Alcazar on The Origins and Potentials of The Stargate Experience

The Stargate is much more than has been revealed to you at this time when we first introduced it to him we told him it would be an interdimensional doorway, a way of accessing beings in higher dimensions in a very tangible way and this we have been doing for the last 26 years or so.

What are the potentials ?

Alcazar on The Origins and Potentials of The Stargate Experience
Duration : 9:53
Featuring : Prageet & Julieanne from the Stargate Experience

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Thank you beloved ones we greet thee ... this is Alcazar
At this time we have been asked to speak a little about the Stargate project ...
What it is, what it involves and the intention behind it.

We will begin a little before the beginning, for on the other side of the Veil.
There was concern many of your Earth years ago about the trajectory that Humanity was taking.
It was seen there was a high potential for you to move into yet another World War creating great destruction and setting back Humanity many many years in your evolution.
The Stargate project was prepared in case Humanity could reach a certain level of Consciousness and intent this one Prageet and the one Julieanne to come into this life with the intention of bringing the Stargate work to fruition if Humanity was ready.

There was a question on the other side of the veil whether Humanity would indeed be ready in time and there is a great celebration that in fact you were and therefore this one Prageet was allowed to open up and connect with us through Alcazar as you know us and then after connecting and becoming comfortable with our Energies opening up to receive the design for the Stargate.

The Stargate is much more than has been revealed to you at this time when we first introduced it to him we told him it would be an interdimensional doorway, a way of accessing beings in higher dimensions in a very tangible way and this we have been doing for the last 26 years or so.

What are the potentials ?
First we wish to say it is up to you it is up to all you who are hearing these words it is up to all you who participate in the Stargate experience how willing are you to look within and to really see who you truly are to really see what it is that is limiting you from blossoming into your vastness.
That is the first step, the first stage of the Stargate work.

See yourself, see your limitations and with our support dissolve them claim your ability to live in love in joy and in abundance.
That is vital before you can move on the Stargate and the beings who work with the Stargate have demonstrated over the years the magnificence of individuals who step forward and say "I am ready to know myself".

You are all without exception magnificent, not all of you however are ready to claim it we invite you to allow the vastness that you are to permeate into your humanness.
It is why we are here and it is with joy and celebration that we recognize that a sufficient number of you have created an energetic to bring the Stargate process into the next phase.

We have told this one Prageet at the very conception that we wish to create 12 plus one centers around your beautiful Earth.
12 plus the one that this one Prageet and this one Julieanne will be overseeing.

What is the intention of these centers ?
It is to create a place where you can live together for a period of time, you can come into a vast energetic field a field that is vibrating with multi-dimensional energies all the time 24/7 as you say here in your country.
This vibration is dropping into an ocean of support you can come and live for a week, a month, three months and you can immerse yourself, you can allow the old to be washed away, you can allow deep understanding of who you are to filter through from the vastness into this human self.

It is time, you have created the energy to draw the first of these centers which is very likely to be in the energetic of your Mount Shasta.
There are many reasons for this, but it is a powerful vortex which amplifies with the Stargate potential.
There are many beings associated with this place they will be assisting in the creation of this first Stargate Center.

Why do we have these centers?
They are accelerators, they will allow many to pass through, they will allow many to benefit from a very rapid acceleration in their awareness and the raising of their consciousness.
This will lead to a more rapid transformation of humanity.

We are here to support you knowing yourself. We are here to assist Humanity moving into an entirely different reality.
Many of you have heard about, "oh we are moving into The Fifth Dimension" that is just a concept, an image, a metaphor.

You are moving into something that you cannot truly imagine with your mind. Our emphasis over the last years has been that it is time to connect to your super consciousness.
These centers will make this transition so easy, so simple, because you will be breathing that energy in, you'll be drinking it through every paw, you will be transformed into that which you truly are.

And so beloved, there is so much that we could say about the Stargate work, but experience it, experience yourself, claim your own ability to be free.
We love you and we bless you.
We honor you on your journey into freedom we will talk to you again very soon.

~ Alcazar

The Stargate Experience - Prageet and Julieanne

For those who resonate with Alcazar and the Stargate work that we have introduced, we welcome you.  
We invite you to relax and let go of control, simply watching, feeling with great awareness and presence, for in this way we can guide you into your own Self knowing. 

💎 About the Stargate
The Stargate is a highly evolved consciousness which comes from beyond the veil.  
It can anchor into a sacred geometrical structure, it is an accelerator of human consciousness if you choose to allow its energy and its support.   

💎 About Alcazar
Alcazar is a group consciousness. It is a gathering of that which we call Universal Masters.  
These Universal Masters bring their energies together as one, and this spokesperson, Alcazar, communicates to humanity. 

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