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Hybrid Civilizations

The whole idea that one civilization is making genetic changes on another may sound rather morbid and frankensteinish, but they explain (through Barbara Marciniak, Darryl Anka, Robert Shapiro and many others) that there are two mechanisms for the transformation of biological bodies in the universe.
One is the natural adaptation of DNA (and thus the biological appearance of the body) to changing environmental factors, and the other is the idea of applied, implemented changes in DNA.

In our world this process is called genetic manipulation and it has had a negative aftertaste because it intervenes in the natural process without knowing exactly what we are doing and without being able to fathom, let alone consider, the greater whole of creation.

If you look at the soul evolution from an individual level ... if a soul incarnates as a human being on Earth then it has a certain theme to be explored and experienced.
It chooses a suitable environment and a suitable body (parents, DNA).
When the soul has finished with this theme, it withdraws and the body dies so that the soul can experience another theme with an appropriate body and environment matching that theme. And so on and on.
This process of evolution works as long as there are enough experiences to be made.
Now recognize that we are not only an individual soul, we are a collective, an OverSoul.
What is individual is the unique experience, the perspective of the individual soul.
Individual stems from indivisible, not divisible.
One OverSoul could be metaphorically compared to a company of 20-30 thousand employees, each with a specific task or theme to work on.
And of which all information about experiences is shared in one large database and where this OverSoul in turn is linked to other OverSouls in a network of databases allowing information of trillions of experiences to be exchanged directly or indirectly with each other.

And suppose now, a civilization (a collective consciousness, OverSoul) has chosen to have a deep experience in the 3rd Density, then this OverSoul needs bodies to incarnate in, fitting into that reality in which it wants to experience and as well the overall collective theme the OverSoul wants to explore.
And then, after perhaps hundreds of thousands of years of evolution in this reality, planet or solar system, there comes a point in their evolution that everything has already been seen and experienced in their reality.
And, of course, the bodies in which they incarnate have grown along with the changes, but so far as the existing bodies are capable of.
A collective consciousness, an OverSoul, cannot grow into eternity (wordplay ... In the non-physical reality of the OverSoul there is no time) in the same type of body and at the same time transcend to the next, in this case 4th density.
Because the qualities and frequencies of that 4th density reality simply requires a different body to be able to be experienced.

Anyone who has delved a little more into our extraterrestrial connections and the origins of man on Earth will most likely have discovered that the great leap in consciousness from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens also became possible after a genetic adaptation done about 350.000 years ago by the Annunaki - a civilization originated from the Lyran systems, as do many other civilizations like the Vegan, Sirian, Pleiadian and Orion systems.

When we also realize that there are many humanoid civilizations in the Universe, the question of whether this form actually originated on Earth is very justified and that substantiates what some scientists have long indicated that the primeval human could not have originated here by evolution alone because the number of natural mutations required for that would take more than 5 billion years.

And this is what Bashar constantly says... you're also a hybrid civilization, you're a blend of many extraterrestrial civilizations.
That's why they are constantly talking about remembering yourself and reconnecting with your Galactic Family.
He also adds that on the level of 'OverSoul' we participate in
a vast program for both our own evolution towards 'upgraded' bodies to be able to incarnate whilst at the same time being crucial for the survival of another civilization ... the civilization we know as the Greys.

The 'hybridization program' (often referred to as extraterrestrial abduction) that Bashar has been talking about is a major transformation plan led by the Galactic Federation and in which we earth humans and a civilization called the Greys play an essential role.
This program is accompanied (overlooked) by a highly developed civilization of a system approximately 39 light-years away, in the Zeta Reticulum, which acts as an overseer on the program, known to some as mantoid-beings.

The Grey Civilization seems very alien to us and their appearance causes us to find little recognition in looks.
And still, as strange as it may look, they really are to be compared to our future selves.
The Greys are actually US, people on a parallel Earth, in another timeline, a future timeline.

They are here because in their timeline they have destroyed so much of their planet and their bodies with their technology that they can no longer survive as a civilization.
Note here... under the pressure of survival, they have genetically engineered their bodies in ignorance that this would eventually make their demise inevitable.
In order to survive as a civilization it was necessary for them to have access to original DNA.
With their technology and support and consent from the Galactic Federation, they've been searching for Humans on parallel versions of their Earth and that's how they turned on us.

This is the moment to take a moment to reflect on their journey, which is also our journey if we continue in the way we are now dealing with our world.
And that is exactly the exchange that our collectives have agreed upon.
Timelines do not cross by chance, timelines cross by agreement.
Individual timelines as well as collective timelines.
Our Earth is on a path of self-destruction, a path they have already walked.
We help the Grey Civilization to survive by providing DNA, and they, or rather the civilizations that emerge from them, help us to choose a different path.

This is why the Essassani, the Yahyel and the other civilizations presented below are here.
To wake us up.
To help us remember who we are and make us aware that we still can choose a different world.

Back to the hybrid civilizations...

In this great plan, many new civilizations have arisen, 5 of which are very directly involved in the transformation on Earth and which we are all going to meet.
Because in a way, these civilizations are descendants of us, they are crazy enough children of us.
Now perhaps the rational mind is blocked by confusion about timelines, how can the Essassani be here now from the future while they are our descendants, but time, timelines, time matrix and linear time in our and other realities is a subject for another moment.

First, allow us to introduce these 5 civilizations and we'll work from behind, meaning we'll start with the last hybrid civilization emerged and work our way to the first hybrid civilization emerged.
For this latter hybrid civilizations will be the first to come into open contact with us because they most closely resemble us.

333 Hybrid Children, the majority of which will be Teenagers, will be brought to Earth in the 1st Phase post 2022.
Each phase will bring younger children as the ‘way is paved’.
Younger children require more learning, training & integration to fit in with Earth Society.

In The Five Hybrid Races (2018) Bashar shared more detailed information regarding the different races in this 'hybridization program' that actually started many hundreds of thousands of years ago with the arrival of the Annunaki on our world.
In this transmission he explains the following sequence (actually the crossing timelines of the Annu, the Greys and Humans / Earth).
Annu - Veequadesh - Adama - Eva / Ava - MazzÈ - Massani - Sassani - ShaYahYel - YahYel - Shalynaya - Ennanika - AnnuHet

The Annu are a race of extraterrestrial beings that came to our world hundreds of thousands of years ago and the Annu (or in ancient texts known as the Anunnaki ) were responsible  for infusing their genetic material into the naturally evolved hominid species on our planet, known as Homo Erectus and various other similar types of early human and with the infusion of their DNA into Homo Erectus they created what we now consider to be the Homo Sapiens, the Human, us.
So basically, we are already a hybridized, humanoid life form and since the Annu themselves where already a mixture of many different being from the Lyran star system, we inherited many connections to extraterrestrial civilizations. 
More on the Annu in the 'Annunaki - Those from Heaven who came to Earth' can be found elsewhere in this library.

The word Veequadesch is a reference to this early hominid form Homo Erectus and in the ancient language Veequa means 'seed' and Desh means 'template'.
One can understand that creating a new sustainable species or life form will take many experiments and many will not prove to be viable.
The stories of hope and despair of Grey civilizations who were depending on this success for their survival are documentated in the Explorer Race.
Imagine the complexity of (chemical, hormonal, physical) changes in our bodies over the years from baby, child, adolescent, adult and further without crashing the system.

So the Veequadesch is the original, successful template the Annu used to create Homo Sapiens.
The initial manifestation in the first male form is called Adama and though there were female forms created from the template as well, the Annu chose the new template of the Adama to make a female form as a hybridization upgrade and from and once the human forms existed in male and female forms, the human race began to flourish, replicate and spread.

The other time line here is that of the Grey federation.
Once they were humans, just like us, on a parallel Earth, like us they were visited by the Annu, though their consciousness was / is different then ours in a sense that they are not so individualized as we are.
Since they have mutated themselves in order to be able to survive for a while, they are already very hybridized and that's why they are actually the first hybrid race in 'the program', and called, in the ancient language, MazzÈ.
More on the 'GREY FEDERATION - The Parallel Earth that destroyed itself' can be found elsewhere in this library.

And now these timelines come together ... forming 

2nd Hybrid Race - Massani

The next hybridization level or phase is a phase in which the Grey Beings (MazzÈ) started to incorporate Earth Human DNA in theirs and in that way the first stage of blending our DNA.
The race of beings that come into being are what many people recognize in these encounters as the tall greys.
Though we would not recognize ourselves directly in their appearance, these 'next stage' Grey Beings are a little bit closer to resembling a hybrid form that will allow them to return to a somewhat 'natural human form' that could continue their species.
But the stage was still not sufficient for their survival for a number of reasons so the program proceeded with the 3th hybrid race.

3rd Hybrid Race - Essassani, Sassani, Shakani and Eshakani

The next phase of the hybridization agenda that came after the Massani, is the civilization we know as Sassani, meaning living light.
This third hybrid race is representative of a 50/50 balance between the Grey Beings (MazzÈ) and the Humans of our world ánd other parallel worlds like ours.
The Sassani are physically and representationally halfway between these Greys and us (Homo Sapiens) and, in more ways then we can understand right now, they are family since we are genetically connected together ... we are their ancestors and they are our descendants.
And because they feel this connecting very strongly.
Note that they exist, only because of our contribution and they know that, they feel that and are grateful for that, they feel unconditional love for us and feel (as they say) privileged to be of service to us.
They have come back in our time line to share information for our awakening and growth, especially in a time where we are heading for the same kind of path the Greys have taken and in a way they try to explain to us what has happened in their time line and that we still can make other choices, we do not have to repeat this cosmic history, we do not have to go the same path of self-destruction

Bashar is one of these beings from Essassani (their planet) that shares amazing information with us for more than 35 years now.
Read more about Essassani, Sassani, Shakani and Eshakani - 3rd Hybrid Race

4th Hybrid Race - ShaYahyel

The next phase the hybridization agenda that came after the Sassani is called the Shayahyel and they are even more human in appearance but still containing various aspects of Grey Beings like the much larger eyes and they are relatively slender compared to Earth Humans, but looking more and more like a normal human form like we see ourselves everyday.
We would definitely recognize a Shayahyel walking among us as not being an Earth human ... 

Bashar referred to this group as guides, guardians and organizers to help with the agenda of acclimatization for the Yahyel to be able to interact with your world once open contact begins.
So the Shayahyel are working very closely together that way with our Hybrid children as they adapt, mostly in secret, to life on Earth.
See also Mom & Dad 2016 opening monologue.
They physically visit and stay on our planet for extended periods and act as 'Human instructors'  to the first waves of Earth based Hybrid children.

5th Hybrid Race - Yahyel, Ya'Yel or Shalinaya

The 'point in time' we are in now (but note there are many time lines as time is not real and fixed) the last hybrid race created is called the Yahyel, or in ancient language the Shalinaya, meaning “the first one's”, which refers to the fact that the have been chosen to be the first one's to make open contact with humans on Earth.
These are the beings that are referred to as the hybrid children that live on the ships who will ultimately return to Earth to live with us and begin the process of evolving Earth as a Star Nation and member of the Galactic Federation.
The fact that the Yayhel look very much in appearance like humans from Earth due to the amount of Human DNA - every succeeding civilization in the hybridization program has a larger portion of human DNA - is one of the reasons why the are the first one's to make open contact.
For though they are extraterrestrial, they are not that alien to us and we will recognize rather easily that they are related to us, even though will we also see differences and feel their higher frequency.

The Yayhel are already visiting Earth and one might see their ships or contact them already on an individual level, but the collective open contact might not occur before 2027 (the Contact Fulcrum).
If of course, humanity chooses the path of open contact with the Shalinaya, the hybrid children that are waiting to join our world and are, as mentioned, already acclimatizing to the understanding of living on Earth.
For them acclimatizing to our world is as much challenging as acclimatizing for us to the idea of sharing the Universe (and even our planet) with other beings from the stars and expanding ourselves to become a spacefaring race in the future.
Read more about Yahyel, Ya'Yel or Shalinaya - 5th Hybrid Race


6th Hybrid Race ?

Imagine now, Humanity has evolved another 500 years.
There will come a point in time where our carbon based bodies cannot continue to support our ever increasing frequency and to evolve there will be the need for more crystalline based bodies to be able to meet up the acceleration of our frequencies and the growth of our consciousness.
There is a reason why 'higher vibrational' civilizations are either not visible or even not physical.
They have a complete other kind of body blueprint to experience their higher vibrational reality.

Can you imagine that with the arrival of our Hybrid Children on our planet there will also come a new possibility for an upgrade of our bodies that will allow further expansion for the development of our consciousness and experiences here on our beautiful planet Earth ?
Can you imagine that we as a collective have created an incomprehensible huge program with other Star Nations to mutually support each other in surviving (both the Greys as Humans were/are on a self destructive path) but even more in creating new paths for continuing evolution, growth and expansion ?

After the arrival of the Hybrid Children there might begin the process of allowing Earth to blend into and evolve into a sixth hybrid race eventually and this is what is referred to as the next word in the list 'Ennanika'.
Ennanika is the ancient word for 'Earth' and basically means 'the ancestors' or more specifically 'E Nadia Ennanika' which means 'the place of the ancient mothers', referring to Earth humans/mother as the ancestor spirits.

When we chose to evolve our frequencies and our consciousness, our experience of physical reality will be drastically different and exhibit many traits of spirits and other dimensions with an yet incomprehensible expression of empowerment, passion and peace to explore and unify many different star systems and many different galaxies in time.

Willa Hillacrissing - Shards of a Shattered Mirror

During the event 'Through the Looking Glass Again' in 2012, for the first time there was a message from Willa Hillacrissing.
Willa is a thirteen-year-old human-alien Hybrid with golden eyes and a wild mane of fox-fur hair, Willa was raised amid the green forests and peaceful seaside setting of Port Dublin in Ireland where, as an apprentice to her Hybrid mentor, Holly Cotton, she takes her first steps on the path to becoming a Cryptic.
Willa lives up one of our timelines, seven hundred years in a future.
Humans, aliens and Hybrids have formed an Interstellar Alliance that spans dozens of worlds.
Due to the spread of humanity outward to the stars and the reduction of Earth’s population, the planet has been restored to a more natural state.

Willa still shows up now and then during events with Bashar, mostly during the winter solstice and shares how her world looks like and how they interact with nature spirits and other Elemental beings that were invisible to humans in the past.
She shares that their abilities has expanded through the use of a powerful natural potions that opened their minds to parallel realities and higher dimensions.
And that over time, they developed Five Levels of Mastery that gave their kind the ability to travel the very fabric of spacetime.

(Darryl has written a book as part of a series of five books about Willa in the form of a novel.
In a way, the books read like a kind of Harry Potter for all the information of Willa and Bashar is translated into an adventure story and in this way it looks a bit like a fantasy.
But still all the important concepts to understand about reality are in place and probably will reach more and more people around the globe because in the form of stories, information is integrated easier and better in our systems.)

Finally, over thousand years, Earth could be forming the last foundational component for the seventh hybrid race which on the list is referred to by Bashar as Annu-Het which means we than are the conclusion of the grand cycle that was begun by the Anunnaki and ends with the Annu-Het and could bring forth a new species, a seventh hybrid race that would be a blending of all the other six, the beginning of a new cycle with the Annu-Het as a new form of the Anunnaki for a different purpose of expanding creation in a new and unique way in a much broader way. 

But first things first ... Open Contact with our Children 

More material about Bashar and Elan (Essassani) and many more ET-channelers can be found in the libraries of our online community Human-ET One.

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