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Bashar introduces and describes the unique glyphs called 'Sacred Circuits' that are being given to us as a present from his civilization of Essassani.
These glyphs, used with intention, have the potential to activate your consciousness and expand your understanding of who you are and what you what your life potential is.
Bashar describes how to use the glyphs and gives a unique way to meditate on them.

Since the beginning our civilization has been supported in our evolution by other dimensional beings that offered tools, techniques and guidelines by which the remembering and regaining of our full potential could be accelerated to a very high degree.

One of these tools is offered in this transmissions called Sacred Circuitry, being a set of 15 codes, glyphs, symbols or how you want to call them, given by Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka.
These codes are pretty old and get transferred from civilization to civilization, where obviously now is the time to bring them to our planet, to support our transformation and since these codes have the ability to connect us to our true Self, our core being, your purest of the purest they are considered very sacred.
In this blog we will dive into these symbols and the way to apply them using the literal explanations given by Bashar during this transmission.

“This transmission we will focus on an idea we have called in your language Sacred Circuitry.
You all have diagrams of some, just a few of the many Sacred Circuits.

“The basic idea is that like many permission slips it will tap into the collective consciousness and unconsciousness of your civilization even though you will adapt it in a very personal matter.
It will key into those things that are extremely common with most of you because it taps right into the idea of the wiring of the brain, the neurological wiring of your brains."

Higher Mind

Reception of Information

Our physical brain receives millions of bits of information from our reality every second gathered by our senses !!!
Fortunately, not all this information comes into our awareness, it would blow our minds literally, so there is an in build mechanism that filters the relevant pieces from all this data at a phenomenal speed.
This mechanism could be called our mind, our physical mind where all our beliefs, definitions and memories are stored. Basic ‘programs’ that are linked to the physical brain through what you could call wiring or circuitry.
These set of billions and billions of wires is not a fixed mechanism, it is very flexible and changeable.
Every new thought creates new wiring, redundant thoughts become obsolete and disappears after a while.
In this way we can change the way we see (perceive) the surrounding reality.

For more on this, see the video “What the bleep do we know”.

Our higher mind is that part of us that brings the relevant information to a broader picture, literally to a higher dimension as well as retrieves relevant information from this level.
Our higher mind can ‘see’ beyond the dense and focused reality in which the physical brain and physical mind are operating.
The whole point of becoming aware is actually strengthening the connecting with the higher mind by changing the wiring, the circuitry of the physical brain and the beliefs and definitions of the physical mind.

“As we have said before there are 3 levels to reception of information in the physical reality …
~ there is the higher mind that is the conceiver (to conceive … to imagine, to picture, to visualize)
~ there is the physical brain that is the receiver (the antenna)
~ there is the physical mind that is the perceiver of the experience (the interpreter)

This specific permission slip, this gift is specifically designed to assist you in rewiring and adapting your receiver, your antenna, your physical brain in such a manner as to allow for many different things, one of which is greater communication between your physical mind and your higher mind allowing your brain to become not just super-conductive but hyper-conductive of allowing information to go smoothly and effortlessly in both directions from physical to higher and from higher to physical.”

"Thus acting also more as a network, allowing you to associate more readily to tap into and access more information, gain perspectives that allow for broader understanding the various levels of your reality experience, to allow you to tap into broader capabilities of perceiving other levels of reality, other dimensions of experience of course as we have also said each and every thought you have changes the wiring of your brain and based specifically on what we spoke of last night of your time in terms of shifting through parallel realities."

The Origins of the Sacred Circuitry

“Most times we have shared with you tools, techniques and permission slips that have come from our own societies understandings, our own societies applications of the principles that we discuss with you.
While we have adopted and adapted this idea (Sacred Circuitry) within our own society, this particular technique has come as a gift, a sharing, handed down from other civilizations in creation.
We will only go far back as to say that while it did not originate with them, what is relevant for this interaction is that this particular technique was also adopted and adapted by the civilization, the physical civilization in the Star System of Sirius and handed down to the hybrid civilization that we have already spoken off that we call ‘Those who come first’, the Shalanaya or the Yahyel, who have handed it down to our civilization, the Sassani people and now we hand it down to you.

So this is the first time that we are sharing a technique, a tool, a permission slip, a gift, handed down to us as a gift from other civilizations, as a specific successor you are next in line to receive this gift, this sharing.”
So we bequeath this now to you, to make it your own, to adopt it and adapt it to your own imaginings."

How to apply these Sacred Symbols

While we will give you some brief instructions as to how to utilize this particular permission slip, please understand that in time, you may also rely on your own imagination and understanding of your reality individually and collectively what suites your best in any way shape or form.

Now as you gaze at the first 15 of the Sacred Circuits and there are many, many more but we will start here and we will keep it simple.
The idea first and foremost one way you can begin to utilize these would be to take some time on your own, time to turn each and everyone of these symbols into its own what you call flashcards
individually, 15 flashcards, each one with one symbol and one word on it.
The idea is that you will take and gaze at each one of these in succession, in order, one minute a card for 15 minutes.
Do this 3 days in a row one card at a time, one minute per card in order, 1 through 15 for 15 minutes
And as you simply gaze and ponder allow your mind to drift and just absorb the idea of the shape, just absorb the idea of the attended concept without thinking, without analyzing, just let it in, just gaze at it, just let your eyes be the true windows to your soul, your spirit, your mind and everything else.

After you have done it 3 days in a row, in order 1 to 15 each time thereafter you may do it in any order you do so desire, any order you are attracted to, whatever it is you wish to focus on you may do it in that way and you don't even necessarily have to do them all.
You might sometimes find yourself gravitating to simply one, 2 or 3 or more in any given day.
And you do not need to do this more than once a day.
The idea is that you need to allow your brain time to adapt, time to incorporate, time to absorb, time to crystallize these effects, these adaptations, these circuits, so start slow, start soft and let it take the time it is natural to take.

And if you only do less than 15 charts on any given day after you do the first 3 days allow yourself not doing it for more than 15 minutes.
15 minutes is the time frame in your reality that best suits the absorption of information and the altering and rewiring of the brain for a specific task.
Longer than that is really not efficient and can actually (in some sense before it is absorbed appropriately and adapted, before it is crystallized) allow you to loose the effect a little.
So keep it simple, keep it short, keep it to 15 minutes.

Do not worry about how you recreate these symbols on your flashcard, you may do them by hand, they do not have to be precise, you can if you wish to.
You may decorate them in any shape or form as long as the basic symbol is maintained intact, they will always work.
If you actually hand draw them to the best of your ability, it will be more strongly connected to your circuitry because you did it with your circuitry more directly, more naturally.

The most important is that you truly form a relationship with each and every one of these symbols.
Each and everyone is like an autonomous being with its own consciousness its own vibration its own awareness that is willing to form a relation with you and express itself as an imprint to aid and assist you in being a smooth receiver expanded antenna and to help facilitate a clearer dialog between the physical mind and the higher mind.

Since Darryl Anka has asekd us to remove the visual glyphs from our website due to the copyrights on them, we can unfortunately not show them here, but they are easy to be found on the internet everywhere.
Interesting videos with the glyphs can be found here and


Another very interesting effect …

As we mentioned before the whole idea of awakening is actually coming into conscious contact with ourselves and with our higher minds that can ‘see’ further and has a broader ‘sight’ especially in dimensions higher than in which our physical mind and senses are adapted to.
One of the ‘side-effects’ of having contact with ourselves on that level is also enabling to have contact with other beings on that same level … you can only perceive what you are vibrationally compatible with …

“And far more activity within you and yourselves and your memory and remembering that many of you and in some ways all of you have already had certain kinds of contact you may simply not be remembering yet but you will find that you may accelerate in your dreams or even in your physical waking state that you begin to remember the encounters that you have already had on other levels and even on your level and it is the pace at which you remember that contact has already occurred in certain ways that we use as a barometer to determine whether your society is ready for more contact.
Remember after your year of 2012 the quarantine of your planet will be off and the idea of contact and the rate at which it occurs will no longer be based on the idea of our hands-off policy it will totally be based on the rate at which you yourselves deem you are ready for open contact”


This was another long story, we know.
Concepts like these are not suitable for breaking into little pieces since it is all interconnected and has many layers.
We wish you a lot of fun using the symbols and hope you will join us next month for another existing exploration !

Underneath a short video of the highlights of this amazing event.
See more on Bashar on BasharStore and BasharTV 

Bashar :: Sacred Circuitry - Highlights from BasharCommunications on Vimeo.


Session Name : Sacred Circuitry
Session Date : 20-6-2010
Session Location : Los Angeles, CA

Q and A Includes :

1 - Use of the sacred circuit glyphs in helping someone with schizoaffective disorder?
2 - Questions about enhanced ability to receive contact from extraterrestrial consciousness, including hybrid children?
3 - Further discussion of the use of the sacred circuit glyphs in helping with the various issues we wish to change?
4 - Questioner wants Bashar to share with us more of the sacred circuit glyphs than were given in the handout?
5 - Do we have our own personal sacred circuit symbols?
6 - How can we be more sensitive to our highest excitement?
7 - Do the sacred circuit symbols resemble Native American pictographs and Tibetan designs?
8 - Details about the lift of the quarantine in 2012?
9 - Discussion of planet's vortices and the effect of using the sacred circuit symbols to enhance perception of them?
10 - How does the higher-mind/brain/physical-mind system relate to Jesus' statement that the Kingdom of Heaven is within?
11 - Discussion of the change of energy on Earth after 2012?
12 - What can be done to steer children away from violent games to positive activities?
13 - Can use of the sacred circuit glyphs help a person get off medications?
14 - Discussion of 'stuck energy' inhibiting out-of-body experiences?
15 - Details about 'windows of opportunity' and their closing?
16 - Does the water in the brain also change when we use the sacred circuit symbols?
17 - Details about the realignment of the circuits of the brain with the energy of unconditional love?
18 - What is the frequency of the energy of unconditional love?
19 - Can the sacred circuit symbols be translated into tonal vibrations?
20 - Sharing and discussion of knowing the answers on one 's own?
21 - Details of the 'size of the weave' of spirit reality: the Planck length?
22 - Question about a mathematical expression of one of the sacred circuit symbols?
23 - How does one distinguish what is mere fancy of imagination from what has actually occurred?
24 - Discussion of how the movie 'Paranormal Activity' triggered in the questioner intense fear of being alone at night?
25 - Why did the sacred circuit symbol labeled 'Act' really stand out to the questioner?
26 - What do the circuits in the brain take their cues from?
27 - Does the processing of beliefs always have to be a cognitive process?
28 - Discussion of the best way to allow oneself to shift realities so there is a break in continuity?
29 - Further details on the use of the sacred circuit symbols?
30 - Discussion of the meaning of 'Circumstances don 't matter, only your state of being matters' ?
31 - Is it possible to get off your path?
32 - Does acting on your highest excitement always point you toward your windows of opportunity?
33 - How can we distinguish between following our excitement and immediate gratification?
34 - Questioner wants to know why she notices the same numbers showing up in her life every day, several times a day?
35 - Does the universe expand to infinite perspective or are there several universes?
36 - Were such teachers as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc extraterrestrial beings, or hybridized humans?
37 - Does Bashar accept human volunteers to travel to his world?
38 - Discussion of examples of not viewing one 's reality holistically?
39 - Bashar gives the ingredients of what he identifies as a potential cancer cure?
40 - Discussion of allowing all choices to be equal without preconceived ideas so as to allow the joy of any choice to reveal itself?
41 - Clarification of what is meant by the phrase you co-create your reality with others?
42 - Examination of fault and victimhood?
43 - Does Bashar's civilization have more synchronicity than ours?
44 - Discussion of evolution of our respective societies?
45 - Is there, amongst all souls in creation, a general purpose?
46 - Will there come a time when most humans believe in reincarnation?
47 - Does Bashar 's people lie?
48 - What is Bashar 's definition of 'lie'
49 - Are there people on Bashar's planet that Bashar dislikes?
50 - Why don't Bashar's people lie on their planet?
51 - What is the nature of the connection between the magnetic field of the heart and the magnetic field of the Earth?
52 - How do Bashar's people interact with the plants on his world?
53 - When will be the next visit of the Shalanaya

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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