Densities and Dimensions


Theology Class, 17th Nov 1987
San Jose, CA

Could you say something about densities?

B:  Densities, all right.  Now this is, to some degree, simply a colloquial terminology for what you have called dimensions of experience.  And all it really refers to is different frequencies of existence; a different density, a higher density, being a more accelerated frequency, a less material frequency. 

But we will also say this about the idea of densities and your transformation through them, your acceleration and graduation through different densities.  You, as a planet, are now going from third density to fourth density.  And what this basically means is that fourth density is the last level on which you can experience yourselves in an accelerated state and still remain physical. Our civilization is going from fourth density to fifth density, which is a non-physical state.

And above that, in your terminology, are non-physical states, up to and including seventh density. And then you go to an entirely different octave of dimensional experience for which, right now, there aren't very many words to describe it accurately in your language.  And even we are only beginning to explore that idea.
However, the idea itself of going from level to level, density to density, is, now pay attention, is the process of realizing that you actually are the dimension itself that you previously thought you existed in.

One more time, you now exist, you think, in a physical universe.
Your fourth density transformation is when you begin to realize you are the creator of your reality. And what that means is physical reality is your expression, is your projection, is your creation, that it's actually made of you, that you are actually it; that physical reality is you.
When you really realize that, you then see yourselves literally as the dimension of experience that you previously thought you were only a component of. 

And that's how it is for every level.  You begin to realize you are the dimension itself that you previously thought you were only a part of. And here's the wonderful paradox of the whole circumstance, each and every single one of you, as an individual, will experience yourselves becoming the whole dimension.  Each of you will think that all the other consciousnesses you have seen as individuals are being, in a sense, absorbed into.
And you will have the same experience, because the universe is holographically structured.
And that simply means that any point of view can exist equally every where within creation.  And that all points of view are all relevant, in that sense, and all true. 

Each and every one of you, and each and every one of us, and all beings within creation, to put it in this following way, all beings are all the different ways that the Infinite Creation has of looking at itself, of experiencing itself to be.
Every being, in a sense, can be called a God-thought, one of the ways that God has of thinking of itself, of expressing itself, of experiencing itself.  And so here you are, being God, manifesting as physical individuals, with individual personality and individual identity.  That's one of the ways the infinite can experience itself.

And so here you are.  There are an infinite number of ways, an infinite number of ways. There is no end to the growth; there is no end to the transformation.  
And the idea of going from level to level and density to density, as far as at least we can tell, will never, never, never end.

Does this answer the question sufficiently?

Q:  Yes, thank you.

25 Densities and Dimensions of Existence.mp3

Q:  I believe this planet is of the third density, and can you give some indication of the transformation to the fourth?

B:  Again, the idea, as we have discussed, is simply that you will recognize that third density offered you an opportunity to consider the idea of the universe existing outside yourself, remote from yourself, so that you could create what appears to be an objective point of view.

Fourth density will be the blending of all the polarities in that way, so that you will recognize that this objective point of view has been an illusion. You will see through the facade and you have now begun to experience integration in many ways. You will accelerate in many different ways that will allow you to know you can partake of the substance of energy itself that creates the dimension in which you are transforming, and in this way let yourself know that you can become more accelerated.

The effects that you may perceive will be: the idea of the blending of the lack of memory, the idea of the creation of knowledge in the moment, the idea of living in the now, the idea that your physical form may become a little bit more brilliant, may reflect more light, be more of a light body in this way.

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