Essassani Children


4th Density Children

Questioner: Could you share what the reality is for children on Essassani?

Bashar: The idea is that by, what you term, the three years of physical age has been reached, they will be, in your terms, relatively independent; they will interact with whatever individuals they choose to interact with to learn, as you say on the job, whatever they wish to know. 

That does not necessarily mean that they will take up the physiological manifestation exactly in the same way that, what you call, an adult may be doing it, but they will go and attract themselves to the teachers and the sharers and the learners that they need to attract themselves to.

We are all telepathically connected, we know where they are, no one is ever out of sight in that sense, and since the adults are the parents of all and since the children are the children of all, everyone is always within the family.
But by, what you call, the third year of age, they are off and learning, as you say, absorbing whatever they wish to absorb, to be the person they have chosen to be within our society. 

It is very ecstatic, very nurturing, and very loving in that way.
You might say Essassani is one big playground. Does that help?

Q: Yes, that helps ... and I am, I guess, curious...
B: Yes, well, your curiosity is what drives you.

Q: Yes, yes, definitely. Is there a way from my own self, and the experience that I’m experiencing with children and the opportunities that I have to share, which are becoming very broad, that some of those fourth density realities can be brought into reality for our children here?

B: The more you allow them to experience with all their senses, the more you allow them to interact, the more you create environments in which they can in fact interact and experience many different dimensional levels of reality – the more they will be able to absorb, the faster they can in your terms grow; and the more they will know it’s all right to experience a diversity of things. You understand?

Q: Yes, yes ... in other words, give them validation too.
B: Oh, absolutely. And provide for them anything your imagination believes would create inspiration and love of self, absolute self validation. Understand?

Q: Yes.
B: Teach them that they are as powerful as they need to be, to create whatever they want, without having to hurt anyone else or themselves in order to create it.
And that will do the job.

Q: Thank you.
B: And remember that, of course, they are teaching all of you many things.

Q: Constantly, constantly.
B: We thank you.

~ Bashar
"Overcoming Inertia" - 28 jan 1988

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