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Library: Human-ET
Year: 1990
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This inspiring book explores Bashar's life changing and revolutionary ideas.
In "Blueprint for Change", Bashar discusses the transformation of our planet and our purpose for being here at this time.
He shares the secrets of ecstatic personal transformation and how to apply these ideas in your daily life so you can fully live the life of your dreams.
Included are questions and answers from many live workshops and seminars that were conducted over the years.

This exciting book contains powerful techniques for helping to expand your creativity and become a master at consciously creating the reality you truly desire plus much, much more!
Blueprint for Change is a must read for anyone interested in exploring their personal potential and understanding the world we live in.
Embark upon this remarkable journey into the future and learn about the wonders that await us! 


Masters of Limitation

- Very Low FrequencyBlueprint for change - Bashar - Darryl Anka
- Introducing Guilt
- Your Birthright

How Could You Forget?

- Peace in Our Time
- Governing Government
- Toxicity / Radioactivity
- The Middle East
- Negativity Personified
- A New Triumverate
- War-Like Planets
- Star Wars
- The Peace Clock

Harmonic Wave

- The 40-Year Cycle
- Star Trek
- Your Own Space Craft
- The Dream

Living on the Edge

- Atlantis
- Economic Resources
- Choosing the Positive
- Channeled Predictions
- What You Are
- Personality Construct

The Second Coming

- The Second Coming
- The Only Son
- Changing Symbols
- After Death
- Further Reincarnation

Life Works, if you let it !

- Being in Love
- Systems of Belief
- Changing the Primary Focus
- Different Frequencies
- Believing Is Seeing
- Guaranteed to Work
- Tuning In
- No Interruptions
- Victimhood
- Neutral Situations
- Dual Nature

The Orchestration

- Coincidence?
- The Orchestration
- Acting with Integrity
- Analyzing Everything
- Planning and Free Will
- Symbolic Reflections
- No Future
- The Limbo State
- Film Strip Analogy
- Balanced Inertia
- Infinite Speed

Welcome to Fourth Density

- Only Now
- Acclimating
- Being the Dimension
- Being in the Moment
- Creating Less Time
- Third Density Pain
- A Strange Disease
- Fourth Density Life
- All Together
- Enjoy the Third
- Welcome to the fourth density!

Follow Your Excitement

- Give Me a Sign
- Abundance
- Struggle or Ease
- Finding A Career
- 100% Trust
- One Consciousness
- The Outer Reflection
- No Excitement
- Plant Something Different
- Something Positive
- Anxiety
- Follow your Excitement!

The Agenda

- Crossing the Threshold
- The E.T. Agenda
- Constant Change
- Time Gates

Life on Essassani

- Physical Aspects
- The Galaxy
- Triads
- Body Death
- Social Organization
- Entertainment
- Music
- Procreation and Children
- Love-Making
- Marriage
- Rituals
- Essassani’s Transformation
- Education
- Male/Female Energy
- The Dawning

Message from Orion

- The Religious Connection
- Orion Involvement
- The Dark Side
- Finding the Balance

Friends and Neighbors

- Barnard
- Dal Universe
- Arcturus
- More Triads
- Moons and Planets
- More Cover-Up
- Our Defense
- Sirius
- Three Levels
- Let's Get Sirius
- Star Child
- The Association

UFOs Identified

- Sightings
- Why the Encounters?
- My Own Ship
- UFO Crash
- Billy Meier
- Space Travel
- Isolation Field
- Navigation
- Field Trip

Zeta and the Legacy

- Intruders
- Communion
- Fear's Message
- The Facilitators
- The Zeta Mirror
- The Legacy

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