The difference between Essassani, Sassani, Shakani and Eshakani


Members of this hybrid civilization are mostly identified by the name Essassani (or actually E'sassani) but this is actually the name of their planet.

The name of their race is the Sassani, meaning 'living light'.
The 'Es' (or E') means 'place' and so, the full name Essassani means 'place of living light'.

Shakani is actually the name of their collective consciousness, like the 'Christ Consiousness' is that for us and Siskeen for the Sirius civilization.

Since mid 2013 they also call themselves ‘Eshakani ‘, due to a shift in resonance their civilization is making from the 4th density to the 5th density.

Because the 5th density is no longer a physical reality they are also shifting to another type of reality all together with other qualities and markers that make up that reality, by which they are shifting to what they call the 5th dimension (beyond the physical 4th dimensions containing three dimensions of space and one of time).

So, the 4th density is the last density of physical reality and the 5th density is the first density of non-physical reality due to the high frequencies.

And when a reality changes from physical to a new quasi-physical state with complete new qualities and attributes, it is also a shift to a new dimension, the 5th dimension.

When Bashar was asked in 2014 what the Essassani civilization is currently exploring, he answered:

“we are working on the idea of understanding different dimensions that we have not encountered before as a reflection of our own higher consciousness and in particular we are being assisted with this by the non-physical beings that exist or are connected to the vibrational realm of the star system Sirius .

We are learning to be both Quasi-physical beings, how to bridge both physicality and non-physicality .
This is our greatest societal challenge at this time.
It is an expansive one, learning to be half-physical and half-spirit, simultaneously ”


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