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Several members of the Sassani civilization offer very valuable information via channeling of which Bashar is one of the most well known.

Bashar (meaning 'messenger'), is a first contact specialist channeled by Darryl Anka since 1985.

Other Essassani beings purportedly in contact with humans include Anima (Bashar's female counterpart), Cybo, Elan, Onkor, Soleil, and Riok.
Here is an interesting conversation with Anima to be found "Anima of Essassani ~ Social Engineer and Bashar’s Counterpart"

Art Vashta Narada ~visit her website Vashta Narada’s Galactic Art

They live in a timeline equivalent to our (probable) future 23rd century, but not necessarily on our current time line though.

Thát, we have to determine ourselves in this phase of our own evolution and that's why they give us so much information so we can make a deliberate choice of what version of Earth (which timeline) we want to live on.

Anima added that 'you have all chosen to have us play this role'.

Bashar explains how the energies of planets and civilizations are related in triads; Earth, Essassani and Sirius is one such triad.

There are many more by which civilizations are connected.

This is a kind of hierarchy in which just as humans evolve and also individual planets, also whole civilizations with planets move up, so to speak, the same framework of ascension steps.


Bashar is one of the people of the Sassani civilization.

He comes from a family line of first contact specialists and his passion is to discover new civilizations and to be involved in the very extensive and many decades-long process of making contact with these new civilizations.

More about this see 'Protocols of First Contact' as he described it in the event of the same name.

The Essassani flag or signature energy is the image above, showing a black equilateral triangle, pointing upwards and separated from a black background by a deep blue luminescent light peaking around the edges of the triangle works as a kind of phone number that allows you to make contact with their collective consciousness more easily when used or applied as a form of meditation.


Bashar was made most popular by the changelings from Darryl Anka, but in the past also through a channel in Japan, Ayako Sekino.

Ayako first connected with the entity known as Bashar in 1987 and she has been participating in the awakening of our consciousness and the planet since.

After 5 years of channeling Bashar, Ayako decided to let go of that medium of expression to awaken to her true self by applying Bashar ‘s message to her life.

Her books and seminars have inspired many throughout Japan.

In 2000, she conceived “Infini,” a method to raise our vibration and “live awake,“ within our own dimension and universal consciousness.

She has been holding classes internationally in Japan, the U.S. and France.

In 2008, during a collaborative event with Darryl Anka and Bashar, she remembered a future life on Essassani wherein she teaches awakening as she does in present life.

Her presence is an invitation to shift to our true dimension of being, outside of the limitations of the Earth experience, expressing that all dimensions are accessible to anyone who desires to awaken.


Though the Sassani make are very eager in regards to making contact to humans, there are not so many humans that publicly share their information.

Most of the contacts with humans take place either in dream time, during meditations or more rarely during 'close encounters' with a very select group of people by showing up with a ship or via a very tangible presence.

Especially for people who would like to go further in the process of more personal contact with the Essassani people, Bashar has indicated as an option to work with the Contact Crystal and the Sacred Circuitry.

Other humans channeling a member of the Sassani collective are :

- Andrew #### (wishes to remain unknown), having channeled Elan from the Sassani for 6 years (1990 - 1996), and sharing many of the same ideas and concepts as Bashar has done for the last 35 years, with amazing clarity and humor.
Some of the transmissions from Elan can be found in the Elan Library.

- Tyler Ellison, channeling a being from the Sassani collective, named Riok

Bashar - Esassani Contact Symbol

ask-bashar-esassani-human-contact-symbol   ask-bashar-esassani-human-contact-symbol   ask-bashar-esassani-human-contact-symbol   ask-bashar-esassani-human-contact-symbol

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