so it will also carry with it a degree of familiarity by the time you receive it.

Q: I know I felt like there was more emotionality there than I could handle for very long at that time.
But I did see a vision, or in my mind I guess, a brilliant, brilliant star – which was behind this being who I think, was a teacher.

This is a representation of the other levels we are speaking about. Arcturus represents the combined triad of Earth, Essassani and Sirius on another level altogether.


I was wondering if you could articulate a little more on the Arcturus energy being on a different level from the triad.

We can put it briefly that your planet, our civilization, and the civilization of Sirius together combine for one consciousness, as well as, and apart from, the three distinct civilizations within it.
And that one consciousness finds itself being one part of an overall triad, of which Arcturus is also one of the overall consciousnesses.
The other third besides our triad is Polaris.

It is very simple. You have, let us say, Sirius, Earth and Essassani.
Those three form one triangle. The energy you are perceiving from Arcturus – that is another triangle; Polaris is another one.
So each one of those respectively has three components within it, and together the three triangles form another whole consciousness that is also a part of another triad yet again.
And on and on and on goes the pattern.


What is the name of our collective consciousness ?

It can generally be refereed to as any one of the names that represent the overall collective consciousness within each and every civilization.
Thus for Sirius it would be Siskeen, and for us, Shakana. For you it is the Christ Consciousness.

I've heard something about how we're moving very close in the direction of Polaris.

Yes. Again, that is because like Arcturus, it is one of the major constituents of the overall consciousness triad that is represented by the main group.
As Arcturus represents the emotional side, and as Earth, Essassani and Sirius represent generally a collective idea of mentality, in a certain way Polaris (by your instinctive name) represents the idea of the polarities that you are now blending together – positive energy and negative energy in and of itself. 
Thus, as you are now forming integration, and making positive and negative into one reality, so are you deriving a degree of physiological affinity in the direction of Polaris, because that is your indicator.
It is the indicator of the theme in your integration – the blending of the polarities.

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