Cover of The Parallel Reality Wheel
Publisher: Video
Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2020
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Transforming your life during these challenging times
The Parallel Reality Wheel is a device you can use to become more sensitive to alternate parallel realities. By stretching your senses through this exercise, you can become more adept at consciously moving toward the future version of Earth that is most aligned with what you prefer.

Session Name : The Parallel Reality Wheel
Session Date : May 9, 2020
Session Location : Los Angeles, CA
Session Length : 2 Hours, 45 min

Q and A Includes :

  1 - Why is there such a prevalence in spiritual communities to buy into conspiracy theories instead of rational science?
  2 - Is there a question you’ve always wished we would ask?
  3 - Why am I having a challenging time connecting in meditation?
  4 - Could you comment on the release of the UFO videos from the pentagon?
  5 - Could you speak more on forgiveness of family members?
  6 - How does forgiveness relate to the damage to our eco system through animal agriculture and inhumane conditions?
  7 - Is my cat an ET?
  8 - Could you please tell us more about your crystal sculptures?
  9 - How did the Atlanteans use crystals?
10 - Could you further comment on the animals on your planet?
11 - Are the Peruvian stone structures built by Atlanteans?
12 - Are The Aboriginal people descendants from Atlantis?
13 - Can you comment on the ascension process that your people went through and how it relates to our process?
14 - Could you comment further on the Biblical statement that a rich man cannot get into heaven and how it relates to greed?
15 - Have the teachings of the ancient masters been leading us to awaken our dormant genetic material?
16 - How can I be careful to no jinx my spiritual process?
17 - Could you comment more on the pentagon releasing UFO footage?
18 - How can I best play the stock market?
19 - What is the symbology of the anaconda?
20 - How can we best use this lockdown experience?
21 - How does the infinity symbol help those who have autism?
22 - Did any other ETs change our genetic makeup?
23 - Can we communicate with the Coronavirus?
24 - How can we restore the ecosystem?
25 - Some of the states are now opening up and loosening restrictions, how will this work out for us?
26 - What evidence will we have that we are living in a higher dimension?
27 - Why does it matter what parallel reality I choose if I am in all of them?
28 - Some of the states are now opening up and loosening restrictions, how will this work out for us?
29 - Will my children come with me if I accelerate and shift to a different reality?
30 - Are infants actually helpless? 

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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