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Cover of 2027 The Contact Fulcrum

2027 The Contact Fulcrum

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2018
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
Bashar outlines the cycles of timing for open contact, from the Roswell UFO incident in 1947 to a ma
Cover of A Ship To Ship Communication

A Ship To Ship Communication

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2009
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
This high energy event was held at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in heart of a vortex in Sedona, A
Cover of Beyond The Secret Into Abundance

Beyond The Secret Into Abundance

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2007
Category: Creation & Manifestation
This four hour session is not to be missed! In this remarkable, powerful channeling, Bashar asks 'Ho
Cover of Building The Bridge

Building The Bridge

Transformation and Earth

Year: 2012
Category: Transformation to New Earth
Bashar helps us prepare for the new higher frequencies coming in 2013 and beyond. Session Name
Cover of Channeling For Change

Channeling For Change


Year: 2010
Category: Channeling
At this event, Bashar discusses acting on your joy, turning a negative events into a positive, analy
Cover of Connecting to the Oversoul

Connecting to the Oversoul

Soul and Oversoul

Year: 2010
Category: Soul & OverSoul
The second part of this intensive begins with a Holotope guided meditation with Bashar. This medita
Cover of Dear Mom And Dad

Dear Mom And Dad

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2016
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
A heartwarming and humorous open letter from the hybrid children, as they explain what it is they ar
Cover of Debunking The Debunkers

Debunking The Debunkers

Belief, Consciousness and Identity

Year: 2009
Category: Existence & Consciousness
The Gullible, The Skeptical, The CynicalBashar explains how gullibility, skepticism and cynicism all
Cover of Dialogue With The Future Self

Dialogue With The Future Self

Soul and Oversoul

Year: 2010
Category: Soul & OverSoul
If you could talk to your idealized future self and understand how you became that person, what do y
Cover of Extraterrestrial Contact Act

Extraterrestrial Contact Act

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2006
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
The Extraterrestrial Contact Act is a bill that, when enacted into law, will establish a Contact Pro

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Together We Heal

  In the past years we have received requests from people overseas (Canada, USA, Australia, UK, India, ...) to develop a program for ET-Healing Practitioner via skype.This year for the first time we decided to give it...

My First ET-Healing Session

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Het leven is weer terug

  A sweet lady who had been in my practice a year ago, was lying on the treatment table for a session. And the team directed me instantly to her throat chakra, there was such a...

Life is back !!

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ET-Healing for Cosmic Contact

  Recently a lady came into our practice, who suffered from pain in the heart region.She has had herself examined by a specialist but no abnormalities were found. A mystery, because she does experience real physical...

ET-Healing for Cosmic Contact

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Am I an extraterrestrial?

  He comes into our practice for the first time concerning his physical complaints. He wants to know what it is, he wants a diagnosis. And he' s very honest about the extraterrestrials: 'I'm pretty skeptical...

Am I an extraterrestrial ?

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Magie op Aarde

  Together with a client, I had such a magical experience throughout the entire ET-healing session that we are eager to share it with you in her own writings ... "This is a summary of the ET-healing...

Time for Magic

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Shifting through time and dimensions

  "Dear Jacqueline, Last week you brought me a beautiful and amazing healing that changed everything. Thank you very much. Unimaginable, what has happened and what is still unfolding.On the audio recording I heard some of...

Shifting through time and dimensions

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ET-Healing for a traumatised dog

  One day there was another request for an ET-healing session for a dog, which I also love to do.For animals are so pure in there responses on the healing frequencies and once they trust you...

ET-Healing for a traumatised dog

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Healing voor Gabber

  Gabber is a very cute dog and one day his owner contacted me and asked me to do a distance ET-healing session for him, because when she lifts him, he is screaming in pain.The veterinarian...

ET-Healing for Gabber

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Janet Ossebaard

  Life changing event: healing by extraterrestrial beings When we were on holiday in the South of England (Glastonbury area) in 2013 doing a crop circle tour under the guidance of Janet Ossebaard, the team and I...

ET-Healing for Janet Ossebaard

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Reference ET-Healing

In July 2011  I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Hodgkin in three places in my chest. After 5 months of chemotherapy and 25 days of radiation treatments the tumors seemed to have disappeared. During my recovery...

ET-Healing for Lymphoma Hodgkin

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