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Publisher: Video
Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2016
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Willa Hillicrissing joins Bashar and discusses 'The Winter Spirit', an exploration of her encounters and understanding of nature spirits, how they relate to our future Earth, and how they form a part of the overall community that exists on Earth at that time.

Session Name : The Winter Spirit
Session Date : 4-12-2016
Session Location : Los Angeles, CA
Session Length : 2+ Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - I used to have dreams where I would go into green pools.
Do you have anything to say about that dream?
2 - Are there dreamer dolphins or dolphin consciousness upline in your timeline?
3 - How do they express themselves differently to how they do in our current Earth timeline?
4 - By going deeper, are you saying going deeper into yourself, into the ocean, or both?
5 - You told me yesterday to have a holistic approach.
So the state of being is in mind, and then it holistically manifests?
6 - I have been struggling with the belief that if I follow my highest excitement, if I express my talent, I will be attacked, maybe rejected by the group.
What is another universe like?
7 - What is it like to live out your life on a mothership?
8 - When you go and visit the mothership, how long do you stay there for a visit in our time?
9 - What about the way that we treat our animals here, with extinction specifically, zoos that are ill equipped, the industrial farming complex?
10 - It is very exciting, yes.
In recent years with my dance I have gone into trance states and experienced what I consider to be automatic dancing.
I?m wondering specifically about the positions my body goes into when I?m in this state.
Did Willa achieve her Five Levels of Mastery in one single incarnation?
11 - My youngest brother and I seem to have a connection that seems to be somehow related to the Pleiadian energy.
What about the secrets that the US presidents are keeping, and the project you have us working on, sending postcards for 90?days to the president about disclosure?
12 - Is it true that Eisenhower met with them and made a deal to allow ET presence for the sharing of their technology?
13 - What happened in the other reality, where Kennedy did not die?
14 - Are there realities in which we already have had first contact and continued beyond, so that I will eventually get into these other realities in which there is contact, and life has progressed from there with the ETs?
15 - Ronald Reagan, who had seen ETs, is it true that he took his friend Jackie Gleason and they observed some things?
16 - Also, what happened when Admiral Byrd went to the Antarctic to explore some activity that was reported there?
17 - When President Carter was given the information about the ET situation, why did he become so emotional and actually even put his head on his desk and cry?
18 - What was so critical about the information that he was given that caused him to react like that?
19 - Why is the CIA controlling and holding back all of the information?
20 - Why have we gone back to the atomic bomb, to then start our transitioning in this reality?
21 - Isn?t it true that the transition began basically when the atomic bomb was dropped?
22 - Why did that timeline start?
23 - What was so important about the dropping of the atomic bomb?
24 - Why are the mainstream movies about contact, like Colony, so fear-based?
25 - At what point does the soul enter the physical body at birth?
26 - If I?m afraid of swimming, does that mean that there?s a possibility that in a different reality I had an experience?
27 - Does the experience or the purpose of shape shifting also help us experience more different energies?
28 - In past transmissions you have mentioned that everything changes.
You said there was an 88?percent probability of a series of events happening.
So what changed the course of things?
29 - Have the many events that were probable at that time have already changed?
30 - Can we say that in my reality, my president would be a different president than someone else?s?
31 - What about the Nesaru Project?
32 - You talked about how we ultimately create reality on one level.
So then how do you interact with the collective agreement?
33 - How come it seems like sometimes you think you?re trying something, but then it doesn?t work?
34 - Can you just give me whatever my hybrid kids want to share with me that would help me connect with them?
35 - Could you elaborate on relevance?
36 - How can we discern that which is more relevant in our lives?
37 - It?s the formula, right?
38 - What does it mean when we see more synchronicities?
39 - Can you talk more about sages, and how they relate to the Fourth Law?
40 - Are elementals attracted to gardens?
41 - Do gardens themselves, the plant life, make it easier for us to perceive them?
42 - Is inherent in the name Hillicrissing 'she who crosses hills'?
43 - The fact that you?re telling us more about the elementals, do they get excited about that?
44 - In The Stone Speakers Bashar spoke about the fact that we can get information from them.
Do stone elements speak to the elementals?
45 - What kind of communication do they have?
46 - So what do they share amongst each other?
47 - What is a pookah?
48 - How do you differentiate following the formula and doing something because it?s your highest excitement and something that?s maybe not necessarily healthy for your body in the physical realm?
49 - If you have compassion toward a family member, how do you get them to receive something?
50 - How do you deal with it if they?re not accepting that, and you?re sensitive to it?
51 - If you?re reaching a new sense of consciousness, how do you then reach the next higher step?
52 - What?s the significance of 33?Can Willa tell us a little bit about what her day is like?
53 - How can people connect with and learn from Willa?
54 - Is there a phone number for her?
55 - What function do cryptics perform in your society?
56 - How do nocturnals, shape shifters, and sages perform a service in your society?
57 - When a human dies and they believe they?re going to go to hell, and then they find themselves trapped in some way, do they just have to realize that when they change their beliefs they will emerge from that state?
58 - How does that align with being the vibration of something?
Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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