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1. ET-Healing Sessions

Energy healing methods such as Reiki, Qigong or other known forms are familiar to many people.
More recently, with the help of an enlightened group of extraterrestrial beings, Reconnective Healing has come to this planet. Now, since the introduction of ET-Healing in 2000, more and more healers are working with or under the guidance of a team of extraterrestrial beings.
It's something completely different, incomparable to any other method.
During an ET-Healing session you can feel how and where these extraterrestrial beings are working on your body, you can experience sensations such as local changes in gravity, more or less pressure, you can see colors, feel tingling and much more...


2. ET-Healing for Animals

ET-Healing for Animals is beneficial and effective. Animals respond positively to the healing frequencies that the extraterrestrial beings bring into the field.
They willingly participate in the sessions and experience great results with a variety of symptoms. 
Animals respond very positively to ET-Healing because they sense what these frequencies can do for them. They willingly participate in the session without any hindrance of fear or doubt.
Dogs, cats, horses, birds, turtles and more have had great results with a wide variety of symptoms and ...

ET Contact Experience

3. ET-Healing Experience

Are you interested in contact with extraterrestrials and want to deepen the contact?
And how is it that they can help people with healing?
The ET-Healing Experience evenings are monthly events in which we experience wonderful energetic activations with a group of 20-25 people.
With the group we can build powerful energy fields with each other and our interdimensional friends in a very short time in which wonderful encounters, powerful healings and activations take place.


4. ET-Contact Experience | CE-5

Are you interested in contact with extraterrestrial beings and would you like to prepare yourself for the open contact?
Together with a group of like-minded people?
And to understand more why extraterrestrial civilizations visit us and how we can get in touch with each other?
And what it's like to experience contact yourself, for example to be able to feel extraterrestrial beings very close to us or maybe even to see them?


5. ET-Healing Practitioner Course

At this time in humanity's evolution on Earth, there are many souls on hand with the ability to heal, in partnership with extraterrestrial guides and teams. The Earth has arrived at a special point in its evolution, there is much help available from extraterrestrial civilizations and they are ready for those who hear their calling as healer. 

Human-ET One Community

6. Human-ET One Community

In September 2020, the virtual doors opened of the online community 'Human-ET One' (can be pronounced as 'humanity one') will open.
But what exactly is this community ?
First of all, it's good to know that what is there now is the beginning of a development and not a finished product.
After all, a community is something that is built together. 

New Human Star Children

7. Star Children

It is truly an exciting time to be alive on the planet, as waves of energy have been consistently bathing the planet for the last forty years or so, that are beginning to "wake us up" to activate our "junk DNA" so that we can raise our vibration to a higher density to begin a new cycle of existence as a new type of human being.
And the Star Children are a big part of this great transformation for humanity. 
Just by being here at this time...  

ET-Healing-Contact Retreat

8. ET-Healing-Contact Retreat

This year (2020) we are organizing an ET Contact Retreat in Romania, the area around the Bucegi Mountains. 
These mountains are known for the Sphinx of Romania: legends of ancient aliens, mystical energy fields and long forgotten 'gods'.
An area with a rich history of paranormal events and extremely important historical milestones that the world is apparently not supposed to know about.

The Reconnection

9. Reconnection | 333

Originally, our bodies were connected to the magnetic grid lines that run around the Earth. These lines were meant to connect us to a much larger network that connected us to the entire Universe.
Over the course of time, we have become disconnected from these lines. 
Reconnection is a very precise protocol that reactivates sets of axiatonal meridians and points of the body's energy system, thereby re-establishing our connection to this extensive energy grid of the Universe and to the electromagnetic ley lines of the Earth itself.


10. The Stargate Experience

The Stargate is a Sacred Geometric structure that acts as an inter-dimensional portal/doorway, and has a powerful energy field of high frequency, allowing healing to take place at all levels as a result of activation of our multi-dimensional DNA and where the awakening of your psychic abilities and our consciousness of the Higher Self can take place. 

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Time for Magic

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Shifting through time and dimensions

  "Dear Jacqueline, Last week you brought me a beautiful and amazing healing that changed everything. Thank you very much. Unimaginable, what has happened and what is still unfolding.On the audio recording I heard some of...

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ET-Healing for a traumatised dog

  One day there was another request for an ET-healing session for a dog, which I also love to do.For animals are so pure in there responses on the healing frequencies and once they trust you...

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  Gabber is a very cute dog and one day his owner contacted me and asked me to do a distance ET-healing session for him, because when she lifts him, he is screaming in pain.The veterinarian...

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Janet Ossebaard

  Life changing event: healing by extraterrestrial beings When we were on holiday in the South of England (Glastonbury area) in 2013 doing a crop circle tour under the guidance of Janet Ossebaard, the team and I...

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In July 2011  I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Hodgkin in three places in my chest. After 5 months of chemotherapy and 25 days of radiation treatments the tumors seemed to have disappeared. During my recovery...

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