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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2019
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Now that many parallel realities are beginning to overlap on our planet, it's becoming easier to see people choosing many different paths that will lead to many different versions of Earth.  In this session Bashar gives us a new tool that will help us deal with the changes we're observing.  We can learn better discernment, how to tell what our choices are.

This new permission slip will show us how to maintain the state of being that we most prefer regardless of how the circumstances may appear.  That preferred state of being can become the navigational device that allows us to find ourselves in the parallel reality that best suits who we truly are.

Session Name : Navigating The Splitting Prism
Session Date: November 16, 2019
Location: San Francisco, CA
Session Length: 3 hours, 45 min

Q and A Includes :

1 - How can I more harmoniously align with universal law?
2 - Did I connect with the Sasquatch?
3 - Have I outgrown my primary life theme?
4 - Why can I perceive the Arcturians but others can’t?
5 - Can I interact with the Merkabah using The Excitement Formula? 
6 - Can humans teleport in their vehicles? 
7 - Can following my passion help me in my business endeavors?
8 - What is the best way to visualize?
9 - Why am I resisting the higher self?
10 - How can I overcome the fear of learning to channel?
11 - How can we eliminate old patterns?
12 - What is the most impactful thing I can do for my adult children?
13 - How can I best lead sick people towards wellness?
14 - Can illnesses stem from a life contract to learn discipline?
15 - How can I best nourish my body?
16 - Are there beings of false light?
17 - Are you connected to the Pleadeans?
18 - How can we use technology to best help the planet?
19 - Will our rate of change speed up and assist our technological breakthroughs?
20 - Will artificial intelligence help or harm humanity?
21 - Who on Earth is working on free energy devices?
22 - Are the Yay’ell planning another mass contact?
23 - Could you comment on The Nordic Runes?
24 - Does anyone else channel Bashar?
25 - Could you comment on the accelerating expansion of the Universe?
26 - Could you comment on positive, negative and neutral energy?
27 - How can we use the universe as a reflection to deepen our understanding of ourselves?
28 - Do you have any advice for me to let go my ego?
29 - Is my sound and energy work linked to The Hathors?
30 - What is the best way to calm the mind?
31 - Did you follow anything besides the formula in your evolutionary path?
32 - Are psychedelics part of the formula?
33 - What are your thoughts on karma and the karmic cycle?
34 - How can we make our views on death more positive?
35 - What is the significance of all the rabbits I saw at Joshua tree?
36 - Why was I called to go to Santa Cruz?
37 - Who are the unknown people I see in the dreamworld?
38 - What about karma, like if I killed someone in a past life?
39 - Will the Earth experience a pole shift?
40 - Could you comment on directions and Feng Shui?
41 - Can food and drugs correlate to the chakras?
42 - Could you briefly describe how relationships work?
43 - Could you comment more on the reality where JFK lived into the 80s and ETs were disclosed?
44 - Could you comment on the music group, The Beatles?
45 - How does the concept of The Glass Wall relate to things that we see on television? 

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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