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Essassani, Sassani, Shakani and Eshakani

Members of this civilization identify themselves mostly by the name Essassani but this is actually the name of their planet.
The name of their race is the Sassani, meaning 'living light'.
The 'Es' means 'place' and so, the full name Essassani means 'place of living light'.
Shakani is actually the name of their collective consciousness, like the 'Christ Consiousness' is that for us and Siskeen for the Sirius civilization.
Their ancient name for our collective 'Christ-Consciousness' is Ennannika which Bashar sometimes refers to when talking to us in ancient Essassani language. (Nui Ennanni ~ Children of Earth).

Since mid 2013 they also call themselves ‘Eshakani ‘, due to a shift in resonance from the 4th density to the 5th density.
Because the 5th density is no longer a physical reality they are also shifting to another type of reality all together with other qualities and markers that make up that reality, by which they are shifting to what they call the 5th dimension (beyond the physical 4th dimensions containing three dimensions of space and one of time).
So, the 4th density is the last density of physical reality and the 5th density is the first density of non-physical reality due to the high frequencies.
And when a reality changes from physical to a new quasi-physical state with complete new qualities and attributes, it is also a shift to a new dimension, the 5th dimension.

When Bashar was asked in 2014 what the Essassani civilization is currently exploring, he answered:

“we are working on the idea of understanding different dimensions that we have not encountered before as a reflection of our own higher consciousness and in particular we are being assisted with this by the non-physical beings that exist or are connected to the vibrational realm of the star system Sirius .
We are learning to be both Quasi-physical beings, how to bridge both physicality and non-physicality .
This is our greatest societal challenge at this time. 
It is an expansive one, learning to be half-physical and half-spirit, simultaneously ”


Sassanni - Human Contact

Several members of the Sassani civilization offer very valuable information via channeling of which Bashar is one of the most well known.
Bashar (meaning 'messenger'), is a first contact specialist channeled by Darryl Anka since 1985.
Other Essassani beings purportedly in contact with humans include Anima (Bashar's female counterpart), CyboElanOnkorSoleil, and Riok.

They live in a timeline equivalent to our (probable) future 23rd century, but not necessarily on our current time line though.
Thát, we have to determine ourselves in this phase of our own evolution and that's why they give us so much information so we can make a deliberate choice of what version of Earth (which timeline) we want to live on.
Anima added that 'you have all chosen to have us play this role'.

Bashar explains how the energies of planets and civilizations are related in triads; Earth, Essassani and Sirius is one such triad. There are many more by which civilizations are connected.
This is a kind of hierarchy in which just as humans evolve and also individual planets, also whole civilizations with planets move up, so to speak, the same framework of ascension steps.

The Essassani World

The Sassani civilization consists of a total of about 230 million inhabitants who live 'on' their planet Essassani.
Their planet is just like ours the third planet in their solar system, but unlike us they have three (artificial) moons around their planet.
Although they do stay on their planet Essassani from time to time, they generally live aboard their ships the size of our big cities (5-20 km in diameter).
They leave their ships and visit their planet mostly for recreational, educational and scientific purposes.
There are buildings on their planet, but they are not used for permanent housing.

The average life span of a Sassani is about 300 years in their reality, which is equivalent to 30 Earth years. 
Their civilization does not speak verbally anymore, they communicate telepathically but they still know their original Sassani language and from time to time parts of this beautiful language come through during events of Darryl Anka.
Not only do they communicate fully energetically, they also feed themselves fully energetically ... they don't eat, drink or defecate.

A day at Essassani takes 25 hours in our time (it rotates less fast than Earth) and a year lasts 454 days (one orbit around a sun).
Their planet is about 120 million miles from their star, we are 93 million from our Sun.
So their planet makes a wider orbit around their sun (i.e. further away from their sun), but because their sun is hotter than ours, the temperature on their planet is still a pleasant one, averaging 22 degrees Celsius. 
Their sun is named Sha, as ours is called Solar.

Their green planet has a very small axis tilt of three to four degrees that makes their climate almost stable, without any real seasons as we know them and the temperature is only slightly different from the average 22 degrees Celsius over the whole year. 
The oxygen in their air is a little richer than ours, we’d be a little light headed until we adjusted, but could live there just fine with very little adjustment.
Now they don't breathe themselves anymore, but we could live well there with very little adaptation to their air and gravity which is about 85% of ours.

They don't have a natural moon, but the Grey's created 3 artificial moons of about 75 miles in diameter, which through their frequencies regulate and stabilize their entire collective consciousness. 
They called their moons Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse and in the similar named events on 20 June 2014 Bashar indicated that these moons now also help us to stabilize the frequency shifts on our planet, so our transformation is more or less harmonic and does not take place with excessive shocks.

Anima, a female member of the Essassani mentioned that their planet exists about 500 light years in the direction of the Orion constellation but it is no longer in our frequency band and therefor not detectable by us.

The Sassani's planet, Essassani, is in a star system with six other planets orbiting their star (sun), Sha.
Due to their elevated dimension we cannot see their planet, but if we could it would be approx 500 light years in the direction of the Orion constellation.
Bashar takes you on a guided tour through their Essassani solar system in the Holotope included in the event 'The I of the Storm'.

There are no major structures on their planet, it is mainly park-like and very green.
A population of approximately 230 million exist mainly in numerous ships of city size and the planet surface is used for recreational purposes.

Although they do live in a physical world of space and time, it is very different from ours, since their frequency matches a higher range of 4th density, where space and time are very malleable and multiple timelines become visible.
They do not follow the flow of keeping track of time at all, for them all is synchronicity in the real meaning of the word ... synchronous meaning 'at the same time'.
Everything exists at the same time, they can see all the (relevant) timelines and chose the one of their highest excitement (frequency).

They evolve 10 times faster than we do on Earth, due to the dimension and frequency of their embodiment making the average life span of an Essassani 30 of our years that is 300 of theirs.
The frequency of their reality is on average just below 300,000 cycles per second (hertz), known by them as the Epsilon state which reaches 333.000hz, demarking the border between Physical and Non-Physical reality.
As a contrast Earth’s reality resolution is approx 144,000 hz. (resource : The Precursors 2016) causing them to be not visible for us at this moment, though we can contact them through consciousness connections.

Beyond their genetic humanoid connection, they are also very connected to the Sirius vibrations, forming a unique planetary OverSoul relationship with them and with us, Earth humans.
Forming a (Earth, Essassani, Sirius)  triad, which acts as a singular consciousness at a 'higher' level, and as a triad again connecting to another triad with Arcturus  (37 light years)  and Polaris (430 light years away, Pleiadian connection)

Sassani Morphology (body shape)Vashta Narada, Anima, Bashar, Cybo

The Sassani people are humanoid, small in height, about 5 feet (1.5m), of fragile build, larger eyes than ours, whitish / greyish complexion (although there are exceptions).
Only the females have hair, which is white with some exceptions.
The head is not as big proportionately as the Zetas; nose is small and mouth is smaller than humans but larger than the Zetas, and is functional.
Their irises are typically grey, but their pupils are enlarged, giving the appearance of almost totally black eyes.
They have 5 fingers on hands and probably they have 4 toes (or 5).

The Sassani people are telepathic and don't speak, they don't eat, drink or defecate.

They create offspring between a male and a female outside their body, without any physical contact, through an energy bubble imbued with their idea and harmonies of the higher mind - mind-soul-consciousness, where a child is formed from a single point like a seed. This happens because a 'body shape' is in our mind and not the other way around.
The child who has made the choice to be in their society grows and is telepathically guided.

At the age of 3 (in human terms) the children can go out on their own, learn what they want to learn, because every Essassani always knows where they are, because everyone is telepathically connected to their collective consciousness Shakani.
They are ONE family in that sense, a child belongs to every adult, and every adult belongs to every child.
To help the child learn, they create environments for them, to express their excitement and to experience the consequences of their actions safely.
Essassani children are encouraged to discover themselves in every possible way by using the synchronous energy that enables everyone to receive what they need, when they need it.

Image Artist interpretation of Sassani/Shakani energies
Left to right: Primary Facilitator, Anima, Bashar, Cybo
Artist : Vashta Narada

Sassani 3rd Hybrid Race

The Essassani is the third humanoid race in a series of 5 hybrid humanoid races that have a direct connection and relationship with humans here on earth.
In the blog THE FIVE HYBRID RACES we discuss this extensively.

The Essassani will be the 3rd hybrid civilization with which humanity will make physical contact, after the 5th and 4th hybrid race (Ya'Yel and unknown), respectively.
For decades they have given humanity information in various ways, especially metaphysical information about the structure of existence and how we create our own reality.

Especially through Darryl Anka a channel of the same oversoul as Bashar (in fact Bashar is a future self of Darryl) and Darryl is able to function as a channel for the vibrations and information of Bashar.
For decades, Bashar has also been providing information in preparation for open contact with other civilizations such as his own, in order to enable those who choose to do so to increase their vibrational frequency and release it from the control mechanisms that have existed on Earth for thousands and thousands of years.

Please remember — this is very important to remember, all of you. Our civilization is not doing anything more than you're doing.
We create our own reality, you create your own reality. It's just that we are aware that we're doing so.
So the only difference between what we experience in our civilization and what you experience in your lives, in your civilization, is not a difference that we're doing something different!
It is the degree of awareness that you have that you're doing the same thing that we are. That's the difference.
So the more you are more aware of who you are and how you're creating your reality, through your belief systems, then the more you will see that you are always in control of whatever it is that you experience in life.


Sassani Consciousness

The Sassanni people experiences are fully aware in the present and therefor they don't judge experiences.
They know that everything in the present reality is there for a reason and take any experience as a moment learning and growth.
They do not cause polarities, which is separating self from the experience and perception but exist fully in the unity of all things by being in the balance point, the center of the trinity.

The Sassanni people die consciously, even with their eyes open, chosen to be the right time to move on and expand.
There is no decay of the body for it converts instantaneously back into universal energy.

Their civilization operates completely synchronistic, which is typical of all advanced races.
No governments are required; they operate more by networks, on an individual and group basis.

Individuals or groups provide a needed service in such a manner that no monetary or barter system is necessary; everything is free.
There lifestyle is always 'very spontaneous, very joyful, very ecstatic'.


Sassani Space Craft

They emphasize the harmonic number 'three', even to the point of having three-sided scout crafts, that is, triangular shaped.
And of course this is resembled in their contact symbol: a black triangle 

Bashar's craft is 8 feet thick/high and length of a side is 40 feet.
It is powered by light, piloted by computer mind-link with a navigator, and the ship hulls are a crystalline-metallic composite 'grown' on force-field templates.
In the centre of the craft is the central power with peripheral control panels and telepathy chamber.

The city ships range from one to ten miles in length.
They are used to explore galaxies and contacting planets within the Association of Worlds.  



Sassani Language

Although the Sassani people now communicate fully telepathically with each other and with their collective, they once spoke a language just like we do on Earth.
And it will be different from person to person, of course, but with many people, who somehow feel connected to this civilization or other hybrid civilizations, hearing this language is simply movingly beautiful.
As though waking up to a memory of another life.
The Sassani language is an "ancient" language which is a hybridization of many of the languages of Earth and has at some point, transformed into pure telepathic / telempathic communication.

Some words and phrases in ancient Sassani :
- Sassani ~ Living light
- Essassani ~ Place of living light
- Ha'atu ~ "I love you"
- Ta Deo ~ Father
- Narnia ~ Daughter
- Shi va y ~ "I am completely in my passion, stand aside for I'm coming through"

Occasionally Bashar speaks to us in the ancient Sassani language during the Holotope Meditations.
There is a collection of snippets and even if you can't understand it with 'the mind', it's so tangible in your whole system.



Sassani Personality

The Sassanni personality of course differs from being to being, but generally one could say their personality is a mix of the Zeta's telepathy, longevity, sensitivity, scientific and intellectual capacities as well as humanity's vital, emotional, sexual and physical aspects.
They also contain a very human like curiosity and the predilection for speedy advancement.
They are very likeable, are very rich with humor and fluid in their emotions.

Essassani flag - Essassani signature frequency

Bashar - Darryl Anka

Bashar is one of the people of the Sassani civilization.
He comes from a family line of first contact specialists and his passion is to discover new civilizations and to be involved in the very extensive and many decades-long process of making contact with these new civilizations.

More about this see 'Protocols of First Contact' as he described it in the event of the same name.
The Essassani flag or signature energy is the image above, showing a black equilateral triangle, pointing upwards and separated from a black background by a deep blue luminescent light peaking around the edges of the triangle works as a kind of phone number that allows you to make contact with their collective consciousness more easily when used or applied as a form of meditation.

Bashar - Ayako Sekino

Bashar was made most popular by the changelings from Darryl Anka, but in the past also through a channel in Japan, Ayako Sekino.
Ayako first connected with the entity known as Bashar in 1987 and she has been participating in the awakening of our consciousness and the planet since.
After 5 years of channeling Bashar, Ayako decided to let go of that medium of expression to awaken to her true self by applying Bashar ‘s message to her life.
Her books and seminars have inspired many throughout Japan.
In 2000, she conceived “Infini,” a method to raise our vibration and “live awake,“ within our own dimension and universal consciousness.
She has been holding classes internationally in Japan, the U.S. and France.

In 2008, during a collaborative event with Darryl Anka and Bashar, she remembered a future life on Essassani wherein she teaches awakening as she does in present life.
Her presence is an invitation to shift to our true dimension of being, outside of the limitations of the Earth experience, expressing that all dimensions are accessible to anyone who desires to awaken.

Video Featuring: Awake Sekino, Reuben Langdon


Bashar Contact Crystal

Other Sassani Contacts 

Though the Sassani make are very eager in regards to making contact to humans, there are not so many humans that publicly share their information.
Most of the contacts with humans take place either in dream time, during meditations or more rarely during 'çlose encounters' with a very select group of people by showing up with a ship or via a very tangible presence.

Especially for people who would like to go further in the process of more personal contact with the Essassani people, Bashar has indicated as an option to work with the Contact Crystal and the Sacred Circuitry

Other humans channeling a member of  the Sassani collective are 

  • Andrew, having channeled Elan from the Sassani for 6 years (1990 - 1996)
  • Tyler Ellison, channeling a being from the Sassani collective, named Riok


More material about Bashar and Elan (Essassani) and many more ET-channelers can be found in the libraries of our online community Human-ET One.

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