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The Grey Federation

You have arrived now into this vibrational energy which is ripe to interconnect with what we are loosely calling the Grey Federation with three bands consisting of black, grey and white.Grey Beings
The Grey beings are an amalgamation of a number of different things. They can not be lumped into one thing! 
Although there are connections between them, which is why we are calling them a ‘federation’, to represent the different factions of beings that you might recognize in general as ‘Greys’, in all the different varieties they come.

However as we have previously laid out, the Greys are not really Alien beings to you.
Most of the ones that you are dealing with are a race of mutated human beings from a ‘Parallel Earth’ that destroyed itself.
Once they had created a high level of technology on that parallel version of Earth, a technology way beyond where yours (Earth's) is now, but because they were focused on the idea of technology, and intellectuality, they eventually sacrificed the concepts of emotionality and looked upon this as an inferior state of being .

Overtime they began to become very disconnected from nature which allowed them to, in a sense, allow their planet to go to ruin.
They no longer took care of the nature, they allowed themselves to strip mine, to deforest, change the climate, all in the name of their technology and then ultimately looked up and realized that their planet was fast becoming uninhabitable to such a degree that even their technology could not do anything about it and at this point they had altered themselves in such drastic ways in sense of their genetics, their technology, their biology, that they really were, part human and part machine and thus could no longer relate to the idea of nature in a variety of ways and realized what they had done would create a situation where their race would completely, eventually, die out.

They no longer had the ability to reproduce and so they realized in order to perpetuate their species they began experimenting with a number of things: first because their environment was becoming less and less inhabitable they moved themselves into underground cities, and began experimenting with cloning themselves, over and over again, eventually realizing this was of course a dead end.
Even with their technology they could not replicate the original human DNA and knew they needed viable, vibrant, natural, original Human DNA to introduce it back into their genetic structure if they were going to have any chance at all of perpetuating their culture and so they realized that the only way to extract that, would be to use their technology to tunnel in to parallel realities where they knew humans still exist, such as yours and find the DNA that they required to create a Hybrid race, one civilization of which we, the Essassani, are, to allow their culture to perpetuate itself.
So this they did, and created many different Hybrid civilizations.

Nevertheless in expanding into parallel realities as these mutated humans, called the Greys, they eventually created a variety of different versions of themselves and also encountered in those parallel realities, different versions and varieties of themselves including one that is native to the Star system Zeta Reticuli, and by making a relationship with the beings there, they created something that they desperately needed which was a different kind of guidance, on a different kind of level beyond just intellectuality, on a level that could see into different dimensions, could really help them plan out the idea of how to create these different Hybrid civilizations, who could oversee such a vast project that would take eons of time to manifest.

Once they encountered these beings in the Zeta Reticuli system they formed and developed a relationship with them to allow them to become the overseers of all this plan/agenda and in allowing those overseers to participate in that hybridization agenda that would perpetuate their species, in some ways they actually started to devolve it to them, allow them to become the primary organizers of their civilization.
These overseers are what many of people in the abduction phenomenology have come to recognize as the insect like mantis beings that are very tall.
So in a sense they became part of the Grey federation as the overseers.

Upon recognizing that many of the parallel reality versions of Earth that the Greys had tunneled into were also going down similar paths to the path they had taken that destroyed their world and prevented them from being able to reproduce, prevented from having emotionality, they recognized that by creating these hybrid beings, such as ourselves (Essassani’s) they could also give back a gift to those parallel worlds by allowing these Hybrid beings to stave off the same fate, the same experience, that many of the parallel versions of Earth were also going down, so that they would not have to experience the same degree of limitation that the Greys experienced on their World.

So this is one of the reasons why we are sharing this information with you, today of your time and for the past 30 of your years and in a variety of ways to allow you to understand you don’t have to take the same path, that you can change your destiny, that you can awaken to your understanding of consciousness in such a way that you can create a reality for yourself that is quite different from the reality path that they took.

Source : Bashar-Interstellar Enneagram


The Grey Beings that feature in the alien abduction stories are not really extraterrestrial, according to Bashar, but are actually mutated humans from a parallel reality "future" Earth, who came to consider feelings to be a kind of inferior state of being.

Even though they do have, technically, advanced technology that allows them to visit other planets and build societies on other planets and in that sense, yes, "come from" other planets, they're still, at their core, originally, not exactly extraterrestrial.
They are mutated humans from a parallel Earth, that destroyed their civilization — much in the same way your civilization is polluting itself.
They adapted to it, mutated to it, but then found out they could no longer reproduce, and recognized the only way to perpetuate their society was to find a source of genetically viable material, but there were no longer any original humans, but ... in parallel realities there are.
And so they tunneled into your parallel reality, and said, "look at all the humans. Look for viable genetic material to continue our species — it won't be exactly our species, but it will be something that will perpetuate our reality".
And hence, they created the hybrids. And there are many different hybrid civilizations, of which we are only one.
So again, we thank you... great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma.

Source : Bashar, 2006

One of the parallel realities inhabited by humans they encountered was native of Zeta Reticuli.
Having their level of technology but also still being in touch with their emotions and thus connected to nature, the Greys desperately formed an agreement with them.
They allowed the Zeta Reticuli to be the overseers and primary organizers, from a higher level, of their civilization.
The Grey Federation thus undertook a project that, like the Orion transformation, would take eons.

Out of the 30 generations of hybrids that were created by the Greys that exist 'today', five of them are Human-Grey ... more on that in The Five Hybrid Races
In Bashar's timeframe (that is 150-300 years ahead in 'our future' as we perceive time), he says, there are no Greys left — meaning that they failed to survive as a species, but in a sense they survive via the 5 Human-Grey, and 25 other, hybrid civilizations that they created.

The Zeta Reticuli are the 'very tall, insect-like mantis beings' in our alien abduction phenomenology.
They are not "leaders" in the sense that we understand it, for there are no leaders in hive minds, which are actually one entity, similar to bees and ants.

Different Shades of Greys

The Greys Hive Mind Mentality

Questioner:  I have some questions relating to the Greys ...  I understand that they don’t use names for each other, but...

Bashar:  Unneeded when you have, what you would call, a telepathic hive mentality.

From time to time, they may represent themselves to various beings of your planet as having individualized and named components, but this may only be a temporary convenience for the purpose of certain communications with beings who may require a name.

Q:  So how ... if they are in a group, how would they address each other? 

B:  Again, telepathically there is no need for the idea of singling anyone out, first of all. Because they are a hive mentality, and even if that would be necessary then each individual component would simply be recognized by its innate signature frequency or its vibrational part of the whole. 
In the same way that you don’t necessarily have to give a name to a certain note to recognize it as a certain pitch, as a certain frequency. 
So, because there may be a different body here and a different body there, even though they may be telepathically connected in, what might be called, one mind, a hive mind, the idea that it is perceived as a different body here and different body there, in and of itself, is indicative that there are slightly different frequencies for each of them that represent the individuality -- even though it is not greatly enhanced, nor reinforced within a hive mentality civilization.  Does that make sense to you?

Q:  Yes, in that sense then, is there a hierarchy amongst them?

B:  A loose one, although there are, again, levels of them that do function similarly, again, please understand this is a very rough analogy. 
Please do not think we are making a one to one correlation here with what you are familiar with, in terms of the analogy we will now use, but there is a rough correlation to the idea of what you would call ant colonies or beehives, in the sense, that obviously there are those that may act as organizers or controllers of a sort but, in a sense, it is not the same idea that you would call a hierarchy, in the sense of authority. 
It is simply more naturally recognized that there are those who have the vibrational resonance and the created position or station of doing certain things that others do not. 
You understand the difference?

Q:  So it is not quite a leader, but there are some that exhibit more leadership qualities than the others?

B:  You would call it thus, yes, but it functions as one mind.  In the same way that you would not necessarily say that your legs are the leaders of your body, but their function is to lead you around.  
So it is recognized that they have a certain function because they are designed that way as a part of the whole to make you mobile. 
But you would not necessarily say, "Well, obviously, that part of the body must be the leader, because it is doing the leading." 
That is a rough analogy for how you may be able to look at the Grey civilization a little bit more accurately.

Source : Bashar - Unknown approx. 1997


Common Origins

You may be wondering how it is possible that there are not only humans living on 'our' Earth, but also on a parallel Earth where apparently the same kind of humans as us live (lived).
Realizing that we, the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, originated here on our Earth some 350,000 years ago out of a genetic adaptation by the Anunnaki.
So how did these humans originate on that parallel Earth?

Are there any Anunnaki either here physically on Earth or communicating telepathically with anyone here?

Not in their original form contemporarily, unless you are referring to the Greys as the devolved result of a certain branch of Anunnaki.
A faction of the Anunnaki settled up, if you will, on a planet and ultimately created catastrophes in their world that ultimately resulted in the devolution of themselves into the form you now understand as the Grey. 
So, in that sense, they are still, to some degree  Anunnaki, though they now require the idea of the genetic material that they utilize to create the human body to begin with to reinforce their own race and create the hybrid species so that they can incarnationally continue. 
So, in that sense, I suppose, if you want to simply talk about it incarnationally, you and we together are, like them, also offshoots of Anunnaki.

Source : Bashar - Being Your Natural Self (1997)


Five Factions of Greys           

In our everyday spoken language, we often speak of 'the Greys' as if all these beings were one and the same.
But just like with us on Earth, we are all human and at the same time we are all different. Even whole population groups have completely different cultures and habits and have different looks.
This is why the Grey federation is mentioned for a reason, it already indicates that also among the Greys there are several groups and/or civilizations.

B: So it is really not just a simple black and white picture and you must understand that even within the Greys there are actually many different factions that have slightly different agendas and slightly different ways of looking at things. 
You can not just say the GREYS and why are THEY this are not that, anymore than you can say the HUMANS why are they not this and not that because you know that every human individual is very different.
It may not be down to an individual level for the Greys but there are a large collectives within the Greys that might function as a slightly different individuated agenda for another collective within the Greys.
Therefore even they are at odds with each other over certain issues as to exactly how to handle this overall agenda of whatever it is they are doing for their society for any given moment. 

Within the overall collective of the Greys there are actually five different agendas.
One will be, as has been said, a more advanced level of the Greys, what you might call a more futurized level of the Greys. 
One will be one more contemporary to you, and one will be much more primitive in terms of time frame. 
Three different time frames of Greys interacting with each other because they have the ability to slip through inter-dimensional time. For you this might cause confusion.
But because they are of one mind it is not necessarily as confusing for them as it might be for all of you on an individual level. 
The other two have to do with fluctuations within the more primitive and moderate or middle level of Greys. 

The futuristic Greys are relatively cohesive in their understanding of what they are doing, but in the contemporary level and in the more primitive level there are also splits about how to go about doing what they are doing.
Even whether or not to go about doing what they are doing.
With regard with their relationship to you, your relationship to them and the whole idea of the creation of the hybrids in terms of what that ultimately will do for them, for you and so forth. 
There are in their eyes many different important issues to discuss with regard to what it is and why it is they are even interacting with you. 

The number five has to do with the number of humanity and thus what they are exploring, in their own way, is opening the gateway, of what might be something that you would recognize as the reclamation of their humanity.
Thus they are dealing in a sense with a faction that for the most part would be very similar to the concept of the more primitive functions of the brain on a very primeval level they are dealing with a part of their collective that has to do with the concept of the absorption and integration of emotionality. 
They are dealing with the part that has to do with the absorption, integration, and balance of intellectuality. 
They are dealing with a part that has to do with integration of the bodily forms and they are dealing with the part that has to do with the integration of the etheric or the spirit on very different levels and in very different ways than humanity is doing it even though humanity is also integrating all those things on an individual level for each and everyone of you in your own unique individual pattern. 
Does that make any sense to you?

Q: Yes, I'm wondering if any particular one of those groups is prevailing over the others or are they all working together?

B: In some senses they have an innate underlying understanding that they do have to ultimately all balance together and fit into the appropriate slots somehow. 
There might be a little jostling here and there among the five groups now and then for exactly what that should mean, but powerfully that they have an underlying desire for the manifestation of any particular agenda. 
That would be one lesson your people could learn well from them - to focus on the outcome or the desire for a resolution more that exactly how it is you think your suppose to get there or which agenda is more right than another. 
So while they have some jostling they have a stronger sense of desiring a ultimate resolution. You follow?

Q: Yes, do any of them have a formal relations with any of the elements of our government.

B: Not any more.  There was a time when there was to some degree what you might recognize as a formal relation with a moderate group, the middle group, a portion of the middle group, but shall we just put it colloquially in your language--things didn't go well.  You follow?

Q: Well, I do. I'd like to hear... can you say anymore about when that dissolved?

B: In general terms it lasted about ten of your years generally speaking you would find it would be about between your early fifties to your mid sixties, early sixties, basically. 
There were a few splinter interactions that happened and even beyond that but for the most part that was the largest body, ten to fifteen of your years of the major interactions that occurred but then it was seen that the agendas did not really match as each side thought that they might and thus in that sense it fell apart for a variety of reasons that we will not go into detail about right now.   All right?

Source : Bashar - Unknown


Poor understanding and methodologies           

Why do the medical techniques of the Greys seem so barbaric in many instances, and why is there so much pain if they are so advanced?  The greys or Grey Beings

B: First of all do not necessarily make the assumption that they are as advanced as you might think on every level.  
You must understand that many societies will take a science only to the level that it serves them and no farther.  
Many times you will find especially in the circumstances regarding Greys that because they did create in their society a devolution and did in a sense destroy their societal structure and did evolve into the form that they are now. 
They also have sacrificed certain portions of their ancient technologies and have recreated them only to a certain degree that serves their agendas. 
The idea also to understand is that many of them are simplistic, not necessarily needing to be any more advanced because they simply do the job that is wanted them to do.
They have no reason to advance the technique if they can get what they want with what they have.
You could say that it is not so much not advanced, as economical. 

Though we are not implying that they have an economy like your planet but the idea is that they will only go as far as they need to because that is the way that their mentality is structured.  
So if they can invent a long pointy stick that will puncture a hole and extract the fluids they need, they have no reason to bother with anything else, you follow?

Q: Would that also include that fact that if they feel like they are going to screen out the memory of the experience, that they feel like then they don't have to bother about the pain for us?

B: In some senses, yes, since ultimately they believe it will not matter to you, then why bother to invent something that they can do simply with their minds.
Knowing that no matter what you go though in the meantime you won't remember. 
That's their logic, I'm not saying that it is right or wrong, I not saying it's what you may prefer that is simply their logic. 
Yes, does that help illuminate the idea a little bit?

Q: Well it does, the last question then would be but surely by now they must realize that their methods of making people forget the pain are not fool proof, and many people are experiencing pain.  So why don't they...  

B: Yes they are beginning to realize that: and you will understand that if you actually take, now in what you would call your contemporary day and age, a modern cross section of interviews of individuals, who are having those experiences, you will find that the quality of many of the experiences have changed. 
Sometimes however there will still be individuals who will report certain things but you must always be cautious to understand what it is they're actually saying and why? 

I am not, again, in any way shape or form, justifying any particular approach on any level or on behalf of anyone but sometimes an individual will report something that may seem still to be a very scary, very frightening experience but it may be because they are simply frightened and it may not really be because of anything that is being done to them but they may amplify that and imagine that they have suffered more than they actually have. 
Again I am not trying to excuse away anything that may have been done that would in a sense, perhaps, be better accomplished through mutual agreement, but nevertheless you have to take into account all the factors in every case to really understand what is going on in the evolution of the process, it's not always black and white and cut and dry just based on what someone might actually remember or think has happened to them. 

But overall you will find, if you will do the research and take a cross section, the quality of the interactions has changed because the agenda has changed and many of the Greys over time have learned and have absorbed the understanding that different techniques are required, and that they have in some cases acquiesced to allow the experience to be, if not more enjoyable, then certainly less painful, but again you must understand they are as far as you are concerned an alien consciousness - they have their own logic, they have their own agenda, and they do not see things as your people do, especially not in the emotional areas and thus, then, sometimes what kinds of things your species may required to do - that some form of sociological etiquette has been recognized, they may simply have no clue. 

In the same way, and again this is not a judgment nor a justification but if you will simply look at what many of your own scientists do to many of the animals on your planet I think you will get the point . 
How far do they go out of their way to make these animals comfortable when they are burrowing into their heads with drills?  Do you follow me?

Q: I do.

B: They have their agenda and they think that what they are doing is for the good of humanity and in some senses maybe it is, but they haven't yet arrived at the level where they can understand that there are other ways to extract the information that they need.  
As such remember the Greys are in their own way, a reflection of your society in its contemporary evolutionary state that's why you've attracted yourselves to each other in the way that you have, into the relationships that you have. 
They need things you have, you need things they have. 

You have drawn yourselves to each other to reflect to each other that in a sense you are both in your own ways at a certain stage of evolution -- and that on one level for you and for another level for them, is not necessarily very advanced. 
They may have higher technologies in certain areas, but you have great advancement in understanding individuated emotionality balance that they have absolutely no comprehension of except to understand that they need it and they understand enough that they must, genetically engineer it into the hybrids that they are creating in order that they can then be more than they are.  You follow? 

Source : Bashar - Unknown


Association of Worlds 

You have commented, many times, because of the Greys interaction with our civilization that it has precluded them from being members of your Association of Worlds.

We are in accordance on certain levels, but not on every one. 
And it doesn’t mean that we disagree, it simply means that there are resonances within each of our affiliations that overlap and those that do not, for a variety of different agendas and purposes. 
And you must remember the idea that we have discussed before, that in terms of our own timing, the only way that the, so called, Grey race can be involved in the Association is simply the way in terms of evolving into us. 
Since there are in our time no Greys left, they have all become hybrids.

Source : Bashar - Unknown


The Consequences of their Behaviour

The fact that the Greys take DNA from humans and the humans have forgotten their agreements with them, which creates this state of terror and resistance ... how does that affect them ?

Remember that you are also talking about the idea of multiple levels and multiple factions of what you are collectively referring to as the Greys.
There are different relationships with different factions and not necessarily do all levels of the agreements you have made with one faction, necessarily represent themselves in your relationship or interactions with another faction. Do you follow?
Although everything is a product on some level, of overall agreement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those agreements are representative of the specific ways that they play out with regard to your relationship with certain aspects of some of the factions of the Greys.

Some of the repercussions are, in some senses, reinforcing the original experience that devolved them into the Greys.
So it is like a cyclic loop.
The ones that do, finally emerge into the understanding that they are creating the cyclic loop, and allow themselves to change the perspective of their relationship to the overall agenda and agreement.
So that they can come from another level, approach it from another perspective that would be more beneficial in both directions – to their civilization and to yours.

And the beings that don’t, is there like, a confinement, or a jail type situation that they run into?

No, because in that sense, they are cut off from the collective and in that sense, if you wish to call that confinement, this would be experienced by them as such.
Because the perpetuation of that level of the energy will cut them off from the collective in such a way so as to make them feel completely isolated – which to them feels like death.

Source : Bashar - Unknown

Respecting Your Choices

Q:  Is there a part of your particular species that is not in agreement with this going on right now?
B:  Many of the methodologies that have been utilized are not within the scope of the vibration of, what we would call, our preference of integrity.

Q:  Really? So, it's really not out of the question for us to have felt at some point, very disturbed by these experiences?
B:  No, it is not out of the question.

Q:  And is some of the objection on your part due to the pain from us?
B:  We object to nothing.
     We recognize what is and is not our preferential frequency.

Q:  Why is it not preferential to you?
B:  Certain aspects may contain the idea of, what you would interpret as, force against will.

Q:  Hmm ... and so not all are pre-agreed upon contracts?
B:  I didn't say that.  But we would also not prefer for you to harm yourselves.

Q:  To harm ourselves?
B:  Yes, for then there can be seen the idea that many individuals, because of the fear that has been instilled within, they may find themselves attracted to and agreeing with the idea of attracting others to bring the idea of force against will, against them.
We simply disagree with this mechanism, in that sense, and we find that it is maybe, perhaps, not excusing the perpetrator, but simultaneously a self destructive mechanism.

Q:  So you feel that maybe our free will, on some level, is usurped by their powers?
B:  Well, not exactly usurped but, shall we say, made to appear to bend.

Q:  So you think that possibly many of us may be manipulated in some way to think that maybe these...
B:  Many of you allow yourselves to play the manipulation game, yes.

Q:  Now, how can we be clear on whether this is a contract?
B:  Be yourself and, in that sense, get in touch with your definitions that are generating the fears within you that would make it seem to be a motivation to want to be immersed in a manipulative game.

Source : Bashar - Respecting Your Choices (10-3-97)

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