Cover of The Other Land of the Gods
Publisher: Documentairy
Library: Human-ET
Year: 2016
Link: Link The Other Land of the Gods - The Mysteries of Romania


The Other Land of the Gods - The Mysteries of Romania

Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes
Subtitles: 3 languages + Show
Availability: Worldwide, GAIA TV

"Certain discoveries have been consistently ignored...
We dug in certain areas, and found very large humanoid skeletons, bigger than normal...
The heads were larger, not like ours.
They were created by another civilization, that wanted to make a new form of life on Earth."

Synopsis :
Romania... What do we know of this country?

In reality very little. However....
We have in mind images of haunted castles and vampires... We are far from the truth. Here there are numerous oral traditions that allude to ancient civilizations, as well as numerous archaeological discoveries that seek to cover them up.

To better understand the myths of this country we will go off the beaten track and meet with often contested researchers and experts, some of whom have dedicated their entire lives to bring to light these discoveries, and re-establish truths long since hidden.
We will reveal ancient sanctuaries, mysterious treasures and unusual archaeological objects that can bring into question our entire history.

Have there been previous civilizations with a very advanced knowledge?
Could humans have co-inhabited the earth with giants?
Did the Annunaki also have Romanian residence and what is their connection with the renowned Dacian civilization?

What if Romania, land of mysteries and legends, could lead us on a trail of universal myths to re-question our origins, not only by looking toward the stars, but as well right under our feet?

Year : 2016
By : Deïmian
Production : Mandjack Production
Genre : Documentary
Time : 104mn
Age : 12+
Languages : french - english
Subtitles : english - spanish - romania


The Other Land of the Gods | OFFICIAL TRAILER

The Other Land of the Gods | English version - 22 min



Interested in watching the complete documentary?
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